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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Suspension of US $800 m of Military aid For Pakistan

us stop military aidThe United States says it is withholding military aid to Pakistan about $ 800 million (500 million pounds).

White House Chief of Staff - Bill Daly told ABC television that Pakistan has taken some steps to give us some reason to suspend aid. " He said, "A lot of pain" in the U.S. raid, killed in May in the Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Mr. Dai Li said that U.S. relations with Pakistan, "as time goes on, must make work."

"He accepted that Pakistan has been "in the fight against terrorism is an important ally, they have been victims of terrorism in the large."

He added: "This is a complex relationship in a very difficult and complex part of the world.

"Until we get through these difficulties, we will hold a number of U.S. taxpayers money has been promised to them."

"New York Times" quoted earlier as saying U.S. officials to suspend military aid totaled about one-third of annual U.S. security assistance to Pakistan.

The document said the move was to show the anger and the expulsion of U.S. military instructors to the United States put pressure on Pakistan to step up the fight against militants. The United States says Pakistan is withholding U.S. military aid 800 meters.

White House Chief of Staff - Bill Daly told ABC's "This Week" program, said that Pakistan has taken some steps to give us some reason to suspend aid. "

He said, "A lot of pain" in the U.S. raid, killed in May in the Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Daley said the United States and Pakistan relations, "over time, must make work."

He accepted that Pakistan has been "in the fight against terrorism is an important ally, they have been victims of terrorism in the large."

He added: "This is a complex relationship in a very difficult and complex part of the world.

"Until we get through these difficulties, we will hold a number of U.S. taxpayers money has been promised to them."

"New York Times" quoted earlier as saying U.S. officials to suspend military aid totaled about one-third of annual U.S. security assistance to Pakistan. White House Chief of Staff - Bill Daly told ABC's "This Week" program, said that Pakistan has taken some steps to give us some reason to suspend aid. "

Daley said the U.S. relationship with Pakistan is "difficult" and must "work over time." However, Daley told ABC's "This Week" until "we pass this difficulty, we will hold back commitment to the American taxpayers some of the "America's allies.

"New York Times" quoted earlier as saying U.S. officials to suspend military aid totaled about one-third of annual U.S. security assistance to Pakistan. [Source: BBC]

suspend military aid for pakistan
Pakistan's influential military, stung by the U.S. decision, ordered the deployment in the country left more than 120 U.S. instructors. Moreover, it seems Pakistan is willing to have a close relationship with China is now.

Senior Pakistani official said, "This is the tightening of U.S. military aid is expected, which is our long-term relationship with China will help meet this gap." [Sourc: CBS New]

In the past decade, Pakistan and China begin joint production of JF - 17 Lightning fighter. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) plans to eventually launch of JF - 17 fighter 250

Pakistani government publicly announced its approval of the Pakistani Navy, began negotiating with China to purchase six new submarines.

Western diplomats believe that Pakistan Gian move will not give any benefit. According to them, the deterioration of relations with the United States, in isolation, into Pakistan. U.S. military officials suggested last week that Chief Mike Mullen, the Pakistani government has "approved" correspondent Salim was killed May shahzad. Pakistani Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan Bo, who added the Chief Mullen's statement was "extremely irresponsible and regrettable."
She said that it would lead to difficulties in the relationship between the two sides that the war on terror and frustration.

Tensions between the countries has increased substantially, the U.S. military death since May Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Earlier, the Pakistani army has warned the U.S. that if the U.S. launched similar attacks in the future, then the army and intelligence service will review its relations with Washington.


Pakistan-US relations at how difficult it has become a sign of U.S. military officers last week recommended the Government of Pakistan Administrative Staff Mike Mullen has been "approved" correspondent Salim was killed May shahzad.

Pakistani Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan Bo, who added the Chief Mullen's statement was "extremely irresponsible and regrettable." She said that it would lead to difficulties in the relationship between the two sides that the war on terror and frustration. US-Pakistan relations have been tense, because RAID 5 killed Osama bin Laden
, "New York Times" reported that the U.S. is in the tensions between the two countries, Pakistan about one third of the military aid suspended.

A total 800 m dollars in aid and equipment, may suspend or cancel the Championship, according to the newspaper on Saturday quoted unnamed U.S. officials.

