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Friday, April 22, 2011

Suspected US missile strike kills 25 people, including 5 children and 4 women, in northwest Pakistan

us missile attack
 (epakistantimes....) The Pakistani intelligence officials said a U.S. drone fired a radical Pakistani-controlled areas near the Afghan border, and interceptor missiles on Friday, killing 25 people. The day before the strike, the army chief condemns this attack and can deteriorate strengthen strained relations between Washington and Islamabad.

Ten rockets hit the North Waziristan Spinwam, Taliban fighters in the region of the United States to get to the house in Afghanistan across the border from the village of houses and NATO forces, and international al-Qaeda terrorists, three intelligence officials said.

They said they believed three children and two wives to be dead. There is no way to immediately independently verified.

The United States regularly fire rockets at the border area 21 / 2 years old, but no official recognition from the Central Intelligence Agency to run the program. U.S. officials rarely comment, but in the concrete strike, said general mandate to strike at militants.

Silence means that the United States the source of information, and usually strike Pakistani intelligence officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Has not been confirmed their accounts, because it prohibits access to the border areas.

These attacks and an already tense situation between the two allies, and the source, at least on the surface.

GM is the only way the United States can reach directly by hiding in Afghanistan, the Taliban movement in Pakistan, some allegedly critical to the success in Afghanistan. This dilemma becomes more serious in view of the United States hopes to begin withdrawing troops this summer.

Pakistani leadership has condemned the military and political publicly missile attack, but considers that the penalties. This policy so that their hostile feelings for the United States is running a number of isolation in a strong state.

But he said it cut ties to a new low after the United States of America, and Central Intelligence Agency in January this year shot and killed two Pakistani contractors, and said that he tried to rob. Procession rocket attack, killing dozens of reports of innocent tribes also angered Palestinian leaders.

Pakistani officials say they now want to limit the use of U.S. air strikes, to give them more information. But some U.S. officials in Washington and Islamabad and said they would continue despite objections from Pakistan, some analysts believe that in the domestic political consumption or to extract more concessions to Washington.

He said CIA officials to honor an agreement to target geographically, "the Fund" already agreed upon the region and Pakistan, but Pakistan will not notice any strike, who declined to be named a strategic decision made to discuss the sensitive issue a statement.

Taliban factions in Afghanistan-Pakistan relations are still tense and there have been reported for the broadcast.

During his visit here, Admiral Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States, accused of keeping with the Haqqani network, an important Taliban factions in North Waziristan, a link to the service of Pakistani military intelligence operation.

Islamabad has denied that the support group, but many analysts and U.S. officials suspect that Pakistan may be trying to maintain the peg qanis right, so that can be used to retain influence in Afghanistan with the means to them - to keep the barrier on his main rival in India - United States to leave.

And officials from both countries to raise the level of discourse, and say they want to continue their partnership for the same. Washington needs Pakistan's support to achieve success in Afghanistan, and Pakistan is largely dependent on U.S. aid civilian and military.

Also on Friday, a security official said hundreds of insurgents attacked a checkpoint in the north-west Pakistan, killing security forces 14 - the continuing strength of the rebels, despite a military attack on its performance.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oasis of the Seas: Royal Caribbean

The Oasis of the Seas, was launched late in 2009, and along with her sister ship, the Allure of the Seas, she is the world's largest cruise ship. The size of the Oasis allowed Royal Caribbean to include numerous venues never before seen on a cruise ship, such as the 700-seat Oasis of the Seas Aqua Theater. 
royal caribbean

