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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wimbledon: Sharapova and Kvitova reach Final

There are some strange swings of the main stadium on Thursday. In the semi-finals and the beginning of the experience shakiest women. Not the end of the game with a double fault does not deserve, while others do not. 
sharapova and kvitova

It seems, Sabine Lisicki for fear of Maria Sharapova, who reached the semi-final wild card early. Sharapova won the first successful 13 points two, down three games. She bungled her service is so bad it's 13 double faults. 

But back to defeat the waste Lisicki 6-4,6-3, and return the first time since 2004 at the All England Club final. 

"This is a lot of years, but it really feels great, said:" Maria Sharapova. "Today was not my best match race, so I am really happy to get through two sets." 

Sharapova will meet Petra Kvitova, who played nine ACE ball and dominate all of her ideas 6-1,3-6, 6-2 Victoria Azarenka in the victory. 

Kvitova, who lost the Wimbledon semifinals last year, was the first woman to achieve left-handed Seles in 1998 from a Grand Slam title at the French race. She can be left to the first player to win since 1990, when Martina Navratilova's Wimbledon champion - another Czech who is watching at Centre Court on Thursday - won her the title IX. 

"There are very few women left hand which is good, said:" Martina Navratilova. "For Petra, I think this is always the key to reducing the adverse playing the stripes, it is very streaky." 

There is no doubt who the favorite in Saturday: Maria Sharapova in her fifth final of a major; 21 years to Kvitova in her first. Sharapova, seeking her championship career, 24; Kvitova fifth to it. 

"Experience is an incredible asset," Sharapova said. 

Sharapova service in the first game, there are two double faults. Sharapova's significance in the future Lisicki a break point, but one thing ahead of the trailing her two 4-0. 

This is when things turn. Sharapova's serve hit the rule, she challenges the call, the replay review showed the ball hit the next service is good, try to delete a shot wound Lisicki navigation range. 

In the end of the day, Sharapova services held there, in the next game in the outbreak, and on its way up. 

It is in the semifinals, broke Kvitova 4-1 in the third set the first opportunity and saved two break points to go up. When she won Azarenka double fault of the match point. 

He admitted afterwards Kvitova, in recent times, such as two weeks ago, "I did not think, I can win," the Wimbledon champion. 

Azarenka begged different. 

"It can attack anyone, any day, because it has a very good game, said:" Azarenka. "This is true." 

Prince received FAMOUS FAN 
Golf great Jack Nicklaus, who sat in the cabin in the bowl this week, also spent time watching top-ranked doubles team Bob and Mike Bryan reached the doubles semi-final 6-4 6-3,6-4 victory over defending champion Jurgen Melzer to win and Philip Petzschner. 
"He came to our warm and 11:06 on the court, and for every ball, we played there, said:" Bob Bryan. "This is very interesting, because he had the crowd out of it." 

After the Prince - who played the Kansas City adventure - on Wednesday in the quarterfinals, Nicklaus deferred to Moscow on Thursday to watch the brothers play. 

Nicklaus, tennis courts, grass in his Florida home last weekend's doubles match, called the Prince.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Tied

rachel weisz sexy(Epakistan times)...........The couple met with the upcoming movie dream of a house, and began dating shortly after 9 years after Weisz and director Darren - Aronofsky announced their separation in November together.

This is the first marriage, Rachel, and James Bond star second. The couple reportedly tied the knot in New York a few days before the secret just four guests - Weisz's five-year-old son Henry, from her relationship with Aronofsky; Craig's 18 years old, he first marriage of his daughter, and two friends. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz married last Wednesday, according to Daily Mail.


From the Pakistan Times:

    They do their level best to keep their secret relationship together has made since last year - and now apparently James Bond star Daniel Craig, 43 years old, and his girlfriend Rachel Weisz, 41, have tied knot in secret.

    Obviously, the two married in New York, only four countries on Wednesday before the quiet.

    Guests said the 18-year-old daughter, Daniel and Rachel's son, Henry, Ella, four, with two family friends who served as a witness. Rachel Weisz was born on March 7, 1970, in London, England, to Edith, the Austrian psychoanalyst and George, the Hungarian inventor.

Rachel is a model 14 years old when she began acting studies at the University of Cambridge. There, she founded a theater company named on the tongue, which won the Guardian Award at the Edinburgh Festival, its report on "the game Shouthall" of "Washbag" go. Rachel then sing in praise of Sean Mathias revival of Noel Coward's "Design Life" on stage, this is a role, she won the most promising new London Film Critics Circle voting.
rachel-weisz hitching
She has starred in many films, including the Mummy (1999), in the Gates (2001) of the enemy, Stealing Beauty (1996). Rachel can be seen, the shape of things in the movie (2003) about a boy (2002), Constantine (2005), The Constant Gardener (2005), for which she won an Oscar, Golden Globe and screen actor, Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress. She is currently living in maverick director Darren - Aronofsky in Brooklyn and they both have a son, Henry opportunities. Weisz began working in television, in the Inspector Morse, color and black British TV series there, as well as TV movies advocates II. She crashes in 1994, her film debut film, but her breakthrough role came in the 1996 movie chain reaction, resulting in as Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell in 1999 to a high-profile movies mummy, mummy 2001 the role and years back. Other notable films featuring Weisz enemy at the gates of a boy, Constantine, fountains, and The Constant Gardener, for which she won an Oscar, Golden Globe, and supporting actress for her role as Tai Shakui Seoul Association Awards.