Pakistan currently receives from the United States, over $ 2 billion annually in military aid.

U.S. officials told this reporter that the supply of aid and equipment can be restored, if the improvement of bilateral relations and Pakistan to take more action to combat fighter.

About 300 meters in the United States dollar is the money used to repay along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border deployment of more than 100,000 troops to combat Taliban and other forces. Reports that other funds, including training and military hardware.

It said last month in the private and congressional staff briefing, Pentagon officials said they will take a harder line on Pakistan's position. The secret behind the U.S. raid kills "base"-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to Pakistan in May, with Pakistan's relationship has become strained.

Pakistan's expulsion of 100 U.S. military trainers to the American public sentiment grew. Increased tensions in recent days after the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, said he believed Pakistani intelligence officials have instructed a reporter to be killed.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned, in testimony before Congress last month, the United States is not prepared to continue to provide military assistance, "the pace, we offer it, unless we take certain steps." "Direct attack"

"New York Times" reported a few hours later, the Pakistani military's chief spokesman, said the newspaper and its powerful military intelligence agency criticism of his country's security "direct attack."

Major General Athar Abbas said the newspaper is "unnamed officials" calculated to "weakened state" part of the plan. "This is our security and intelligence agencies of direct attack," he told Reuters. "We believe that the ISI as a strategic intelligence agency (ISI), our first line of defense."

Abbas responded specifically to the July 8 in New York file, that is sheltered by the Pakistani intelligence agency in the evidence of bin Laden's complicity, "editorial, 2008, terrorist attacks in Mumbai, killing 166 people dead relationship, and in the kidnapping of Sally姆沙赫扎德, Asia Times Online correspondent was murdered.

US-Pakistan relations after the destruction, the CIA contractor in Lahore last year killed two Pakistanis, he said, trying to snatch him. White House Chief of Staff - Bill Daly told ABC's "This Week" program, said that Pakistan has taken some steps to give us some reason to suspend aid. " He said, "A lot of pain" in the U.S. raid, killed in May in the Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Mr. Dai Li said that U.S. relations with Pakistan, "as time goes on, must make work." He accepted that Pakistan has been "in the fight against terrorism is an important ally, they have been victims of terrorism in the large."

He added: "This is a complex relationship in a very difficult and complex part of the world.

"Until we get through these difficulties, we will hold a number of U.S. taxpayers money has been promised to them."

"New York Times" quoted earlier as saying U.S. officials to suspend military aid totaled about one-third of annual U.S. security assistance to Pakistan.

"The Times" said that some aid has been suspended as a re-deployment of troops to Pakistan to crack down on militants in border areas of Afghanistan the compensation reserve. Other military equipment have been reduced.

Check the BBC Daniel in Washington that this is clearly to strengthen the U.S. approach to Pakistan - stick over the carrot - but it must be concerned about, take away the money will stop all Pakistani cooperation. Pakistan-US relations at how difficult it has become a sign of U.S. military officers last week recommended the Government of Pakistan Administrative Staff Mike Mullen has been "approved" correspondent Salim was killed May shahzad.

Shahzad Members, near his home in Islamabad, was kidnapped. Two days later, found his body in the Punjab province. Pakistani Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan, said Chief Mullen's statement was "extremely irresponsible and regrettable."

She said that it would lead to difficulties in the relationship between the two sides that the war on terror and frustration. More and more U.S. drone in Pakistan's Afghan border militants attacks also continued to opposing sources.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

UFC: Best match in UFC History

latest ufc(Epakistantimes) ... Chris was not involved in the lives of other people beat the soldier, as he said, inspired him to overcome his time. Within 27 seconds, knocking Ben musical in Las Vegas in UFC 132 Wanderlei Silva on Saturday night.

Silva came out swinging and landed in someone else's life strikes the right to the chin. Did not hurt someone else's life, the lives of others and landed near Silva Silva left a series of uppercuts until he fell to the ground.

After pumping someone else's life is to win.

"How do you want after that?" He said, when asked how he felt the root of the pending Chorro UFC. "I went and hit my button, and he cracked me that the automatic pilot."

Before the war, and the life of another person for how they look in the video for his pride fighting championships Prime Minister Silva. After the tour, Silva said he's a hero, and thanked the 16 months to participate in the round, Silva, his first.

