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Monday, September 27, 2010

Adult Video Sharing List Leaked

The personal details of thousands of Sky broadband clients have been leaked out on to the internet, alongside a list of pornographic movies they are said to have shared online.

Details the full names and addresses of over 5,300 people thought by law firm ACS. Law to be illegally sharing lustful films.

It appeared online following an attack on the ACS. Law website.

The UK Information Commissioner said it would investigate the leak.

Privacy expert Simon Davis has called it " one of the worst breaches " of the Data Protection Act he had ever seen.
The documents appeared online after users of the message-board 4chan attacked ACS:Law's site in retaliation for its anti-piracy efforts.

The firm has made a business out of sending 1000 of letters to alleged net pirates, asking them to pay compensation of about £500 per violation or face court.

It uses third party firms to scrub the net looking for possible violations of music and film copyright.

Armed with IP addresses   which can discover the internet connection used in any copyright violation. Its lawyers can then apply for a court order to get the physical address of the PC from the service provider whose network has allegedly been used for the file-sharing.

The  investigation in August found a number of people expressing they were wrongly charged by ACS  Law of illegal file-sharing. UK consumer grouping Which? says it has also received a number of complaints. Many contest that IP addresses can be spoofed.

ACS  Law is below investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority over its role in sending letters to alleged pirates.
The leak contains around one thousand confidential e-mails , along with the list , which was an attachment on one of the messages.

The collection was then uploaded to file sharing site, The Pirate Baywhere it is being shared by hundreds of users.

The private e-mails include personal agreement between Andrew Crossley who runs ACS. Law - and work colleagues, as well as lists of potential file-sharers and information on how much the firm has made through its anti file sharing actions.

While some of the e mails, detailing the internal working of the company, may prove embarrassing, the leaking of an unencrypted document - that lists the personal details of more than 5,300 BSkyB Broadband subscribers alongside a list of adult videos they may have downloaded and shared online - could be a breach of the Data Protection Act.

 Mr Crossley said there were "legal issues" surrounding the leak.

We were the matter of a criminal attack to our systems. The business has and remains intact and is continuing to trade.

Mr Crossley said he would not comment directly on the contents of individual e-mails.
Simon Davis, from the watchdog Privacy International, said he would be demanding the Information Commissioner to "conduct a full investigation" and hoped it would be "a test case of the Information Commissioner's new powers".

You rarely find an expression where almost every expression of the Data Protection Act (DPA) has been breached, but this is one of them.

It fits perfectly for the term 'egregious misuse' of personal data.

A representative for the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) told that it " takes all breaches of the DPA very seriously ".

"Any organisation processing personal data must ensure that it is kept safe and secure.

"The ICO will be contacting ACS:Law to establish further facts of the case and to identify what action, if any, needs to be taken."

BSkyB is yet to make an official argument on the matter, but said it was investigating the breach.

The attack on ACS. Law is the current in a number of high-profile attacks by piracy activists.

Last week, hackers temporarily knocked out the websites of the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The attacks were declared on notorious message-board 4chan and were reportedly in retaliation for anti-piracy efforts against file-sharing websites.

Users of 4chan are known for online activism and direct action. "Operation Payback", as it was known, was reportedly revenge for the MPAA and RIAA's action against The Pirate Bay.

The group has declared it will continue to target other sites involved in anti online piracy activity.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Terry Newton Rugby Player Found Dead

The  Super Britain rugby league player Terry Newton has been found dead at a house in Greater Manchester.

The 31years old is seen to have been found hanged at a house in Orrell, near Wigan, on Sunday afternoon.

In February, the hooker was given a two year suspension by the British Anti Doping Agency after testing positive for a human growth hormone.

The former Leeds, Wigan and Bradford player then had his playing contract cancelled by Wakefield.

Shortly after 2pm on Sunday 26 September 2010, police were called to a house on Harswell Close in Orrell, Wigan, following a report of concern for welfare," a Greater Manchester Police spokesman said.

Officers went to the address and got the body of a 31-year-old man.

Inquiries have been launched, but there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.
Newton tested positive for the banned substance on 24 November 2009, after being asked to provide a blood sample during pre-season training with Wakefield.

He was believed to be one of the first athletes in the world to test positive for HGH.
In June, he spoke to BBC Radio 5 live about his hopes to return to the game after his ban, which he hoped to get reduced by the agency.
Initially it didn't bother me that I wasn't playing rugby but now watching games it is starting to sink in," he said.

I have made one of the biggest mistakes of my life and I know it is something I will regret for the rest of my life.

Newton made 15 international appearances for Super Britain in a career spanning all 15 seasons of the Super League.

The Rugby Football League has issued a statement expressing its sadness at Newton's death.

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the news of Terry untimely death, RFL chairman Richard Lewis.