This water show theater is found on deck 6, at the aft end of the Oasis of the Sea's Boardwalk, one of seven neighborhoods on the ship.The Aqua Theater has both a daytime water show called "Splish Splash", and a nighttime show called "Oasis of Dreams. United States, "Royal Caribbean" including the largest cruise company, is the world's largest cruise ship "Ocean Oasis" (Oasis of the Seas) Cruise will be the world's largest super-cruise, which has 16 decks and 2000 cabin, can carry 6,000 passengers, the ship also has a large shopping mall, numerous bars restaurants, the size of a football field, and rock climbing wall, outdoor amphitheater and other sports facilities.
"Ocean Oasis" in November 2009 for her maiden voyage into the sea, when it is at sea, it is like a "travel the city." "Ocean Oasis" cost 700 million pounds, it is 360 meters wide and 47 meters, 72 meters high, a displacement of 22 million tons, than the "Titanic" 3 times bigger than the current world's largest cruise ship " Freedom of the Seas "also weighed 6 tons. It is understood that a cruise ship drifting at sea will be the Florida city as a port, the implementation of the Caribbean east and west routes, will launch the inaugural trip for 4 nights.
"Ocean Oasis" will no doubt be another cruise ship construction in the history of a miracle in the history to "the largest and most luxurious" cruise does not claim more than the famous "Titanic" is one of them.
According to information, when the "Titanic" total length of about 269 meters, 28 meters wide, 11 stories tall and weighs 46,000 tons, costing a total cost of 75 million pounds. Maiden voyage in April 1912, carrying 2224 passengers, people. In the last century, such a large cruise is also unprecedented, no wonder the builder called it "Titanic", will never be confident giant ship sinking at sea. But, today's "Ocean Oasis" compared to "Titanic" is simply dwarfed. Only from the tonnage of sense, "Oasis" is the "Titanic" 5 times, and its length and height are "Titanic" unmatched

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raleigh, NC: Massive Tornadoes On Ground

raleigh nc
raleigh ncraleigh ncFor the third consecutive day. A tornado outbreak in the United States with major winter strong move to the beginning of the Atlantic. Outbreak Tornado today is concentrated in the Carolinas, especially South Carolina, from all central and eastern, central and eastern North Carolina, Virginia State and Southern Highway Richmond Lynchburg and ham. Hampton / Contract East Fork area.

This watch is described. Storm Prediction Center, a very dangerous situation that occurs in these areas may be significant tornadoes, and severe the associated long-term monitoring.

Journal as a condition Bad weather is part of a group of blocks of life. If you publish any cheap political / social when compared to the affected area of ​​photography you may HRed all of us, regardless. Political lobbying their Remember and respect. Indeed, said.
Raleigh, North Carolina, emergency tornado Directly into the center of the storm. Large wedge tornado in Raleigh damage caused by better reporting district and department stores have. Are reported destroyed, this is actually, really bad, and WRAL has been stagnant air on the news networks have given enough to cut their fucking star. In this document he created as FishOutofWater. Focus on a few days ago, a dispute the decision of the Supreme Court in monitoring. Dynamics of severe weather and other parameters, the first tornado, showing the formation of the developing storm tornadic, good atmosphere more than the amount. The atmosphere is ripe for a tornado Although the atmosphere. More conducive to high-value areas than in the tornado of course not limited to these areas. If you are in the vicinity. Area, side by side and see you at risk.

This indicates that the end goal. Climate conducive to producing supercell thunderstorms. The key "2", the highest card, so this is a 16 to 8 times more than necessary for the severe environment of supercell thunderstorms more energy. Central North Carolina in United States, David, Ron and Davidson County, tornado warning, the next hour or so. Rotating radar in North Lexington comb my phone has been hovering in the sun. Out of North Carolina for the rotation Hawks yellow.New tornado warning area. In a whirlwind Xileiyifu 50 miles northeast hours. I have a friend in Raeford, home visits, the land is beautiful, you never see the tornado coming. In many areas of the Carolinas, a question - do not wait until you see the tornado because it's too late.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Movie

To make the opening, today, here instead of Premiere PJTV DC (United States santims not ordinary). The whole question is: What is freedom notes Roger Ebert think? So, you think:

    And OK. For example, the novel, you agree to Ayn ​​Rand, objèktivism, or a liberal, and you wait vivman film. People, you will find a desepsyon. This is not just a movie not agree with you, but in a Aderans, mode black. This will help if you like, you know, entertainment?

    The scene of several films of this structure: (1) appears for dialogue and exchange of environmental clubby, as his company Jagon Beverage (2) Chemennfè, and time, (3) drive through the city destroying buildings arive, (4) description of the town (5) Beauty of Colorado. There is also a love scene, it is shown in the hip, but I'm not just getting into the ear. The man puts his shirt. This power can chokan Liberal, I think, as those who collect the rumpy-pumpy.