Silva, which has been fighting since 1996, now has a record 1.11.33. Another person's life may burst into the MMA scene, the "fighter in the end," the first season, now has a 26-7 record. Occupied the pay-TV event, which is characterized with the hero Dominic Cruz, and the bantamweight title fight against Urijah Faber place on the Stadium Park MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
It is tentatively scheduled between Alwaleed Bin 132 BJ and functional Qiaoen Yu Hui return leg, but was forced to withdraw both because of injury.

Evan Dunham is expected, in the case of George Sotiropoulos, but was forced off the card with the injured and replaced by the Angus Hotel Rafael DOS.
"He was loved or hated, a person to provide the (expletive)." Ortiz did not win the battle since 2006, but, as Wright says, which is why the person responsible, and has been a rocky relationship with Ortiz at best, after the shot to keep the fighters. Fans still want to see, and will pay to do so. It's business and some companies are not just a good job and won the Ortiz UFC better.
best ufc
But even legends have their limits that they must meet, and Ortiz had to call one of the UFC after losing his life. Is simply because of his status, he eventually neck and back injuries, and we see fighters on Saturday, is a body of 36-year-old is still in the presence of health?

"Iron returned," he declared. "This is the birth of a new bad boy, and I have passed my life in a lot of negative things, I just want to show I can be in the above, it is very good for my back all the negative things that I" m still here.

He said: "The injury so I stepped down, and I know that I am much better than I appear, and this is a little gap, and I'm missing, and I closed the night the gap, and my time back, so once I (bar Germany), which is the night, I think I am such a light heavyweight, "Oh, (expletive), and iron  is back, and I was scared. "

He wants to fight Forrest Griffin Rd. Or perhaps in the second Rashad Evans. You may get a little UFC loopy, we Ortiz - III Liddell resolve all nonsense once and for all, because you know that would give the opportunity for retirement. Similarly, a good job.

Either way, Ortiz hopes to return for the portfolio. He might come back. It may be a little less than two minutes Saturday really good.
ufc july
What, it is still interesting, but it's hard when you're just fighting for the first time in six victories.

Currently, at least, he will not disappear. Saved the work, to extend his career.

Currently, at least, is still pending the blade.
- Jason Miller plans to cope with this event Aaron Simpson. However, Miller has ruled out acceptance of the final fight on the card as coach after 14, and was replaced by Brad Tavares.

It is expected that children Eric Swanson hut to face this event, but was forced to convert and transfer all night injury.Koch fight UFC 25 Brookins Jonathan afford.

UFC 132 features in the initial fight Spike TV, and the rest of the competition on the primary flow Facebook.
Please join us on a tour with a comprehensive modernization process and about at 6:15 EST time (3:15 PT) beginning to get the initial capacity and 21:00 scorecard key official ET.

In addition to the payment card the main view in the night (21:00 ET) - which also has the middleweights Chris Wanderlei Silva and others living with Ryan Bader and iron light heavyweight - UFC 132 with four rounds in Facebook flow ( 18:00 ET) and two on Spike TV (08:00 ET) in the air.
The game with Jeff Walker, Donny Hougland
Mario Yamasaki government start the race. Hougland land from the house and kick jab as follows. Hougland kick the ground, and then double bud. Complete removal, and a cease-fire now in the Walker to remove the body and head. Walker was active in the back, to prevent a few elbows and landing. Now the two sides to a dead end position of the man Knight. Hougland land one pair of elbow, and then stack in a cage and Walker. With Walker in a cage in the place, Hougland grab the arm of the guillotine, but he can not complete the battle. At the end of the round Hougland higher, but Walker is not intended elbows from the guard.

Mike Whitman points in Hougland 10-9
Tomasz Marciniak Hougland 10-9 record
Jordan Breen Hougland 10-9 record
It is a trade second strike began tentatively, but Hougland more active, and landed more leg kicks. Hougland land on both sides of the head alternately grip. Walker is looking for a really big man. Hougland shoots removed, but it samples. Hougland land outside the leg kick is good, then the right to stab. Walker cut his right eye. Contact Hougland kick the head, but they prevented it. Walker continues to move forward, and bloating in the body kick, then link left. Hougland land connecting the meter loop left, but it is a kick from Walker to respond. Walker rushed in and taken with the knee to the groin. Yamazaki takes time, but resumed soon. Hougland continue to improve the timing of the jab the ground, and then opened fire with a big label in the future of exposure and Walker. Hougland another attempt of the guillotine and jumps guard. Walker seems secure, however. Now switch to change the Hougland's arm, and it seems very soon. Voices of the century, will go to the third round.