This is a personal tragedy and our thoughts are with Terry's partner, his children and his family at this terrible time.

Tributes have already started appearing on a page set up in his memory on the social networking website, Facebook.

Afghan Soldiers Got Bravery Medals

Two soldiers who dived into a freezing canal to save a comrade injured by a Taliban bomb are to receive the Queen's Commendation for bravery. 22 years old Second Lieutenant Connor Maxwell and 23 years old Rifleman Daniel Nickson both served with 3rd Battalion the Rifles.The Ministry of Defense has described their heroics for the first time. 
Afghan Soldiers Got Bravery Medals

Details of some of the other 131 medallions in the Operational Awards List were released on Friday. Most of the honours announced by the (modernist) MoD, which are to be awarded by senior royals at a later date, are going to soldiers from 11 Light Brigade - the UK's lead formation in Afghanistan.Nine of the awards, for service between October 2009 and April this year, are to be given posthumously.The Ministry of Defence said Lt Maxwell and Rifleman Nickson pulled the unconscious soldier from fast-flowing 3ft-deep water on 15 December last year, enabling him to receive medical treatment.Rfn Nickson was praised for his courage and selflessness in risking his own life.Lt Maxwell also saved the life of a serviceman who was wounded by an improvised explosive device while training on the firing ranges at Nato's Camp Bastion base in Helmand.Details of two other awards have also been issued.Acting Corporal Andrew Wardle, 22, of 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment, receives the Military Cross for selfless and repeated acts of precious gallantry in the face of the enemy.
On one occasion, he fought off a Taliban attack after suffering concussion when he was knocked to the ground by a rocket-propelled grenade. Cpl Wardle, from Hetton-le-Hole, Sunderland, who was involved in mentoring Afghan soldiers, later ran 50m across open ground to rescue an injured Afghan child.

Warrant Officer Class 2 Patrick Hyde, 34, of 4th Battalion the Rifles, is to receive a Mention in Despatches for exemplary gallantry during a six-month tour in Afghanistan.

The MoD said his vehicle was targeted six times by explosions.WO2 Hyde, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, also oversaw the medical evacuation of 10 members of his company and four wounded Afghan children.His citation described his selfless commitment and fearlessness in the face of continued attack as an inspiration.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Picabo Street As an Olympic Skier

 Picabo Street----  as an Olympic skier who won a gold medal.
She's become both an Alabama resident and an Alabama fan since {marrying|getting hitched with} an Alabama man and moving here. So it was no surprise that, when Fowler {asked|demanded} her to get the Alabama Arkansas game, she said, I am going with Bama. Roll Tide.
She also picked {South|Southern} Carolina to beat Auburn.  Georgia Tech over N.C. State.. Stanford over Notre Dame.. Oregon over Arizona State.. Cal over Arizona; LSU over West Virginia.. Mississippi State over Georgia; and Boise State over Oregon State.

Why did ESPN choose a famous skier as its guest picker from Boise? Because Street is an Idaho native and her brother Roland -- everybody knows him as "Baba," she told me by phone after the show -played football at Boise State.

"I may be drinking a bit of the crimson Kool-Aid down there (in Alabama)," she said on the show, "but I still bleed blue."

Street earned a distinction as the "GameDay" guest. As Fowler said on the show, she was "the first guest picker picking for two." She told the world that she's pregnant with her fourth son.

But her friends and neighbors already knew that.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's UN speech and Obama's Views

The US President Barack Obama has described as hateful and offensive the claim by President of Iran  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that most people think the US administration was behind the 9/11 attacks.

Mr. Obama was speaking exclusively to BBC Persian television, which broadcasts to Iran and Afghanistan.

Mr Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN General Assembly on Thursday trigger a walkout.He later supported his remarks and called for an inquiry into the attacks.I did not pass judgment, but do not you sense that the time has come to have a fact-finding committee? Mr Ahmadinejad..

The fact finding mission can drop light on who the perpetrators were, who is al-Qaeda. where does it exist? Who was it backed by and supported? All these should come to light.
In his speech at the UN, the Iranian leader suggested the US administration could have organized the attack to reverse the declining American economy, and its grips on the Middle East, in order to save the Zionist regime. Mr Ahmadinejad ordinarily refers to Israel as the Zionist regime.

Mr Obama said it was inexcusable to make such remarks in New York itself, where most of the victims of 9/11 died.

But despite his condemnation, the US president reaffirmed America's commitment to reach out to the people of Iran, who he said had a very different response to 9/11.

There were candlelight vigils and I think a natural sense of shared humanity and sympathy was expressed within Iran. It just shows once again the difference between how the Iranian leadership and this regime operates and how I think the vast majority of the Iranian people, who are respectful and thoughtful, think about these issues.