Weisz also be in the theater. Her breakthrough stage of life is Noel Coward play design, which won her the "London Critics' Award for most promising newcomer for the 1994 recovery cycle. Weisz's performance include Tennessee Williams' Suddenly Last Summer 1999 Donmar Warehouse production, the recovery of A Streetcar Named Desire in 2009, her portrayal of Blanche Dubois in the play which won her critics, "suppliers Circle Award for Best Actress in 2009 theaters.
Want to meet or send wishes
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss America: Miss USA 2011

miss usaThe "Miss America" ​​beauty pageant was held in Las Vegas on Sunday. This is definitely a flashy, Glam and the general beauty bikini hearty service. Who can resist this sweet treat? I know I will tune to see who will represent my hometown in Michigan, of course, when the catty watercooler chat addicted "Can you believe she wore that?" Wet your game on NBC this Sunday's appetite, healthy Hollywood's Fab Food Friday is a departure from their diet / nutrition on normal fares and service secrets contestants brave the food. After all, who knows about beauty, these girls are more intimate than the tips - some of whom have the championship to the United States their lives.

A Miss America competitors spend less time out of their crazy plans this week in Las Vegas to share their favorite Hollywood health tips.

2011 Miss America contestant, "beauty and health secrets:

Miss Connecticut USA has been using home-made body scrub, from the use of coffee grounds, sugar, olive oil to make her skin soft. Miss Delaware, has been in place behind the gymnasts to use her "butt glue" of her swimsuit. Miss Georgia, Visine eye used to minimize acne redness.

Miss Mississippi on her stomach on the preparation of H and packaging it to take down the swelling before going to bed plastic wrap. She needs it off in the morning and prepare the stomach with a thin event. Miss Illinois frozen in her eyes on the green tea bags to reduce the swelling.

Miss Colorado, on every night on the re-adjustment of toe separators to wear high heels from her feet all day.
 Miss Xia Weiyi chew each bite of her 10 - 30 times, the release of nutrients to maintain her health.

Miss Nebraska PAM sprayed her body with the extra gloss to her photographs. Miss New York to stop brushing her teeth right after dinner dessert of her desire. Clean, sweet mint flavor so she did not want it!

Miss Virginia, drink it every morning with hot water lemon. It is more healthy than coffee, is a natural diuretic. Miss Kentucky USA and Miss West Virginia United States of hair extensions to the false eyelashes, so that they last the longest possible use of glue.

U.S.  Miss Su Dazhou swear by the liquid bandage, to protect the pump wear and tear to her feet and high heels. Miss Montana walking in high heels to her feet and legs to prepare grand in her treadmill. Miss North Dakota to use window tape to their clothes in place. She said that this is ten times stronger, half of the double-sided fashion tape price.

Miss Louisiana to eat five small meals rather than hold three blocks for three meals a day!

Miss California, has a quick fix for those unwanted acne. Before going to sleep with her best and made clear it a ACTIV - FLEX Band-Aid. In the morning the pimple disappears.

American Miss Luo Dedao pillar and down the stairs between the gym, she was wearing high heels, her daily exercise. Miss Maine night put ice packs to reduce swelling on her face.

Miss Alaska to eat every two hours, and build muscle protein with every meal. Miss South Carolina United States drink 4 ounces of water every 30 minutes burns calories to maintain moisture.
miss-usa 2011
Miss Vermont must make in her diet to include adequate protein to build muscle meat 5 - 6 eggs a day.
Odds were released within California  pull of 9 / 2 favorite to win Sunday's game. Los Angeles model was originally born in New Jersey and on behalf of Miss Teen USA in 2007, Garden State, lose the battle of the first runner-up Colorado Hilary Cruz.

Campanella moved to the West Coast in November last year, won the Miss California pageant, winning the Sunday thing her way. California has no victory because Shannon Marketic Miss America title in 1992, when the country's fifth crown was arrested.
Peepshow Holly Madison famous canopy walk is one of the 60th anniversary Sunday with Miss America 2011, 35 owners of the red carpet Miss America pageant. Holly joined the defending Jimena Navarrette Miss Universe 2010 and 2010 Miss America Mary Fakih, who turned competitive in the new Planet Hollywood championship crown.

Also the appearance will be the British platinum recording rap Tinie Tempah, who performed in the NBC broadcast, and 98 degrees founder and singer, currently in Rio Chippendales and this year's Miss America official to meet jointly Headline Planet Hollywood on June 6, and Mary.

Miss America officials confirmed this morning there are seven judges will vote to decide who is the new Miss America. As we exclusively reported in the Las Vegas luxury here yesterday, they include Tyson Chandler NBA championship in 2011 and Rio de Janeiro, Dallas Mavericks Penn Jillette Penn & Teller roof.