Mike Whitman points in Hougland 10-9
Tomasz Marciniak Hougland 10-8 record
Jordan Breen Hougland 10-8 record
Fighters touch gloves to start. Hougland led the right to cross land, but with Walker, linking the right answers. Walker plans and the press Hougland of the cage. The ground before shooting a double knee Hougland. Pedestrian stretch, and Hougland Houwei Spanish. Hougland trying from the bottom of a straight armbar. Walker stack it and drops his head Hougland. Hougland is now threatened with the triangle, but Walker and the sheath of his legs and arms Hougland escape. Yamasaki, having stood idle for several seconds. Land Walker kick is good, and so the right pair of shoes. Hougland tried twice, but once again stretching and Walker. Bennett and Walker of the back half of the control head Arce, Hougland Dimensions ". Hougland survey and a half in the wind from the back of Walker. Both men and landing lens - and boxing, Walker returned with Hougland elbow. Continued to throw in the period in turn.

Mike Whitman points in Houghland 09/10 (30-27 Houghland)
Tomasz Marciniak record Pacers 09/10 (29-27 Houghland)
Jordan Breen scores a Pacers 09/10 (29-27 Houghland)

Brandon - Vera, UFC light heavyweight: Fuel My Super Tito. Ryan Bader felt bad. Win some, lose some. Tito has paid dues. He suffered a lot of ---. Bull did not feel shocked. In fact, I put money Tito. So, thank you Tito!

Michael Bisping, UFC middleweight: I did not see combat. I missed that. Despite the magic. Good for him. Tito always fighting at every opportunity. I'm not surprised that he won by submission.

Diego, UFC welterweight Sanchez: I bet him $ 100. I'm not a gambler and a lot of time, but when I saw him come in and talk to us. Focus, and I know if it will lose this battle is not he on his way out the door, or it is outside the door. So, you know he will win.

Phil Davis, UFC light heavyweight: he needs it. This is awesome. I'd love to. I Badr, never good to see him lose. Tito solid win.

Mike, UFC welterweight Pyle: I gave him a chance, because of its size. He was bigger and stronger, and more experienced. He will see him, steps to combat the left [more] competition.

Jay Bellator Hierion welterweight: I always root for the old man, you know what I mean? Weak. Good for him. You things solid and good training going on. Sar people say you always rush in your career is over, to prove those people wrong - may Allah be pleased with him.

Dude stood, up and started screaming: Making Mu Munoz, UFC middleweight. I have been Tito's leadership for a long time. Against the wall when he was fighting his best. A born fighter. It is held in the shoulder for a long period of time UFC. It's worth it.

Mark Hominick, UFC light: It is clear that a legend in the sport. Really happy to see him back on track. It has been through a lot, both with fans and performance. Spoke very loudly, and his performance tonight. It is losing 4-1, and I have put it.

Bruce Reserve, UFC Announcer: I think that is very happy to see him win. Tito won fair and square. Hard to beat him, and gave him, and won the UFC fighters such as the real, which is in need Tito.

Sean Tompkins, MMA Coach: That's great, man. Tito is a big reason many of us to get this sport. He came to the positive and not have their own problems. Tito's time for me to always come once a day, but I'm really happy for him.

Miesha, heavyweight striker Tate: I think this is great. This is really good to see it does not necessarily make the return, but [that] he is still in the game.

Chad Mendes, UFC light: This is definitely a surprise. Badr is my child. But for me, this is great, because I do not want to see Tito get out of here. For him to win this struggle, to stay in the UFC is awesome. I jumped from my seat so I was surprised.

Anthony Pettis, UFC light: This is awesome. It was like the old days, at home early in high school to see the first UFC. I did not count on. I think Tito dangerous on any given day, it depends only on Tito presented. He said he did not want to lose his job, what he should do.

Iron is vinyl, land lines, Polaroid. He always seems to produce the best product, the hero, the new and improved version of the time Fighting Championship at the end of the day, he left through the door of retirement.