This was in stark contrast to Mr Ahmadinejad's comments at the UN, the US president said.
It was offensive. It was hateful. And particularly for him to make the statement here in Manhattan, just a little north of Ground Zero, where families lost their loved ones. People of all faiths, all ethnicities who see this as the seminal tragedy of this generation. For him to make a statement like that was inexcusable," Mr Obama said.

Nearly 3,000 people died on 11 September 2001 when hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, the Pentagon near Washington and a field in Pennsylvania.

In the interview, Mr Obama also said Afghanistan would not be abandoned, even if the US began cutting its forces there next summer after an extra 30,000 soldiers were deployed earlier this year.

Now we're seeing Afghan Security Forces trained. We're seeing Afghan police trained. We've got a very effective civilian effort there in order to help build infrastructure and improve the day-to-day lives within Afghanistan. Obama Said

Starting in July 2011, we'll begin to draw down those additional troops, but we're not going to suddenly leave, turn off the lights, and go home on that date.

Relations between Iran and the US have been strained over Tehran's controversial nuclear activities.

The US fears Irani uranium enrichment program is a cover to build atomic weapons, a charge Iranian officials deny.

Mr Obama supported the international sanctions regime against Iran, including new measures adopted by the UN earlier this year.

This is not a matter of us choosing to impose punishment on the Iranians," he told the BBC. "This is a matter of the Iranian administration ultimately betraying the interests of its own people by isolating it further.
And he pointed out that countries such as Russia and China had also backed the UN sanctions.

Most of these sanctions are targeted at the regime, at its military, and we think that over time, hopefully, there's enough reflection within the Iranian administration, that they say to themselves, you know, 'This is not the best course for our people. This is not the best course for Iran.

Meanwhile, an Iranian official may meet a representative of the major powers next month to discuss the nuclear standoff, Mr Ahmadinejad said on Friday at the UN.

Iran was always ready for a dialogue based on respect and justice, the Iranian president added.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Billionaire David Tepper's Interview

The Hedge fund managerand The Billionaire David Tepper, who got the highest paid manager in 2009 thanks to his bet on banking stocks at their lows in 2009, is stretching up on stocks.

Two things are going to happen. Either the economy is going to do well- and what assets will do good? Stocks. Bonds won't do so good, gold won't do so good. Or, the economy is not going to pick up and the Fed is going to come in with QE. Then what's going to do well? asks Tepper, pausing for effect Everything. Stocks bonds in the near term gold. Tepper argued that with the Fed indicating that it really wanted inflation, there was no way he could not be more long on equities. Tepper's $12  billion fund Appaloosa Management was more exposed to bonds, but has been trading more money to equities. He did say that until the Fed acts, stocks could face such downside and that he had puts in place to limit his losses.
Click Here for video
Tepper purchased bank stocks at their lows in early 2009, when most of the market was plagued with fear that banks would be nationalized. The fund manager said purchasing financial stocks was an easy call, after the Government put out a paper that said they were going to buy securities and the prices at which they purchased them. Nobody believed them, but Tepper did. Sometimes it is just that easy, he said CNBC.

Eddie Fisher Left the World at 82

This is a sad day in the music world. Because you believably have already heard Eddie Fisher has passed away. As I am typing these lyric I am having trouble describing how much his music means to me as a fan, and how much I know it means to countless other people out there who are devastated later hearing the tragic news.

The smooth sound of ‘Wish You Were Here’ is flowing over my room, and although I’ve listened to it a grand times, this time, the words mean something different, they mean so much more.

Instead on focusing on his death, I’ve decided to focus on his life for the rest of this article. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, you may be wondering, who is Eddie Fisher?
As a life, he was born on August 10, 1928 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His family gave him the nickname ‘Sonny Boy’. He discovered his talent for singing at a very young age and entered many amateur contests, and it is no surprise that more much than not he won. Before he even achieved the age of 18 he new exactly what he wanted to do with his life, at least professionally speaking. During the second semester of his senior year in high school he dropped out to follow his dream of becoming a famous musician. Cleary this worked out for him because not only did he sell millions of records, but he also had his own television program.

CIA Works Cover Afghan Force

CIA Works Cover Afghan Force---------------  KABUL ,  official in Washington confirmed news reports that the CIA is running an all Afghan paramilitary  in Afghanistan that has been hunting Al Qaeda, Taliban, and other war-ridden targets for the agency.

--- A security professional in Kabul familiar with the operation said the 3,000 strong force was set up in 2002 to capture targets for CIA inquiry. A former U.S. intelligence official said members of the covert Afghan force are used for surveillance and long-range reconnaissance and some have trained at CIA facilities in the United States.

The sources spoke Wednesday on condition of anonymity to discuss matters of intelligence.