Other judge is my good friend chef Rocco DiSpirito; friend actress, writer and model Mariel Hemingway; rapper and record producer LIL Jon, who was recently in a beauty pageant boss Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice , is Steve Wynn's Encore and Wynn Resorts regularly DJ; Caroline Bravo Manzo from the real housewives of New Jersey and Suxiweisi - Fischmann, OPI nail polish products to wear one of the founders of the players .

Host, we previously reported, is katoha news anchor Giuliana Rancic, star of Bravo and programs on the screen first and Kelly Osborne, host of E! fashion police, the background of the players and the new MTV VJ Susie Castillo added, who also is the 2003 Miss America and a model for Neutrogena.

We will report via Twitter from the red carpet of the event itself, and through on-site blog Sunday, through the crowning moment, the new Miss America of the late first photo - and then returned with her first video interview Monday. Healthy Hollywood, NBC, Las Vegas, Miss America, Miss California, fitness, television, Miss Alabama USA 2011, Madeleine Mitchell, constitute the Planet Hollywood Resort, in Las Vegas, Nevada Casino headshot arrived. She will appear in the next two weeks to prepare the 2011 Miss America pageant ® ET 6 19 afternoon 9:00 at the NBC live broadcast from Las Vegas theater performing arts activities and games. South Carolina's Courtney Turner (6 / 1) and Indiana Geely Ande Qi (10 / 1) is the oddsmakers choice to participate in the next two Sunday's title. Turner is currently majoring in communications and commerce in the University of South Carolina, hoping to become her state since 1994, the first Miss America title. Wunderlich won Miss Congeniality and Miss lens while shooting the Miss Indiana, and look forward to the end of Indiana's Miss America no title drought.
miss usa
Brittany Brannon, Arizona, Hawaii and Michigan Angela Channing Bird - Pierce have opened 12 / 1 odds. Brannon, the runner-up won the race last year, Miss Arizona. Bird is a decent mix of South Korea and the United Kingdom, measuring players as one of the highest beauty in 5'10 "up Pierce hopes to win the Wolverine State, which did not happen to any player, because the occurrence of Texas Gretchen Polhemus consecutive crown in 1989.

Texas has won nine most Miss America title, this year's competitors hope to bring Anna Rodriguez, 25 / 1 odds of another long-term. In Laredo native won her fifth attempt in September, Miss Texas, honor, following in the past three years, completed the top three. Rodriguez works as a preschool teacher, although a few magazines have modeled.

Sarah Chapman, Nevada and Maine's Ashley Marble into its two oldest players for Sunday's game, whether it is Planet Hollywood into the United States for 27 years. Chapman is a 25 / 1, the price of a large family dog, but as a marble from 60 / 1 dark horse Northeast intrusion.

Wu Texas: Anna RodriguezSunday the four longest lens is New Hampshire's LacyJane Foster (75 / 1), Pennsylvania Amber Watkins (75 / 1), Montana Brittany Smart (100 / 1), North Dakota Brandi Schoenberg (100 /

Friday, June 17, 2011

Saudi women's rights activists

saudi women protest
Saudi women's rights activists today they Women2Drive activities to protest the prohibition of women driving cars, or even riding a bike. But Ukraine, members of protest group FEMEN defied the ban is not just driving, driving without their tops! The Group is headquartered in Kiev, which implicitly demonstrators circled the embassy in Saudi Arabia today, wearing underwear and said, "make way!" And holding signs that said things like: "For women, men camel car." See more pictures of the rally.

Pentagon Arrest: Man Taken Into Custody Probably a Bomb Plotter

pentagon arrest
(Pakistan time ).... Pentagon Pentagon - one source told CBS News, suspicious vehicles, the Pentagon on Friday morning discovered the man had been detained as the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Lance Corporal OK.
Lance Corporal. Yonathan Melaku told Friday morning when questioned, he was carrying explosives department, informed sources told CBS News survey of eight producers in Milton. Earlier, FBI agent Brenda Gee, who is responsible for the Board at its Washington headquarters offices of the anti-terrorism department, told reporters, non-explosive material in a backpack the suspect was arrested when he found reporters carry.

Law enforcement officers on condition of anonymity, said the officials, found what seemed to be an unknown quantity of ammonium nitrate. The official, who was not authorized to release information, said there is no other that will have enabled an explosion. The official said, is doing tests to determine the exact concentration of the substance. Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound, is widely used in fertilizer, can be used with the correct concentrations of explosives.

A law enforcement source told Milton, the suspect has been identified as Melaku carrying a laptop in the phrase "Al Qaeda", "Taliban rule" and "Mujahid beat Croatian forces", when he was detained. Although terrorist organizations, organized the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks references, the group fighting U.S. forces in Afghanistan and the Arab word for "holy warriors" of the law enforcement source told Milton that is not considered a suspect has been involved in terrorist act or plot.

"This seems to be washing machine at this point, but it is still drilling down" the law enforcement source told Milton. Authorities say one person was detained in the vicinity of the Pentagon and into a suspicious vehicle investigation. Pentagon spokesman Chris simple police said, was detained on Friday and one or two people may be involved. Layman said, the car in the Pentagon North parking lot near the grass. The investigation of any other details immediately available. Investigation has caused a road closure near the Pentagon.
    FBI agent Brenda Ah described as "about his twenties," the man said he was "not in place" when he was arrested. France, after a suspicious vehicle near the Pentagon, law enforcement forced road closures for several days (Friday). U.S. Park Police then searched the man's vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the car - from a red 2011 Nissan Ah description - located near the Pentagon.