Any revision of the film characteristics in terms of "rumpy-pumpy" It's still hot. A sudden: "I do, but reviewing the others I've seen, on the basis of this that I doubt him place. He buys less noise is not a ideolojik to make decisions in a beautiful behavior is dedikasyon hours unless you make a dezi objèktivist Pelerinaj Mecca, a film I do not know why you will rise. In fact, even critics of the policy of good layout, promote Rand: Kurt Loder, and PJ O'Rourke, who remains as endiferan repwoche movie entertainment, but the power of understanding messages. (See No. Because awondi consult a person who is most antouzyas). Ballon when Hot remain faithful to only one of every opportunity to see them? I accepted religion.

Tweeter is very track last night and a kind of discussion this morning reflects the progress of Neil Gaiman fan is about buzzing. HBO "American Gods" adaptation, while John Favreau a new answer "is aware of cowboys. And foreign" for example, Ayn Rand and all a twitter account comments and for some it seems to say film about "Atlas shrug."

And no amount of troops after two addressed, as Jock said, so he now has to draw, and R. Stevens said if the Caped Crusader we all are maxed retweets a rundown of these and other day jump after.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Music: Tyga ‘Black Thoughts 2’

Tyga teams up with DJ ill Will and DJ Rockstar for the second installment in his Black Thoughts  mixtape series. The Young Money rapper calls in favors from guests including Game, Lloyd, Mario, Gudda Gudda, and Pharrell, who appears on The Neptunes-helmed “First Time,” and nabs production from Lex Luger, Jess Jackson, and more. Get inside Tyga’s mind.
black thoughts
Some people say, think death means the beginning of maturity. Well, my maturity is 10 years old from the beginning.

Time is a hill behind the school, there is unrest in years left a huge spider web of air-raid shelter. We often go to hide and seek Fangliao Xue urchin - because the children a strong spirit of adventure, but there is the greatest temptations and challenges. I am also one of them.

One afternoon, the practice of the game began. We made soon shouting, rushed from the hole to go. I kept urging the people behind the soon to keep up, their buried depths of dark directed ran. When I suddenly realized that some things wrong, I have been alone in the darkness - I have lost them!

My courage goes a little bit over time. I seem to have been blindfolded groping for a century, hit his head I do not know how many bags, the body roll I do not know how much mud, his voice yelling, and fear because of dumb dumb.

Heavy pressure from all directions over the dark, packed my breath, I suddenly thought of death!

Death, is not feeling the same way: hard to face up, but it does not see; desperately yelling, not even pay any attention to you all a Grasshopper; no singing, no one in the play, not even people to fight with you!

Perhaps because of fear of forgetting to cry. Unable to sit on the damp ground, relying on the cold cement wall, I began to think if I really die, who sad? Mom and Dad and brother younger sister are, of course needless to say, the class teacher will certainly sad, because no one questions the handle class held it aloft, neighbors chubby also, because I promised the 10 cards have not to him. Should be most happy that the poor little at the same table, right? Because no one would in her elbow out of bounds to give her a heavy blow, no one will put some of her pencil box, "cute" little animals. . . . . .

When I re-took courage, and finally touched a hole and saw the stars outside, I tried to cheer up and staggered towards the long absence, the world sprang. . . . . .

A 10-year-old boy who died from so close.

(Postscript: extremely awkward to escape home, under the carrot and stick I Met Your Mother, and people have to conclude that a fight. Had been in the dark as I am as concerned about their loved ones as hated as the witch actually thought I was partners the end of the game already slipping into the house?!

There are still a little guy put your hand to answer questions too high, chubby still eagerly waiting for him every day, playing cards, poor little at the same table rubbing elbows still complain to the teacher, will be issued at some point suddenly scream. . . . . .

World remains the same. )


Often innocently believe that death is the essence of what? Is there a way to change? Is like a fairy tale of the beautiful bubbles disappear in the sun? Or the end of a section of track and began the next paragraph Road?

Reincarnation really exist? Eye in the sky really can see the past life of the emotions it? Forget to drink a bowl of really cure my mundane reincarnations it?

Who can answer me?

And has left me, and I have respect for the loved ones they have questions?