The force, called the Counterterrorist Pursuit Team, was described in a new book by Bob Woodward, Obama's Wars. The paramilitary organisations, planned after U.S. commando teams, operate in violence-wracked provinces including Kandahar, Khost, Paktia and Paktika, as well as the capital, Kabul, the security professional said.
Woodward also reports the units conduct covert operations inside connected Pakistan's lawless border areas as part of a campaign against Al Qaeda and Taliban harbors there. Pakistan does not permit U.S. special operations forces to enter the area, except for limited training missions. The alleged use of Afghan paramilitaries to carry out spying activities will likely inflame already frayed political relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
We do not allow any external troops or militia to operate on our side of the border, said Pakistani army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas. There are no reports of any such incident, and, should it happen in future, they will be fired upon by our troops.

The U.S. military, including special operations forces, has been working with the CIA in an intensified crackdown against militants on both sides of the Afghan and Pakistan border. Drone strikes run by the CIA are at their highest level yet against Afghan Taliban, Haqqani and Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan, while U.S. special operations forces have been staging combined raids with Afghan army special forces against the midlevel leadership that operates on the Afghan side.

It is unclear whether the CIA-run Afghan paramilitary units also work alongside U.S. special operations forces, but the security professional said the units do coordinate their operations with NATO.

The former official said the Afghan force became the focus of an internal turf battle last year between CIA and military officials over who would control its operations. The CIA remained the lead agency, the former official said.

The U.S. official said the force is highly trained and its raids have made "major contributions to stability and security."

The force's Kandahar branch was accused of killing the Kandahar police chief in 2009 over a dispute when one of its own members was arrested. The U.S. official said the incident had been  reviewed fully.
The official added that the incident was "not typical" of the force and that the paramilitaries were reacting to what they viewed as the "unfair arrest of one their people by one of their rivals.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Israel Raid on Gaza

Israel military broke international laws during a raid on a Gaza bound aid flotilla, UN Human Rights Council  says. Its report said the action by rangers, which left nine dead, was disproportionate and betrayed an unacceptable level of brutality.
Israel Raid on Gaza bound aid flotilla
It said there was clear evidence to support prosecutions against Israel for wilful killing. Israel refused the report as biased and one-sided.

It insists its soldiers acted in self-defence during the 31 May raid. Nine Turkish pro Palestinian activists were killed and many others injured after Israeli commandos boarded the six-ship convoy as it tried to breach an Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.

The convoy's passengers were stayed and later deported by Israel. There was overall international criticism of Israel's actions, which seriously strained relations with its longtime Muslim ally, Turkey.
In a 56-page report, the UN panel of three international lawyers said: There is clear evidence to support prosecutions of the following crimes within the terms of article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention: wilful killing; torture or inhuman treatment; wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health.
The Convening is an international treaty governing the protection of civilians in times of war.The UN fact-finding mission also said the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory was "unlawful" because of a humanitarian crisis there.The panel had interviewed more than 100 witnesses in Britain, Jordan, Switzerland Turkey, but not in Israel. Earlier the report was released, Israel ignored the Human Rights Council as being biased, politicised and extremist.

After the findings were published, it said the report was "as biased and as one-sided as the body that has produced it".

Israel  is of the opinion that the flotilla incident is amply and sufficiently inquired as it is, said the Israeli foreign ministry in a statement.
All additional dealing with this issue is unnecessary and unproductive.The Israeli government has begun its own independent inquiry into the flotilla raid, the Turkel Commission. It has two foreign observers, but critics say its remit is too narrow.

There is also a separate UN inquiry into the raid. Israel has said it will co-operate with the investigation.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what i did for love - listen lyrics- telephone lyrics

what i did for love - listen lyrics- telephone lyrics
Rachel Berry’s song ‘What I Did for Love’ lyrics and video are a hot search. We have them here so come and check it out

               Today goodbye
              The sweetness and the sorrow
              Wish me luck, the same to you
              But I can’t regret
              What I did for love, what I did for love

Lindsay Lohan in Courts

Since Lindsay Lohan failed her most recent drug test, she will almost certainly have to return to the jail from which she was released. If press reports are correct, she tested positive for both cocaine and amphetamines.

Lohan was convicted twice in 2007 of driving under the influence  and missed a court-mandated substance abuse counseling classes. That’s what prompted a judge to send her to jail in the first place.She left court-ordered substance abuse treatment early.

Now, this.

It is true, as Lohan’s public statement reads, that alcohol and drug dependence are illnesses. But even though they are illnesses, that does not mean they will necessarily lead all addicts to repeatedly break the law and show wanton disregard for the safety of others. That sort of behavior may reflect (and I have not examined Lohan in order to find out), character pathology—such as borderline personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder.

Those with borderline personality disorder crave attention, have intense and unstable interpersonal relationships and can repeatedly cry out for help, in order to manipulate the attention and feelings of others.