The car is a bomb expert search, heck, who found no "significant material relating to the explosion." Agents also found a backpack near the vehicle containing "suspicious objects" in the heck is a "non-explosive unknown material."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How wedding of Hugh Hefner cancelled?

hugh hefner weddingPlayboy founder Hugh Hefner heartbroken said on Tuesday that his wedding this weekend was canceled because of his 25-year-old fiancee, his magazine, from playmate to change his mind. Hefner, 85, and Crystal Harris is due to meet the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles on Saturday before the end of more than 300 guests. It would have been Hefner's third marriage.
The wedding is off. Crystal had changed his mind, "Hefner wrote in Twitter. The break is a broken heart, but after marriage than it is now," he added later. He also denied reports on celebrity website, the couple had "a nasty argument," the phone.
Get involved in the Christmas Eve last year, and the playmates of Playboy founder is said to have a weekend argument, according to website TMZ, Harris moved out of the Playboy mansion, and cancel the wedding on Saturday.

Do not break, and the largest crystal ever age gap?
Harris Corporation's representative, Michael Black base, "said the Crystal Earlier this morning, she had shared with me the bad news," he told Us Weekly. "Breaking up is friendly. Crystal now her music career and her new single 'Club Queen,' which is the focus of today's release." Hefner Twitter before this confirmation, Harris suggests: "There are two mistakes along the way can make the truth .. not all the way, not the beginning.crystal harris
Hugh Hefner, 85, has remained in the altar, his silk pajamas stood there with his face look dumb.

Just five days before he married 25-year-old playmate named Crystal Harris for her great, his philosophy of mind and love booklet, so to speak ... is what we say? ... Oh, yes, the fixture is turned off. They seem well suited to each other, the gap is only 60 years, so in many common naked like to read Wittgenstein, and love of dentures. The wedding has been scheduled for Saturday in the quaint, family-oriented, disease-infested Veterans Playboy mansion Holmby Hill.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lost Ones Clarence Clemons ONE WEEK Neil Patrick Harris Deshawn Stevenson Mark Cuban Jerry Springer

neil patrick harris
Lost Ones
Mayor Gerard Rabelink showed last autumn sprint races of the club shut down, because safety could not be guaranteed and there were complaints about noise. After consultation with the club now Rabelink gets license to party, stay in the air and keeping an agility wedsrijd engines. The Delta Street will be closed Saturday Sept. 10.
Clarence Clemons
Lady Gaga the next song, the hair, the function E Street Band saxophonist Lady Gaga just released the Clarence Clemons been born to the edge of the glory of the coming track. She made a debut next week .. "This is really interesting, because it is a great dance record of the saxophone," quack told Radio ž about -100 "hair." But the difference is enthusiastic about the United Nations preaching "the edge of glory," "Fat" has been spent as Gagz news songs.

When Rolling Stone got an early listen to the song, they describe as "another inspirational song" fat "Die Born this Way ', but it is a bit weird, a mixture of longing, Dr. Pat Benatar's' We are' romantic Scenarios hard time breaking the metal side of industrial Nine Inch Nails. "(Dr. Pat Benatar's" We Belong? "We can only hope, in the hope of the orbital characteristics of both a saxophone solo and A creepy Children's Choir.)

Gaga share of the "hair" a few lines earlier this year with Ryan Seacrest radio interview, read the lyrics: "This is my prayer, I will die my hair as free life." (This The wig is usually hidden under a complex, right?)
The U.S. House approved a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open through next week, although President Barack Obama said he would veto the measure and a shutdown still looms. The measure, passed 247-181, would cut another $12 billion in spending this year and fund the Pentagon at current levels through Sept. 30. Bloomberg's Peter Cook reports.
Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris will return to host the Tony Award for the second time on June 12, CBS announced Tuesday.

Actor, the network sitcom "I Met Your Mother, " hosted the 2009 show's star.

In addition to formal confirmation of the role of water - his name has been rumored for several days - several programming network confirmed the date of the summer. Among the highlights:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Zealand: 5.2 Earthquake Damage Christchurch

(Pakistan Times) A ​​powerful earthquake disrupted a series of earthquake-prone city of Christchurch, New Zealand on Monday, destroying buildings and sent boulders tumbling down the slope. Six people were slightly injured. New Zealand Institute for the strongest geomagnetic quake 6.0 in 14:20 (pm 10:20 ET) scale. United States Geological Survey, it is also linked to 6.0 - and four miles east of the epicenter southeast of the city at a depth of 5.6 miles.
new zealand earthquake

The four 4.3 earthquake, recorded in 0029 seconds.

Shopping malls and office buildings were evacuated throughout the city, it is still trying to recover after a magnitude 6.3 earthquake killed 181 people and causing extensive damage almost four months.

Building collapse in the city center, minor damage, but because of the earthquake before the impact of the building, Christchurch police spokesman 史蒂芬希尔 told Reuters.