Problem: he refused to play with.

Maybe he knows something we do not.

They wheel him in one day, octagonal, pants, and white hair, it does not require any re-dye. He said he would be a major obstacle, compared with shooting him 5-1 in the UFC 132 对 Ryan Bader on Saturday night that he will increase the mix to smaller rival Walker.

Then, it may kick you know what is the man, a few nurses to help him on the ground, so that he can perform in front of tapioca pudding, and engraver, and won his grave to celebrate.

Dana White said many times that Ortiz was the best with his back to the wall, but the UFC president can not even imagine that the best kind. Ortiz is the fight in the garden of the MGM Grand in his career, and provide a response in the first round 01:56 Bedford.

Somewhere, hold the person with the name Ortiz and smile lottery bet from here is closer to the ATM.

"To dig, baby," said Ortiz win, and win on the night of viewing. "Lift."

This is impressive because it is shocking, to catch up with Ortiz and the right hand before the onslaught of cold to apply a guillotine choke. How ironic. The struggle of walking Ortiz to build the entire development of upright stature, and the suspension of the blade finally hit a career, to help achieve the UFC in the popularity enjoyed by the current day.

Will be executed life fighting for him to wait for the night. This was echoed by the man who had successfully defended the title five times a light heavyweight in life, breathe and climb to the top of the head of thousands of his name once again all directions.

Ortiz is a sport for many years and the face, and the people who help develop and build a globally recognized from the unknown to the UFC. Sitting in the crowd Saturday night, Liddell and Randy choose fashion, that is associated with Ortiz, to create and develop success in football.

Three of the tournament. Ortiz of the Saturday night life remains.Tito support his career off to a guillotine choke in the first round of UFC 132 young gun Ryan Bader.

In the wake of the victory of MGM Arena in Las Vegas Granden, and called out that he would like Ortiz exuberant octagonal face the next appearance of the familiar enemy. Although he said: "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" also like Rashad Evans shot at redemption in the upcoming battles Ortiz, first with another former winner: Forrest Griffin.

"I give [UFC President] Dana [White] was an opportunity to find someone hit me and it did not succeed [and] said Bader," in an interview with postfight Ortiz. "So, I think I have the first man beat Forrest Griffin, one of my lens [the judge] gave him a split decision, even gave me a chance."

There are two types of fighting light heavyweight, each person has a split decision win in the competition.

Although Ortiz may lead to victory, his opponent for his next Badr few minutes, and few observers believe that the opportunity to Badr Ortiz, before the game. At UFC President said that if the former UFC 132 Ortiz will lose, he might be out of work. To his credit, however, the former world champion to pass, and the most important thing. Fighter that made positive changes, environment and training, and improved general health status and contribute significantly to the victory over the cold.

" iron Renaissance, and I can not hurt and I'm healthy and I have a training camp great and I'm at home, and this is the first time in 11 years, and I did not go the bear I think it's mental focus and helped a lot really," said Ortiz. "I have a personal problem with my family a lot, and I'm very active and the people around you who raised me and showed me the true champion I am really focused."

Left a one-time fighter light heavyweight division and, more importantly, Ortiz fought in the past five years, not only because of 01/04/2010 choked in 2006, won the Saturday night before the battle. However, it management, along with all the fighters on the Stadium Park MGM Grand, and the support he received from his mentor, a by-product.

"He said every day, [my coach] Jason Parillo I think I told you I do not understand this game of MMA, which is very spiritual," Ortiz. "[Introduce] a true hero, and I - [fighter] who put the fighter [small] based at UFC tonight and I work hard and shows that"

Ortiz was able to close the distance early in the round of Bedford, for the promotion of land in the grip of a strong wrestler sweet in its own right. Bedford pounced Ortiz hit once on the canvas, and he did not let up the fighting ended. Although Ortiz was held in the throttle a little too long, because the referee stopped the match, the soldiers said he was a simple display of raw emotion, instead of bad sportsmanship on purpose.

"I saw his legs buckle, and when I see that [I know] this is my chance and I hit him, one after the other, and then landed two] elbow, and said:" Ortiz. "I believe I am sunk in the guillotine, and when I went to Los Angeles Houwei, elbow and I tighten my grip and I was dry stone, because I do not sweat it right, he wants to withdraw his head, and when I sank it.