Those with antisocial personality disorder repeatedly break the law and have little regard for the feelings or safety of others. They’re the type of people who show up to work intoxicated and don’t much care that their behavior jeopardizes whatever they are working on, or the people on the road they drove to get to work in the first place.

It would be irrational to believe that the only thing afflicting Lohan is substance abuse. Most substance abusers don’t end up in court. They don’t snub their noses at the law. They don’t show up in court with obscenities scrawled on their fingernails.

Now, here’s the gravest possible reason all this: That Lohan and her team fully intended for it to happen. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Lohan, et. al. have assessed the California judicial system and “judged” it so broken that the most she is likely to be given is a few days here and there in jail, in exchange for millions and millions of dollars worth of attention from the media. And if that is the case, she is more like the perpetrator of the Balloon Boy hoax than Marilyn Monroe commandeering not only the media, but the California courts, and casting them in her own reality TV show, at the state’s expense, making unscripted fools of the judge, prosecutor, court officers and the rest of us.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lisa Pavin's Magazine Cover

Lisa Pavin's Magazine Cover
Lisa Pavin has risen to fame as the most high profile captain’s wife in the history of golf Ryder Cup, and she can not figure out why?

The famous wife has been recognized for getting into public claps with the media. And now she can bring the title “cover girl” to her list. This month, Lisa Pavin graces the cover of Avid Golfer wearing simply a red, white and blue sheet. The patriotic theme is followed by a super crucifix necklace.

Lisa Pavin was her husband’s assistant before they became romantically  involved. Corey Pavin has stood over for his wife: “A lot’s been said about that photograph, but to me, I thought it was done in great taste. I thought it was a beautiful picture and she’s a beautiful woman.
Lisa Pavin's Magazine Cover
While acknowledging that golfer’s wife received much attention Pavin did not think it will turn into a game at Celtic Manor future week, even if he knows Fleet Street tabloids will try everything viable to make it one.
As far as Lisa Pavin is concerned, her newfound popularity is surprising. It is called for  a life of its own but I really do not deserve this much attention, the attractive 36 year  old told Fox News. “I laugh because I think, ‘Wow, I haven’t done anything to have so many people talking about me.’”

Delhi Games Unfit Village

The Commonwealth Games Federation head has called for the Indian government take quick steps to improve conditions at the athletes village in Delhi.
Team delegates have described the accommodation as filthy, unhygienic and unfit for human habitation.
Organisers of the event, which runs from 3 to 14 October, said the facilities would be good.

Police said 23 labourers were injured as a bridge being made near the important Games venue broken.
It is the latest setback to an event plagued by building delays allegations of depravation and a dengue fever irruption in the Indian capital.
New Zealand, Scotland, Canada and Northern Ireland have called for their teams be put up in hotels if their adjustment is not ready.
Michael Fennell, the Commonwealth Games Federation  chairman said he had written to the Indian cabinet secretary inspiring immediate action.

He said "many issues remain unresolved" and the athletes' village was "seriously compromised".

Although team officials had been impressed with the world zone and main dining area, he continued, they had been "shocked" by the state of the accommodation itself.

"The village is the cornerstone of any Games and the athletes deserve the best possible environment to prepare for their competition," Mr Fennell added.

Indian media is reporting that only 18 of 34 residential towers at the village are complete.
Two days before the village officially opens to the first of 7,000 athletes and officials, New Zealand chef de mission Dave Currie suggested the Games might even be cancelled.

He said toilets in the accommodation were leaking and did not flush, and there were piles of building debris in bathrooms.

Mr Currie told New Zealand commercial radio on Tuesday: "If the village is not ready and athletes can't come, obviously the implications of that are that it's not going to happen.

"It's pretty grim really and certainly disappointing when you consider the amount of time they had to prepare."
Team Scotland said in a statement that on arrival in Delhi last week their officials found "its allocated accommodation blocks were far from finished and in their view, unsafe and unfit for human habitation".

Commonwealth Games England called for "urgent" work on the facilities, raising concerns about "plumbing, electrical and other operational details".

Australia's chef de mission, retired marathon runner Steve Moneghetti, said in Melbourne the hosts "have got two days to do what's probably going to take about two weeks".

As the row unfolded, 23 construction workers were injured, five seriously, as an elevated footbridge gave way near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, police said.

It is not clear what caused the collapse of the walkway, which was being built to link a car park to the arena, where the Games opening ceremony is to take place.
Rakesh Mehta- Delhi government's Chief Secretary-  told Indian TV the bridge was cemented earlier on Tuesday.
Lalit Bhanot, secretary general of the organising commission, said in a news conference that the athletes accommodation needed a deep cleaning, simply everything would be available on time.
Room may be clean, but the external officials may need a particular standard of cleanliness and hygienics which may differ from our measures.
We are on the job and everyone is working day and night.
All other things and all other venues are ready and in the best of condition to conduct these events.
There have also been safety concerns surrounding the Games, heightened on the weekend when gunmen shot and wounded two tourists near Delhi's Jama Masjid, one of India's biggest mosques.