"Construction has been checked, and get all clear," Hill said, which means that no one trapped inside. St John Ambulance Service said six people had been taken to hospital moderately serious injuries, all caused by falling building materials.

As the initial earthquake, aftershocks Monday, the city's port sent boulders tumbling mountains of housing. Part of the eastern city, in February suffered the most damaging earthquakes, floods and liquefaction from - a solid into a liquid into the ground by the earthquake force. Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city on Monday, suffered several strong aftershocks, the earthquake caused further damage has been serious damage to the city.

Geonet earthquake scientific cooperation between the Commission and GNS, reported a 5.5 magnitude earthquake about 10 km east in 0100 and the second city, 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit about nine minutes after the second hit. Followed by a further 6.0 aftershock at 0220 seconds.

Christchurch has two large earthquakes hit recently, the first time in September 4 and February 22 the second. In the second earthquake killed more than 180 people, destroyed the city and thousands homeless. Earthquake fault line in the following is considered to be of any aftershock.

Canterbury Police District communications manager Stephen Hill said the police so far have any major reports of casualties. "Police are now involved in a number of events around the city," he said. He said many roads and bridges were closed, there have been reports rock waterfall. Team New Zealand spokesman said the fire, to participate in telephone and aftershocks have killed over a new "liquefaction, floods, power lines, and fallen debris, sewage and water pipes burst." She said, at least two people were taken from a collapsed buildings rescued.

New Zealand a press fell against the U.S. dollar fell to U.S. $ 0.8141 $ 0.8215 before the aftershocks, as investors in New Zealand's tentative economic recovery, concerns about the negative impact. The Government estimates that the earthquake reconstruction efforts from the first two will cost about NZ $ 15,000,000,000. New Zealand dollar against the U.S. $ 0.8135 at 0244 GMT trading time. The mayor said the more severely damaged masonry fell to Christchurch Cathedral, hold up a large cloud of dust.

Fire Department spokesman Dan Coward said they were overwhelmed about the Tube phone. He added that many people are "crazy", by the latest jolt.

People will participate in a hearing in February, the inquiry reported that the earthquake victims from Catton Park bolted function center, Monday's earthquake. Others fled the Canterbury University and Riccarton Westfield Shopping Centre, also suffered serious damage to buildings in February. Canterbury law student Jennifer Jones was in the library on the second floor, when the earthquake struck.

"This is not a bad start, but all the books, and then took off. You have 11 floors above you, so we quickly got off the shelf," she told the news site of things. Collapsed buildings after the earthquake on Monday in Central Christchurch, New Zealand, a strong shock the second largest city, but no one was trapped inside, police said. There was a fall in central Christchurch, still from a deadly 6.3 magnitude earthquake leveled the city in February, more and more people are trapped in recovery, I believe in the structure of the report.

"We have checked the collapsed building, all this clearly," a police spokesman told AFP. The size of the building is not known. 5.2 earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand, playing in the Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey report, causing some damage and minor injuries.
The earthquake was concentrated in a further five miles to 6.8 miles east of Christchurch, South East, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
"This is a very exciting ride," Acting Police Inspector Christchurch Manchester United Saleh told CNN, adding that there was no earthquake and a few life-threatening injuries causing some damage. "Than the other nerves, the impact seems to be secondary," he said.
Monday's earthquake, nearly four months of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the same area, killing more than 150 people.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What should we do at Child Labour Day 12 june

child labour 2011World Anti Child Labour Day, began in Accra yesterday, the theme is: "Warning! Children in hazardous work: the end of child labor"
Retired CHRAJ Commissioner, Mr. Emile Short, the President is defined as the work of this program, deprived them of their childhood, the potential and dignity, which is harmful to physical, spiritual and intellectual development of children in child labor.
In order to effectively combat the worst forms of child labor scouge and the shortest period of time to eliminate, said Mr. Short, Ghana to participate on the Child Labour (ILO / IPEC) program to eliminate the ILO signed a memorandum of understanding and the International Labour Organization 2000 (MOU).

This, he said, followed by ratification of ILO Convention No. of child labor (WFCL), thereby eliminating the worst forms of 182, committed to the establishment of effective and time-bound measures to solve this problem.

He pointed out that the World Day against Child Labour provides an opportunity to gain further support for individual government and the ILO's social partners (employers and workers organizations), civil society and other people, including schools, youth and women's groups and the media in the campaign against child labor .

The Deputy Minister of Information, Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa noted that in 2003 Ghana Child Labour Survey (GCLS 2003) of Ghana, the 636 million children aged 5 to 17 years old, 2.47 billion dollars (nearly 40, with an estimated population of the age of statistical services per group) were engaged in economic activities classified some 127 million one of the activities of child labor and child labor million of these under 13 years of age.

He said it was time to fight child labor, and take in the view of our national policy.
childlabour pakistan
In his keynote speech, Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Welfare. Mr. Antwi Boasiako - Sekyere that the estimated number of children involved in child labor and their contacts, such as physical, psychological or s*xual abuse. Today, the country will wish to comply with the 10th World Day Against Child Labour, in the next five years to eliminate the most harmful forms of child labor.