That afternoon, the weather is always overcast, until now, you can also feel the time Fengyuyulai of depression. A group of little children who started to say goodbye to them a respectable teacher. She is a returned overseas Chinese in Indonesia, taught us a full six years of primary school mathematics, usually so kind and so happy, but when a sudden unexpected death.

Mortuary bed, she lay peacefully, I suddenly felt strongly that as usual she just take a nap in her soft palm fat can still lift the same as before touching my head, you can also pick up the pointer to play I Ziyaliezui hand was red. . . . . . She could not just leave her children out of love, she has not seen these kids grow up!

So truly the face of death, it comes out of every pore in the atmosphere makes me hate. Death, turned out to be so blind so barbaric aggression against our lives.

Junior school, because the train was late to school, already a two o'clock midnight. Sultry summer quarters not closed, Mo Zhaohei the tired and fell on the bed, called the cicada noise in Gua drift off to sleep in frogs. I did not think it turned out to be a heartbreaking summer.

Opened his eyes awakened from a dreamless, the day has been turned on. Roommate of a fellow student sitting on my bed, woke up to see me and told me to swim to the park yesterday, Lee died of drowning. I laughed, said, you're that guy, do not open such a joke!

Really, this is true.

Looked at his serious eyes behind the lens, I fretting out. Bite your tongue! Good yesterday, having nightmares, right? Hey, you listen, it was yesterday nightmares!

No one answered me.

His bed is empty! He was once lively!

My head suddenly became a blank.

, I have been forced those memories are blank, can not remember who we have 423 dorm close brothers, who sing with us, screaming with fists and used to sleep with martial arts star in the whole game with snoring every night to catch a Chao Zuoye absently with a beautiful girl to dinner, where the eyes are floating. . . . .

San Huofan until graduating seniors, in order to not attend, he is the seven of us drunk and cry. . . . . .

Life is like a delicate porcelain, could be so fragile and vulnerable!

Why death can take away a life so easily, like a naughty child inadvertently picked the flowers branches? After that huge black curtain, what what what what, what exactly is a mystery?

The pain of living, the dead we know it?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adam Scott make late charges at the Masters

jason day  and adam scott shake hands after completing their third rounds at augusta national golf club sunday at the masters
 All afternoon long, they watched as everyone else around the course was making moves up the leaderboard — Tiger Woods, Angel Cabrera, K.J. Choi — and figured they might as well get in on the action. Paired together on the final round of the Masters, Australians Jason Day and Adam Scott did just that.

And they nearly sent the whole thing to a playoff. “It was awesome playing with Jason,” Scott said. “Incredible. He was a little shaky early on but really held his nerve, and to finish birdie to give himself a chance at the time was huge. Can’t say enough about Jason. He’s a really mature golfer for his age.”

“I’ve known Adam since I was 15, so we’ve been good mates since then and we just had a lot of fun today,” said Day, 23. “It was really, really good to be in the hunt for the Masters, and obviously to be one of the first Aussies to win the Masters was special, too.”

The two Aussies nearly took the Masters down under for a good-old fashioned Outback playoff, but — like everyone else — were thwarted when South African Charl Schwartzel birdied the last four holes to snatch away the green jacket. Day and Scott finished in a tie for second place, at 12 under par.

Scott shot a 5-under-par 67 Sunday to make the jump from 7-under at the start of the day. Day, meanwhile, shot a 4-under 68 to come from the pack of players who began the final round at 8 under par. But for both, it almost wasn’t. As everyone else was making their move for the top of the leaderboard, both Day and Scott were stuck spinning their wheels. Scott made the turn at 9-under and Day made it at 8-under.

“Yeah, it was very hard,” Day said. “I came out of the blocks, I hit a few loose drives coming out of the blocks, and once I birdied No. 2, that settled me down a little bit, which was nice. But I knew that I didn’t have to do too much to have a chance of winning.
Source: NJ

Craigslist Florida: A niche in Florida’s real estate rubble

One recent morning, Shannon Moore raced through a musty pink house — three bedrooms, two baths — that was advertised as having “good bones” and “primed for renovation.” As in many recently foreclosed homes in Florida, the appliances and air-conditioner were missing from this one, either taken by the previous residents or stolen.
”It’s not as bad as I thought,” Ms. Moore said. “You could probably get this place fixed up for $8,000. You could get a refrigerator on Craigslist  for $200.”