"He's digging, and I think he has to pull his head in. This is why I held for a period of time, and I probably should not do that, but just do not want to lose the passion."

Friday, July 1, 2011

Children are dying due to poverty and hunger

hungry child
More than 22,000 children die every day all over the world.

The silent killers are poverty, hunger, and diseases that are easily preventable diseases, and other reasons relevant. Although this disaster daily / ongoing in size, and they rarely managed to achieve, not to mention the continuation, in peak time, the title.
UNICEF, the world's leading children's organization, part of the United Nations:

Pain and loss of normal life for the continued violation of human instinct to help in the event of a disaster. Just think, if the earthquake was the largest in the world that terrorism is happening, and people did not stop to help the survivors of the watch! But one day of the massacre of more than 30,000 young children in the earthquake response is equivalent to silence annoying. They die quietly, away from the poorest on Earth observation and the removal of the conscience of the world village, and then some. As thin and weak in life, and these people are dying and the death of more intangible. Unfortunately, it seems that the world may not notice. This may be reasonable to expect death and tragedy on this scale should be the main time news. However, these problems only surface when the global conferences or concerts (such as a variety of Group of Eight summit, and make poverty history in 2005, sports, etc.). In addition, year after year, we see that when the end of the meeting, event, so there is no coverage by the mainstream media.

I feel even if some media attention, and those who do not suffer the report, which had the power, but he is a celebrity and news values, so that the leaders of rich countries to the problem of work.

Even in the mainstream media and rarely any of the rich countries that are part of the problem. International politics, and the current form of globalization, rich countries affect rarely show the effects of these processes.
death by hunger

In contrast, the commitment, the country's rich and powerful, and corruption, the poor, who get rich on the good will obviously open, and headlines; a series of repeated promises to do additional unfair, low quality and quantity of aid and the conditions are not.

And often little accountability of recipient countries, as they relate to the current. The role of accountability, such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and its funders (wealthy / powerful countries), international agencies, but rarely. The danger is that citizens in these countries get to create a misleading impression, and take appropriate action to be taken in the name of a false sense of security.

This may be harsh to say that the mainstream media is one of the many reasons of poverty, therefore, but the problem is, its influence is enormous. Silence and noise, and can produce results for both. When it was originally written this page, the top of the BBC's prime-time television in Portugal on the British children abducted. There is no doubt that this tragic story in the report, but why, the BBC and other media reports, British and proud of their outstanding international media, not the headlines every day millions of difficulties for children?

Another tragedy recently named Prime Minister and media coverage at the time the last day of shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech University in the United States. Responded to the BBC the lens in the media, and criticized the media coverage of the BBC of reasons for this ongoing, compared with more deaths per day in Iraq and got the return just a few minutes to ask, and it happens every day in Iraq. See the point of view of the media to follow up the shooting at Virginia Tech. Some people worry that appear in these sad stories all the time to listen to fatigue, or will develop advertising and media companies to pressure, and even buy a little more than just entertainment or emotions affect the good news.

There is bad news only? Despite the tragedy, and there is a certain degree of progress, and this may increase the interest of public opinion, will encourage further efforts in these areas, and to shed light on the important issues of relevance.

However, the tragedy in Iraq, and the sad news, but still do not receive the title of the ordinary.

We are concerned, connected to the same news every day, and the lack of excitement, will lead to a decline in television ratings, which may have different consequences, especially in advertising.

Finally, what if people want to hear such cases the unfortunate news. In all the media that this is what viewers want. However, it is difficult to know what they do or do not want to see if an alternative was never an option. If the size of the pain is difficult to continue coverage to the public how to determine if they were ready to watch or not? Estimates for Iraq, the Johns Hopkins study (published in the Lancet) 400 000 950 000 even found that the invasion of Iraq since 2003 (about 655,000 average) had died. 18 divided by 22,156,400,000 particular, given 22,156,950,000 42.9.
child poverty

By the way, the rejection of George Bush and many other of the Lancet study lacks credibility, and the use of methods to discredit, but the use of statistics, Iraq Body Count (in 30000, although it said at present about 66 000).