This year's theme is "Children in hazardous work WARNING:! End child labor", the day will be observed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment-led organizations.

Relevant ministries, the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNICEF, Save the Children, Manusher Jonno Foundation, Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum, Together with working children and will abide by the day.

Organizations, on the eve of Labour Day, held in the city yesterday at the National Press Club social news conference.

"The Government is determined to solve the 2016 Worst Forms of hope and danger, this time to achieve goals, said:" Abdur Razzaque, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Labour introduced the keynote paper.

He said: "The government has hired a plan of action developed and implemented national attempt to eradicate child labor policy to eliminate harmful forms of child labor, especially its consultants."
child labour india
ILO Director-General Juan Somavia, in a message on the occasion, called for renewed efforts to ensure that less than the minimum age for employment in the education of all children, not exposed to harmful work, and to strengthen workplace safety and health of workers system. Jamaica will join the World Anti Child Labour Day observed tomorrow, Sunday, June 12th in the world.

As the International Labour Organization (ILO) continued to drive to eradicate the worst forms of child labor, this day will be observed under the theme of 'children in hazardous work'.

Child labor, child abuse in the form of child to do any work, mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to them, interfere with their studies.

To attend the Ministry of Labour and Social Security June 10 press conference, Minister Pearnel Charles said that in the past decade has been focused on child labor has increased dramatically.
child labour pakistan
He said the government has the full support of child units, and added: "We are committed to protecting children and law enforcement law according to the law."

"We do recognize that many of our children face the harsh environment, so through the promotion through health and education (path) program, the government extended the last financial year, 38 billion dollars, 4.2 billion. In addition, we have been supported by A number of special education programs for young people, "he said.

Mr. Charles pointed out that children are the future, so try to participate in the work of children, which would interfere with their education and development should be resisted. Child poverty and family working in mines, said the most common cause of the disintegration of two children in Bolivia, UNICEF Protection Officer Sandra Reilly Ya Nuolei. Government of Bolivia and UNICEF's support, recently announced new measures to prevent the exploitation of child labor.
child labour punishment

"Money is for children who regularly attend school. This is a contribution to family income to pay for educational materials, indirect costs of preventing child labor," she explained.

Even so, Augustine can not imagine not my future - its source of income, he knows best. "In some years, there have been a lot of tourists, so we can do a lot of money. For example, one day we can run two or three travel."
child labour
He added: "If you're a doctor, you can get sick, they do not how much money in Bolivia. And teachers - there are various rules holding them back. But I, if I put some of my trip, I can do a lot of money. "

For Augustine and San Diego, in my life is still the opportunity before now. As the afternoon wore on, Santiago heard the call and pushed into the mine, the metal car back again. Children over the age of 15 may not work at night or work of any industrial or hazardous employment. It is also a child for the crime of indecent assault or immoral purposes.

The children's registry, and child shares in the joint statement the Ministry of Labour, recently said it was to remind the public, people who knew or suspected child abuse cases, including child labor, who do not make a report the registry, you can receive $ 500,000, or six months, or both imprisonment.

unicef childlabour factsJamaica, together with forces of other countries in the world to mark today's World Day Against Child Labour Child Labour on June 12 ... more than 20 crore children are still engaged in child labor. More than half of them facing the worst forms of child labor. Although India already has the largest number of suspected child the difference, which is a global disaster. Asia-Pacific accounted for 41 of all child accounts, followed by Africa and Latin America 33 percent and eight percent. Child labor exists in the United States and parts of Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Push factors include extreme poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness, parents, credulity and the United Nations child-friendly attitude in the community and some social and cultural discrimination, gender bias, denial of legal protection and development of thin epitaxial interests. Absence or lack of educational facilities, the country's inadequate capacity to deal effectively with such floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, drought and famine, there are other reasons. Such as deforestation, mining and displacement disasters are primarily responsible for the development of children falling prey to child labor.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Punjab look to buy training, South Korea Seoul

Lahore, may soon see the railway system, the South Korean train operation. Visit the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman of  told the Korea Times, the owner, the city plans to import the rail of Korea (rail) engine, and possibly sign an agreement to purchase state-owned railways.

"The initial investment to be very small, and if we buy motorcycles, and will cost about $ 600 million. And will grow to a large extent." Railway deal will take some time to reach the owner and his counterparts from South Korea in the talks, at the present time only.

Malik is the end of the five-day visit to South Korea on Thursday as part of tourism, South Korea, China and Vietnam. And visited the factory in Gyeonggi Province, Korea and the railway officials of the company.

Another purpose of his visit is to promote more bilateral trade between Pakistan and North Korea. The owner of that trade, including imports and exports fell to 865 million 755 million in 2009.2010.

The owner, it is the most important business interests, Rice expressed the hope that the export of rice to South Korea. He said the South Korean government in September, received Rice, Rice try to exporters and the allocation of import quotas would like Lahore and non-tender long grain fragrant rice.

Malik said he was from South Korean companies to invest directly in Lahore, light engineering sector of the energy industry, food industries and markets are looking for. One example is a river in Punjab province, and small hydroelectric energy projects.