MI6 History Book UK

A book detailing the first forty years of the British foreign intelligence activity service has been published.

Author Prof. Keith Jeffery was given access to the archives at MI6, which has the standard title of the Secret Intelligence Service.

Professor Jeffery said that in researching MI6  The History of the Secret  Service 1909-1949 he was provided to view all files.

He said his only restriction was not to name some traitorous agents.

Among the controversial files he was able to study was an account of MI6 agents sabotaging ships due to carry Jewish refuges to the then British Mandate of Palestine, immediately following the end of World War II.
 Professor Jeffery, from Queen's University in Belfast, said his research uncovered MI6 failures as well as successes.
He added: MI6 had a really bad start to the war but then so did every other part of the British machine, except perhaps the air force.

But, like the rest of the British war effort, it builds on its successes throughout occupied Europe and across the world where German intelligence was ruled up by MI6 successes."
Professor Jeffery told BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera it was a interesting experience to study the accounts of the real people involved with MI6.

He said: This archive is the holy grail of British archives - it is closed tight to everyone, so when I got in there, I was like a child in a sweet shop. It was a cornucopia, an extraordinary Aladdin's cave of historical materials.

It is very patchy  quite a lot of stuff has been destroyed over the years. It hasn't all survived but there are enough files there to tell the stories of the real people at the real sharp end doing real brave stuff.

The reality is actually more hard than the fiction. Because you're dealing with real people, you realise that they have their weaknesses and their strengths.

Kenny McKinley NFL Player Found Dead

 Kenny McKinley  NFL Player Found Dead @ home.
If you are a fan of NFL know as the Denver Broncos’ big receiver, was found dead on Monday.

The police forces found the player’s body after they were alarmed by a call.

The investigation is still latest but according to news reports the incident appears to be a suicide regarding the gun wound that appeared to be self inflicted.

However nothing has been made recognized yet until more evidence will be collected.

It is difficult to come up with reasons for McKinley’s tragedy but the fact that he was on reserve after a pretty severe knee wound might be one.

The incident also attracts attention to the series tragedies that affected the Denver Broncos these years. Another of their players, cornerback Darrent Williams passed in a drive by shooting in the first day of 2007.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Alaska Earthquake Info Center

The Alaska Earthquake information Center  positioned an earthquake that occurred at about 1:25 this Monday afternoon which has a exploratory magnitude of 4.9. The quake was positioned at a depth of 26 miles and centered 13 miles southwest of Anchorage, 25 miles northwest of Hope and 43 miles south of Willow.

The event was widely found across southern Alaska, with strongest shaking felt in Anchorage. Numerous individuals there reported changing furniture and items dropping off shelves. No reviews of heavy harm have been received.
History of Alaska earthquake info center (AEIC)
The Alaska earthquake info center (AEIC) was found in 1986, the center is located at the place on earth where the most earthquakes occur. The state is considered to be the most active state seismically. The Alaska earthquake information center is a type of hub that receives data about the earthquakes throughout Alaska’s sites. The center also receives info about earthquakes from the Tsunami warning center and the west coast in Palmer. The AEIC has records of the past earthquakes and an estimated twenty two thousand earthquakes come in the areas under it. The earthquake info center is used to record all the seismic activities and earthquake and it also studies the activities under earth, the center makes public warnings about earthquakes.
Anchorage was struck with an earthquake as reported by Alaska earthquake info center. The earthquake was reported to about a magnitude of 5.0. This is the second earthquake; the last earthquake was reported on the 28th of July, 2010. The earthquake was focused about fifty miles northwest from Anchorage at the depth of about thirteen miles. There are no reports of any financial or human loss due to the earthquake, the earthquake was not of a very strong magnitude that is why no deaths are expected, but there might be some other damages caused by the earthquake. According to the Alaska earthquake information center the earthquake was caused due to seismic activities under earth and a number of after shocks might also occur. The earthquake was felt at about 7:15pm.

Tyler Colvin's Video of Broken Bat

Tyler Colvin was taken to a Miami-area hospital Sunday later he was struck and impaled by the broken bat head of teammate Welington Castillo.
 Tyler Colvin's Video of Broken Bat video is here

Tyler Colvin, outfielder for the Chicago Cubs suffered a strange accident during a game against the Florida Marlins.  Colvin was getting his run to home from third base when total of a jerky the bat of Welington Castillo split sending a part of the bat towards Colvin.
Colvin, 25, has been hospitalise in Jackson Memorial Hospital and is currently in stable condition. It seems the bat hit very hot to his heart but fortunately it missed by a few inches, producing only minimal external bleeding. According to some news reports, Colvin will continue hospitalized for a few days for observation.