Whether to use statistics from Iraq Body Count, then the number of days that children died after the match the number of deaths in Iraq in 2003, only two or three days. And often criticized the Iraq Body Count statistics because they are in the media, a thorough review by the U.S. administration in Iraq rely on. However, it provides a study of Johns Hopkins University and criticized (often referred to as the Lancet study, which was published).

The study's authors point out that this is the method they use to defend the United States government is to teach others (and therefore refused to use Bush's claims of credibility). Full report in The Lancet also notes that many reports of casualties during the war seriously underestimated, so their numbers may not be acceptable, such as initial sound. The reason for this controversy when he announced in October 2006, and more details about this site, including some of the media and links relevant to Iraq.
Things are looking up for Dr. Catherine Webb, a cardiologist at Children's Northwestern University in Chicago. "When I was training in the 80s`, this specialty was very frustrating, "adding" but not anymore. "

It is true that the proportion of deaths from heart disease among children, nearly half what it was in 1980, according to a compendium of statistics from federal child health issued last month.

Also dropped by almost half of the mortality rates of children from birth defects, cancer and heart disease, pneumonia and influenza, as well as mortality related to injuries resulting from car accidents, drowning, fires, and weapons are firearms, suffocation.

Decreased mortality from all causes 53 percent among children aged 1-4 and 45 percent among children aged 5-14, and add up to stay for about 8,000 children a year who have died in 1980.

"It's fantastic news," said Harry Rosenberg, retired chief of the mortality statistics branch of the National Center for Health Statistics, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The best medicine and new safety measures get a lot of the credit, so the government sought no health insurance coverage for disadvantaged children, which gives them better access to medical care.

Credit for parents, too, said Dr. Frederick Rivara, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington in Seattle who specializes in reducing injury. They are less drinking and smoking, for example, reducing defects, fires and car accidents.

"Parents have got away from the idea that the occurrence of accidents, and can not be prevented," said Rivara. "They know that child safety seats save lives and bike helmets prevent head injuries, and believe, parents, and that they can protect their children, and this significant change."

Killer and the only one which leads - murder - has not slowed significantly.

"They are cases of abuse, really," said Rivara.

And all ethnic groups showed similar declines 1980-2004 - the latest year reported - but the mortality rate for black children remained nearly 40 percent compared with those for Hispanics, Asians and non-Hispanic whites.

As a matter of concern: Most of the declines flattened by the year 2000, for reasons that are not clear.

The recorded rates of death from all causes in the "America's children: Key national indicators of well-being, 2007," which can be read online at tables describe trends leading to the killers of a year from 1980 through 2004.

Different interpretations lies behind all down and here are some of the key:

- Vehicles; mortality decreased from 7.4 to 3.3 per 100,000 for children aged 1-4; down from 7.5 to 3.7 for children ages 5 to 14.

The safest cars are a factor, but child safety seats and seat lift is the big teams. Used properly, safety seats and reducing child mortality by 71 percent, according to the management of the National Highway Traffic Safety. Tennessee became the first state to require child safety seats in 1978. By 1985, all states did.

Today, nearly full compliance for infants but falls off with seats designed for the largest enhanced children, and this is one of the causes and mortality of older children and decreased less than that. In addition, older children often are not allowed to ride in the front seats, which are more serious.

The best indicator of compliance with the children and drivers who buckle up, which rose from 12 percent in 1980 to 81 percent, says the NHTSA.

Birth defects -; mortality decreased from 8.0 to 3.6 per 100,000 for children aged 1 to 4; down from 1.6 to 1.0 for children aged 5 to 14.

Prenatal diagnosis and improve a large factor, according to Dr. Sal Howard, director of clinical genetics at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, and professor of pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Helped to define the problem of embryos in early to make the necessary arrangements for treatment in specialized centers or, in severe cases, in particular, to terminate a pregnancy in the playoffs surgical technique and advances in critical care - ultrasound, in particular - first regularly in the '80s at a time early. Sal said children also helped.

- Fires and burns; deaths, down from 6.1 to 1.5 per 100,000 for children aged 1 to 4; down from 1.5 to 0.7 for children aged 5 to 14.

Said John Hall, senior research analyst in the National Assembly for the prevention of fires in Quincy, Massachusetts was found to reduce the incidence of fire by up to 80 percent smoke alarms low cost helped the most, half of the U.S. and was the home of warnings in 1980, By 2000.95 percent did not.