And warned in a bleak future 'faced by NATO, the U.S. Defence Secretary

 Issued U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, a fierce attack on the complacency European Defence, claiming that NATO has become a "two levels" that the EU was ready to go to war, and those who only "speak" and peace-keeping involved.
nato bleak future

In statements issued to him and the Ministry of Defence in the past five years, and the first two nights of warning the U.S. president, Gates said that the retreat of Washington's commitment to European security may indicate the presence of alliance 60 years) died. Three weeks ago in Brussels as a retirement farewell speech, the Minister of Defense, Gates and full of anger and European defense spending cuts, inefficiency and poor planning for contempt, and read the Riot Act and the majority of European elite.

Facing NATO, "a bleak, that were not the worst," In the future, commissioned by the "collective military is irrelevant," said Gates, the first warning that NATO in stoppage time, a new life, and the leaders of the United States is likely to give young an important pillar of transatlantic security was established in 1949.

"If the decline in European defense capabilities to reduce, and not the opposite of current trends, the future political leadership of America - those who have not been the formation of the experience of the Cold War, which for me is - may not be considered by NATO and the United States the cost of the return on investment" . He criticized the bombing in Europe against Gaddafi in Libya, to tell the Europeans forget to troops from Afghanistan in a piecemeal manner, any idea, and said that the new factors that raise the big question for the survival of NATO is a "political and economic development in the American environment."

"In the history of the most powerful military alliance is one of only 11 weeks to run the system a weak armed, a country with low population density," said Gates, the Libyan campaign, led by Britain and France. "Request that many of its allies started in the short term of ammunition, and the United States, once again, to compensate for this difference."

The share of U.S. military spending of NATO to 75%, much higher than it was at the height of the Cold War, when Washington was to keep thousands of U.S. troops in Europe, and hundreds of people. The U.S. taxpayer does not bear much longer - the U.S. Congress and "a large group of the American political system" to resist consumer ", and it seems that the State is ready and eager to American taxpayers to shoulder the burden of increased security on behalf of the funds left behind more and more valuable cut the defense budget in Europe ".

Has become a NATO was "ready and able to pay between prices and the burden of obligations, and those who like to join the interests of NATO, but do not want to participate in the risks and costs," the fall of the wrath of Gates.

Referring to the 20 years of age his growth in the United States President Barack Obama, Gates said that Washington was to ensure security, embodied in Europe, NATO, and owing to the changing generations disappear.

"I'm the last of the U.S. government, which is the product of the Cold War, said senior leaders," former president of the Central Intelligence Agency. Colleagues in the "historical and emotional attachment" to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is "old."

"You have in the new Congress, which is probably old enough for my children or grandchildren a lot." Generational change, economic hardship and Europe refuse to feed the private security responsibilities to the lower North Atlantic Treaty Organization, you may end.

He said: "Over the past 20 years can not continue to drift," Gates said. "In the past, and I'm concerned about NATO to the two-tier public: One of the members of the 'soft' development, humanitarian, and maintenance and professional duty to speak, those who were" difficult combat missions "... this is no longer a source of concern hypothetical. We have today, This is unacceptable. "He said in March, had voted in all Member States of NATO in the 28 countries for the benefit of the Libyan delegation. "Less than half of the participants were willing to participate in the strike of the task of third less," he said. "Frankly, those who sit on the sidelines of many allies do not do it because they do not want to participate, but because they can not.'s Military capability does not exist."
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

American Idol : Kelly Clarkson with Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean and guest rapper Ludacris will be closed Wednesday night's CMT Music Awards. The duo will perform in the show in Nashville, Aldean's hit, "Dirt Road Anthem," the new version.

"I've been a long time fan of the LD, so it was really cool to work with his 'dirt road' mix, and then perform the CMT Music Awards together," Aldean, 34, told Us Weekly.

"He absolutely killed his verse song," national star added. "We are both Georgia boy, so even though our music is totally different, our roots are the same. We all know the hot summer, the two six packs of the cooling Georgia. In fact, not so much an extension." Ludacris. Jason Aldean. A complete stand up on stage waving his hands in the air. The author's CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night (June 8) is closed in two and a half hour program is one of the most compelling moments, as a veteran rapper joined the country's borders to implement one to perform for the "dirt road anthem," a story song and rap backroads flagrant namechecks George Jones. Jason Aldean's trophy shelf is almost empty, just waiting for a statue from the music industry, many of the awards given to organizations.
Kelly Clarkson Back to 'American Idol' implementation and Jason Aldean
And he felt tired. Aldean won the Academy Award for Top New Male Artist Country Music in 2006, but since then, nothing. This week may change. With four nominations, he led to Wednesday, June 8 in the CMT Music Awards, which air live from the Bridgestone Arena will be nominated in 7 people in the CMT package.

"People ask me which one I want to win. I thought, 'I do not care. They've got the coolest trophy of any awards show. I just want a'" Aldean said of his concerts in between the tour bus Tel. "I just want people to vote." "American Idol" first, Kelly Clarkson, returned to her career that started last night. With the country star Jason Aldean, loud Clarkson hit duet "Do not you want to stay," proves why she has been the most successful "Idol" alumni one.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alpine fire : Arizona what should the fire do

fire arizonaAll but the road is closed here, and the police are led by people evacuated and headed west, Phoenix, and not to Albuquerque, where strong winds are blowing smoke.