British Forces Leave Helmand ( Afghanistan)

British military forces in Afghanistan have passed over duty for security in Sangin to US forces, marking the end of their four-year mission in the area.

The 1,000 Royal Marines and other personnel functioning there are being redeployed to central Helmand province.

The UK has suffered its heaviest losses in Sangin. Of the 337 UK deceases since 2001, a third have happened there.

Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox said UK troops should be "proud of their achievements".

He said Sangin was "one of the most challenging areas of Afghanistan".

"The level of sacrifice has been high and we should never forget the many brave troops who have lost their lives in the pursuit of success in an international mission rooted firmly in our own national security in the UK," he said.
British troops will redeploy to central Helmand, where they will continue to lead the fight against the insurgency and assist in building a stable and secure Afghanistan, he added.
UK forces have been in the area since 2006, and 106 UK personnel have been killed, 36 this year alone. The MoD announced in July that British troops were to be replaced by US forces.

Control was formally handed over from UK forces to the US Marine Corps at 0630 BST.

The BBC's Ian Pannell in Kabul said there would be a physical handover, with the union jack lowered and the US flag raised, but little would change on a practical level.

He said some members of the 1,000-strong 40 Commando Battle Group had already left, and the handover would be staggered over the coming weeks.

Describing it as a "totemic" moment for the UK, he said Sangin was the most dangerous district in Helmand - if not the whole of Afghanistan.

On a recent visit to the area, he witnessed a long battle in which a number of US soldiers, Afghan soldiers and civilians sustained injuries.

"Although progress has been made, the area remains very difficult. It is a key battleground for insurgents and coalition forces.

"The truth is, the Americans will now have to try and finish the job that Britain started," he added.
MoD spokesman Maj Gen Gordon Messenger, a former commander of the UK Helmand task force, said it was "absolutely not" a pull-out .

While progress had been slower in Sangin than in other parts of Helmand, he admitted, British efforts had not been worthless.

"It's a hugely important point that the Afghan flag flies in the district centre of Sangin, and that the people of Sangin and the surrounding area recognise that and see the benefits of it," he said.

"By contesting Sangin, by showing improvement in Sangin, we're able to deflect violence that would otherwise by exported into the populated areas in central Helmand.

"By taking the fight to the Taliban in the areas they hold most dear, that has certainly had a positive effect elsewhere in Helmand and southern Afghanistan.

"We are seeing real and positive progress in areas that only a year or so ago were in a very different state," he added.

The commanding officer of 40 Commando group, Lt Col Paul James, said the handover was a "poignant moment" tinged with sadness, but the overwhelming emotion was one of pride.
"I think we've achieved significant success here, making Sangin a much more stable and peaceful place.

"And probably just as importantly, the Afghan national security forces that we've partnered here are now starting to be able to stand on their own two feet and take on the responsibility for delivering Sangin for themselves.

"It's not going to be British forces who deliver success in Sangin and it's not going to be American forces.

"It's not going to be anyone else other than the Afghans themselves."

Lt Col Clay Tipton, from the US Marine Corps, said UK and US troops had been working together in Sangin for the past couple of months, and their job now was to "continue the success".

"As 40 Commando moves on we will continue to enable the security, partnered with Afghan military and police, as well as enabling governance here," he said.

The BBC's Quentin Sommerville in Kabul says Sangin is a town of about 20,000 people and the area is a vital supply route for the Taliban, with men, money and drugs passing through it.

He said British patrol bases were already being shut down and the Royal Marines who served there are frustrated at having to leave a place they fought so hard for.

"As the British mission in Sangin ends, questions remain whether there were ever enough resources to complete the job," he said. "Even so, the American force will cover the same amount of ground, with a similar number of troops."

There are about 9,500 UK troops in Afghanistan, with the majority deployed in the south of the country.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 British Soldiers have been died in Afghanistan

2 British soldiers have been died in an explosion in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence  has said......

One of the soldiers was from the Queen's Royal Lancers and the other was from the Royal Engineers. Their next of kin have been informed.....
Task Force Helmand spokesman Lt Col James Carr-Smith said the two, who died on Saturday, would be "greatly missed.

The deaths took the number of British military personnel killed in operations in Afghanistan since 2001 to 337.

Lt Col Carr-Smith added:- It is with great sadness I must inform you that a soldier from the Queen's Royal Lancers and a soldier from the Royal Engineers were killed this afternoon west of Lashkar Gah. They were attached to the 1st Battalion Scots Guards Battlegroup. The soldiers were part of a ground domination patrol when they were struck by an explosion.