“$70,000?” she asks aloud, referring to the list price. “What the heck?” Ms. Moore, a real estate broker, has found a profitable niche in the wreckage of Florida’s real estate market, where a glut of vacant homes continues to depress prices. She scouts out deals for several groups of investors, including one that counts a professional poker player as a member and a group of Macedonians from Toronto.

Just a few years back, real estate investors were considered pariahs for fomenting a buying frenzy that drove home prices to stratospheric levels. This time around, housing experts say investors are desperately needed because there are so many vacant homes and homebuyers are having such trouble obtaining credit.

“If Florida is going to have a comeback anytime soon, investors are going to have to play a role,” said Rick Sharga, a senior vice president at RealtyTrac. “There are just too many properties for traditional home buyers to absorb.”

IT WAS left devastated by the credit crunch. In Florida, property prices plunged and then virtually collapsed with thousands of homes being repossessed and then boarded up because there were no buyers.
But now there are signs of a burgeoning recovery with investors snapping up what they think are bargains.

Estate agent Shannon Moore is a real estate broker who has found a profitable niche in the wreckage of Florida's market.
Just a few years ago, real estate investors were considered pariahs for fomenting a buying frenzy that drove home prices to stratospheric levels. Now housing experts say investors are desperately needed because there are so many vacant homes and homebuyers are having such trouble obtaining credit.

"If Florida is going to have a comeback any time soon, investors are going to have to play a role," said Rick Sharga, a senior vice president at RealtyTrac. "There are just too many properties for traditional homebuyers to absorb."

Data released by the National Association of Realtors recently shows that investors represented 17 per cent of all home sales in 2010 nationwide. This is the same as the previous year, but in recent months, investment activity has picked up, according to Walter Molony, an association spokesman, who attributed the increase to relatively cheap prices and the lack of available credit for homebuyers.

There is no shortage of deals in Florida. The Census Bureau recently reported that 17 per cent of the homes in Florida were vacant. Even though the figure includes holiday homes that were unoccupied at the time of the survey, the underlying rate within the state reflects a sustained downturn.

The American Dream Concert 2011

 THE world premiere of Liverpool composer Mark Simpson’s Straw Dogs formed the focal point of a concert influenced by America and performed by the RLPO’s Ensemble 10/10. A passage from political theorist John Gray’s book of the same name inspired this new work by the 22-year-old composer, who has enjoyed a long relationship with the Phil despite his tender age.Side is well-known master musicians and record companies, one side is not for the fledgling young woman known to all bands, both sides hand Why? It turned out this year on August 12 held in Beijing Exhibition entitled "Four Seasons world music tour" concert to promote bilateral cooperation as primers.
A piece of contrast – long, almost languid melodies set against rhymical passages – it neatly bridged the gap between both parts of the show. A challenging first half featured Michael Daugherty’s discomforting Snap, a tribute to the tap dancers of Hollywood’s golden age that James Cagney would struggle to recognise, and Nico Muhly’s By All Means, a cross between the chromatic variation of Webern’s Concerto for Nine Instruments and the rich, mellow sounds of Tudor music.

Cagney would surely have also struggled to get his feet around Miguel Del Aguila’s A Conga Line in Hell, whose title speaks for itself. Opening with jerky pizzicato giving way to interweaving Caribbean-flavoured phrases performed at the instruments’ most extreme registers, it’s an infernal dance that is at once addictive and repellent.
That night, ViVA-Girls opened the show premiered off in the North, a member of the Singapore band performances were superb business skills and playing style move, a variety of traditional Chinese musical instruments in the interpretation of the girls, the put on a full visual and modern auditory feast. 
Subsequently, the show business and its performance will be ViVA-Girls fragments recommend where DOMO Kitaro and his executives. (DOMO Records was founded in 1993, bringing together a number of international art professionals, including Grammy and Golden Globe winner and the master musician Kitaro artists.) Strong elements of pure Chinese music Kitaro and DOMO company moved, the orchestra is committed to to promote Chinese traditional musical instruments and music also infected their enthusiasm, and "Music" is the cornerstone of bilateral cooperation. Decided to cooperate with the Orchestra to hire them, this 12 girl lucky enough to become a Kitaro no return.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen Calls Connecticut Show His Best

 Charlie Sheen once again rebounded from criticism Saturday night, scoring audience support during the sixth stop of his My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option Tour at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut.