Chlarson Sue and her husband spent several days collecting their homes in the south of Eagar, would be consumed if one of the first fire he turned to the city. He said those who remain have been lost.

"Your property is important, but your life is more important,''she said." What all those who depend on you? Stay right for them?

To prevent this from happening again, Trammell and his crew will work to prevent floods and to repair the damage, including the use of sandbags and dikes to control the flood waters are expected, when the monsoon starts in July .

"We'll see a lot of flooding in this area, like Flagstaff," said Trammell.

He said public donations and volunteer efforts will be crucial for the recovery of the Alps and other communities to run, but only after the fire is contained and the authorities to proceed to other stages of their response.

donations orientation is only part of the state Emergency Operations Center is in charge during emergencies. "No community has the ability to manage the incident," said Trammell. "When the collective effort of all jurisdictions, there is nothing we can not respond properly ... he Wallow Fire in eastern Arizona, began nine days ago as a small strip, where forests have been closed and winds were gusting to 60 km / h in a massive fire in the East .. Arizona continues to burn out of control Monday, charring nearly 78,000 ha and the bait-dry forest land with no end in sight, fire officials said.
arizona fire
Given the strong winds and low humidity, an army of more than 2,300 firefighters battled a raging fire, forcing the evacuation of two small mountain communities and four other area subdivisions, authorities said.

The weather conditions were hindering efforts to fight against the fire, with gusts up to 72 km / h).

"We have not yet turned the corner," said Eric Neitzel, a fire information officer.

Wallow Fire call, about 400 miles north-east of Phoenix, Arizona, near the Mexico-New is the third largest fire ever recorded in Arizona.

Fire crews from across the country are expected to concentrate their efforts on the east side of the protection against fire Luna, New Mexico, and Alpine and Nutrioso, Arizona.

Smoke from fires has spread to New Mexico and parts of Colorado.
alpine fire
Also in Arizona, about 1,000 firefighters have a fire burning more important control in the southeastern part of the fire burning in eastern Arizona state.A mass was still burning out of control Monday near 78 000 ha of forest carbonization land of dry bones with no end in sight, fire officials said. Given the strong winds and low humidity, an army of more than 2,300 firefighters battled a raging fire, forcing the evacuation of two small mountain communities and four other area subdivisions, authorities said.

The weather conditions were hindering efforts to fight against the fire, with gusts to 45 mph (72 kph).

"We have not a corner," said Eric Neitzel, fire information officer.

Wallow fire call in the northeast about 250 miles (400 km) from Phoenix Arizona, near the Mexico-New is the third largest fire ever recorded in Arizona. Firefighters across the country are expected to concentrate their efforts on the east side of the Moon Fire Protection, New Mexico, and the Alps and Nutrioso, Arizona. Smoke from the fire spread in New Mexico and parts of Colorado.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jackie Evancho 2011: Dream with me

 Jackie Evancho Youtube: jackie evancho's videos are present on the youtube. People are thinking about the jackie evancho voice and the upcoming shows

Since her Susan Boyle moment on last year’s America’s Got Talent, 11-year-old Jackie Evancho (who eventually came second) has become one of Simon Cowell’s hottest new voices. But, as she tells Kate Bussmann, her boss won’t be calling all the shots Jackie Evancho is seeing another dream come true.

jackierobinson dream with me
The little girl from Richland who wowed the world last summer as she sang opera on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” will perform with the Pittsburgh Opera.
Jackie evancho twitterjackie evancho is also present on the twitter she has a nice photo and her Bio is "Jackie Evancho, the tiny child with the extraordinarily big voice and perfect pitch, will release her Syco/Columbia Records CD/DVD debut"
Pittsburgh Opera General Director Christopher Hahn announced the company will present the 11-year-old singing sensation in concert at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 16, at the Benedum Center as part of a festive weekend that begins with Pittsburgh Opera’s season-opening performance of Verdi’s “La Traviata” on Oct. 15.
jackie evancho twitter
“I am so excited to be singing with Pittsburgh Opera," said Evancho, a Richland Township resident. "I've always dreamed of singing with a real opera company, right here at home, and now that dream is coming true." Jackie Evancho: Dream With Me in Concert -- Jackie Evancho's solo concert supports her first full-length album, “Dream With Me.” We said it the last time Jackie Evancho performed publicly, at Oprah Winfrey's farewell: It's hard to fathom such a big (and polished) voice coming from such a small girl. Ronan probably doesn't need to worry too much about the loss, though. Finishing second seems to have worked out pretty well for Jackie Evancho. Jackie Evancho performed Nessun Dorma on final show Jackie Evancho took to the Britain’s Got Talent stage tonight, to give an astounding performance of Nessun Dorma.
Dream with me
The eleven year old singer shot to fame when she finished in second on last year’s season of America’s Got Talent. She was so amazing on that series that at one stage show bosses were forced to ask her to sing a quick vocal exercise on the live semi final, to prove to viewers that her previous performance had not been mimed.
jackie evancho website: The jackie evancho has also have a website that is on her name mostly people of uk and USA are visiting  jackie evancho website.


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