Helped to improve the care and treatment of shock, too, and today few children with burns in less than 60 percent of them die from their bodies.

Other factors, according to Hall: pajamas, anti-flame, and drop in smoking, and the introduction of self-extinguishing cigarettes - that you need now to 16 countries - and the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1994 and have no disposable lighters childproof.

- Drowning; and death compared to 5.7 to 2.8 in 100,000 for children aged 1 to 4; down from 2.5 to 0.7 for children aged 5 to 14.

The vast majority of drowning deaths occur in infants and young children in backyard pools, according to Sue Gallagher, Director of the Medical School Tufts Health Communication Program in Boston. In the 1970s, and Australia found that effective fencing can reduce those deaths by 80 percent.

Followed the judicial authorities of the U.S. case, the best rules require four sides of the rift with the closure of determination, the gates self-closing three sides of the walls with sliding glass doors on the fourth side a little bit to do good, according to Ballesteros Mick doctor of epidemiology at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Center for injuries.

Ballesteros cites indirect factors in the low incidence of drowning, also including: a reduction in drinking among adults, and one that cuts two ways - the children who live less active, less - cancer; mortality decreased from 4.5 to 2.5 per 100,000 for children who ranging in age from 1 to. 4; down from 4.3 to 2.5 for children aged 5 to 14.

Brenda Edwards and Lynn Rees, and researchers in monitoring the National Cancer Institute, attributed the rejection of early detection in addition to aggressive treatment of the very best medicines and chemotherapy. Leukemia and acute lymphatic leukemia in particular, and the most common form of cancer in children, and was the first crop, said Dr. Alan Wayne, director of clinical treatment of tumors in children in the National Cancer Institute.

"In the '60s, AL leukemia was considered the death penalty," said Wayne. Brain tumors and cancer, the most common the following: "Now the rates of survival five years approach 80 to 90 percent." Resulted in a fairly new surgical techniques and better radiation therapy, and Wayne said, "but the improvement was less dramatic."

- Heart disease, down from 2.6 deaths to 1.2 per 100,000 for children ages 1 to 4; down from 0.9 to 0.6 among children aged 5 to 14.

Web credits Heart "tremendous progress in the field of surgery of congenital heart disease", as well as progress in the treatment of cases and medicines to congenital heart disease on both - the most common form in children - and the heart muscle, a disease of the heart muscle.

- Pneumonia and influenza; mortality from 2.1 to 0.7 per 100,000 in children aged 1 to 4; down from 0.6 to 0.2 in children aged 5 to 14.

Dr. Joseph Bocchini, and the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, and many of the attributes this decline to the delivery of more effective flu vaccine for all children aged 6 months to 59 months, children of all ages who suffer from medical conditions potentially increased risk of influenza , such as asthma, and goes to the head of the line.

- Suffocation; death compared to 1.9 to 1.0 in 100,000 in children aged 1-4; apartment in 0.9 for children aged 5 to 14.

Led the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission the way with campaigns to reduce the width between the slides in the family, and not to encourage the family soft for infants and encourage parents to put babies to sleep on their backs to avoid sudden infant death.

- Firearms; deaths, down from 0.7 to 0.3 per 100,000 in children aged 1 to 4; down from 1.6 to 0.7 in children aged 5 to 14.

Since 1989.18 state passed the child to prevent the arrival of the laws that require secure the weapon and secure storage tanks to store arms, but only in the state of Florida and California - two of the three states in which to punish violations of a felony - was the law a statistically significant impact on the rate of child mortality, according to a study conducted in 2006.

Peter Ham, a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence, based in Washington suspect that improvements in trauma care to victims of fire helped reduce mortality as well.

Rachel Parsons, spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, and gives credibility to the education program in the country, gun safety for children, "Eddie Eagle", which began in 1988, also credits NRA gun safe storage educational programs for adults.

- Falls; mortality decreased from 0.9 to 0.3 per 100,000 for children ages 1 to 4; down from 0.3 to 0.1 for children ages 5 to 14.

Is most fatal to children is from the windows of the apartment. New York rate dropped 96 percent after the health department in the city in 1979 required that the owners of multifamily buildings that included incumbents who have children under the age of 11 to provide window guards, including $ 3. Other urban areas the same.


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