During the hour-long affair, he riled the audience up with talk about UCONN's recent NCAA tournament title, encouraged fans to smoke pot, took off his shirt and called his disastrous Friday show in New York City an "embarrassment."

He briefly discussed Two and a Half Men during his Q&A session, claiming Warner Bros. fired him for "having too much fun."

The crowd was largely receptive, though Sheen hit a few speed bumps early on in the show, when fans unimpressed by Sheen's answers began walking out.

Hartford Courant critic Roger Catlin noted on Twitter, "Thirty minutes on, with it obvious he has no material, the exodus begins from the balcony. #Losing"

However, thanks to Sheen's persistence, the tide eventually turned in his favor. Instead of getting defensive, he went along with the unusual questions the crowd asked -- which included questions about bacon and masturbation -- and mentioned to the moderator that this was their best show yet.

"Let's bring these people to Radio Shitty Music Hall tomorrow night and have a f**king party," Sheen declared.

The show's most memorable moment happened when Sheen retrieved an audience member who had been kicked out by security and brought him on stage to play the "Charlie Sheen blues" with his harmonica.

Pakistani artistes perform in US

This was announced by a group of individuals from the US, who will be collaborating on the project, at an event organised by the US Consul-General at a local hotel on Friday.
Speaking to journalists, Deirdre Valente (Vice-President of Lisa Booth Management Inc) said the model programme was a government-private venture intended to bring artistes from the three countries to the US and recognise their creativity to which many didn’t have access.

She said a total of 10 groups would tour almost at the same time in May 2012, for which artists ensembles would be announced in June 2011. She said each tour would start off in Washington DC (Kennedy Centre) and a contextual and promotional plan was being made for the purpose. She said it’s a robust project as ensembles would not only perform but also share quality time with communities in the US. She said, “We’d build on it as we go.”
Chief Financial Officer of New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) Laura Paul told the media that NEFA would act as Centre Stage’s producer, supporting the programme financially, apart from providing some other services.

Director for Cultural Programmes and Performing Arts Asia Society Rachel Cooper said she was excited about Centre Stage as with deeper interaction it would provide access to artistes on both sides. She said the artistes would be sharing ideas, meals and vision and play music for each other during their time together, which would help have a better understanding of each other. Arts and Culture Director of the Inner-city Muslim Action Network (IMAN) Asad Jafri said the programme was meant to recognise the high quality of Pakistani artistes
 and young artistes in contemporary form would get an opportunity to interact with different communities and perform in America.....

Executive Director AMP Concerts, Neal Copperman echoed the same sentiments.

During the question-answer session, Ms Valente said while Pakistan’s folk and traditional art forms were of no less standard, the focus of the programme was on contemporary expression. She said that 60 artistes from 10 groups would perform though she conceded that the programme might not go perfect. Replying to a question, she said culture attracted the attention of the press, and it was time to get beyond the noise and explore other ways to know one other without resorting to easy labels. It would engage us in dialogue, she said.

The different institutions responsible for Centre Stage are the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, NEFA, the US Regional Arts Organisation, the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and the Asian Cultural Council.

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean performing on American Idol

Kelly Clarkson was the first (and arguably) the biggest of all ‘American Idol‘ contestants in the show’s now-storied history. The singer, who beat Justin Guarini to take the inaugural ‘Idol’ crown, will head back to her old stomping grounds next Thursday, April  14, but she won’t be doing it on her own! Clarkson will be joined by country star Jason Aldean for duet of their country ballad ‘Don’t You Wanna Stay.’

‘Don’t You Wanna Stay’ is a smash hit in the country world, which only serves to prove that Clarkson is a versatile artist who can hopscotch across genres with relative ease. The pop singer is also exemplifying this with the release of her new album this September.

On her Facebook page, Clarkson describes her new music and drops names like Prince, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin as sources of inspiration on the soulful upcoming album. Clarkson rarely disappoints, so we’re looking forward to hearing what direction she went in this time.


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