They will be greatly missed and their sacrifice will not be forgotten. We will remember them.An MoD spokesman said the deaths were not a result of insurgent activity aiming to disrupt the Afghan parliamentary elections.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Justin Bieber true love

A precociously artistic, chipmunk--esque singing feeling teen heart-throb Justin Beiber would find it hard to be any more lovable. The tiny teen You-tube star Justin Bieber has talked about his struggle to treat his mother Pattie Mallette accurately. Justin's parents separated when he was young.

justin-bieber true love
Yet the Canadian 16-year-old has pulled it out the container yet again by admitting a striking devotion to the main woman in his life - his mother.

He said: "I often sat with my guitar and sang.

"After a while, I got so many tips that I could pay for the first ever vacation for my mom and me. We went to Florida." 

Justin also said that his mother was the most important lady in his life.

He's now exposed that he busked before becoming famous for smash-hits such as One Time and Baby in order to earn enough to whisk her away on holiday.

He said: "My mom and I have a really good connection because together we made it from rags to riches. Without her I'd never have achieved this much. She made a lot of sacrifices to make my dream of a music career possible.

"She's always there for me and I never want to let her down. She's the best mom in the world. She travels with me every day."

This, however, is not the first time Justin's talked about 'special woman' in his life.

justin-bieber love
The mini-Casanova has previously spoke of his infatuation with singers Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole.
Wonder what his mother makes of that


Pakistan's Flood Victims, Two Billion Dollars

UN aid for Pakistan's flood victims more than two billion dollar aid appeal has been issued.
United Nations before any natural disaster in history to support such a large scale was not appealed.
Pakistan's Flood Victims

This support, of which fifty million dollars has already been assembled, fourteen million during the next year to help flood victims and to the economic structure will be used have been affected by this disaster.
The amount demanded has been supporting the United Nations closer than fifteen different departments and so many other relief agencies will be spent on projects.
The worst disaster in the history of Pakistan, about two million people are affected and this resulted in a land area of England has gone under water and UN officials say that the new appeal now that the flood destroyed can be estimated, which Pakistan is facing at this time.
Half months in Pakistan for more than tens of million people in the ongoing flood khucky everything. Roads, bridges, road, transportation, agriculture, economy, basic economic structure, everything has been badly affected, or of broken Breaks victim was struck. which resulted in the development process of Pakistan next few years is expected to be affected.
UN humanitarian affairs office 'auca' that tens of thousands of people own businesses, shops and financial resources have been lost and that next year's crops that growers planning to sow were added, to rely on them now will help .

Millions of homeless girls who are involved

Health officials are tnybh that adverse health pandemic diseases arising from water erupted for fear of falling is that flood victims are now living in circumstances in which they are very mkdus.
Pakistan officials say they get this problem in the world has had to toil for. The weak government of Pakistan and delicate challenge for the economy is great.

U.S. special envoy, Richard Holbrooke for Pakistan and Afghanistan that officials would try myself, but to help rebuild the country will not be possible.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Uk- Exams system Diseased and Corrupt

UK's exam system is diseased and almost corrupt, says a former GOVT. adviser in a book on Labour's education policy.

A former director at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, Mick Waters, says exam boards are conniving in the dumbing-down of school exams.

He also claims the boards profit from textbooks that help teachers with the answers to their own exam questions.

England's largest exam board, Edexcel, dismissed the claims.

The comments come in an interview for a book by the outgoing head of education at the National Union of Teachers, John Bangs, and others.

In Reinventing Schools, Reforming Teaching, Mr Waters says that before working for the QCA he thought all the criticism about exams being "dumbed-down" was "unfair".

"You know, the old argument, more people passed than ever before. Since I've been there, I think the system is diseased, almost corrupt," he says.

This is because exam boards are vying for business in a marketplace, he adds.

He also says he has heard people from exam boards talking to head teachers and trying to sell their qualifications by implying their examinations are easier than those of other boards.

They offer "textbooks to help you through it,"

 A spokesman for Edexcel, which is part of the Pearson publishing group, said: "Edexcel do not agree with Mick Waters. We have never said our exams are easier.

"We are confident that all our qualifications are rigorous, fair to learners and represent the highest possible standards. The support we provide in various ways all benefits the learner, to help improve learning.

"Competition between awarding bodies results in good service. A strong external regulator ensures that standards are maintained and no exams are harder or easier.

"Examiners are employed on specific contracts. They are generally not permanent employees of Edexcel, but have guidelines on the use of their association with Edexcel and are not permitted to conduct any of their private work in the name of Edexcel."

A spokesman for the OCR exam board said it had never claimed that its exams were easier.

It added: "The board endorses a range of publisher materials to provide quality support for schools delivering our qualifications.

"It is ultimately the teachers' decision which products they use and they will always retain that choice."

The book, based on interviews with teachers, heads, leading academics, politicians and policy makers, claims teachers concerns were not considered in the reforms of the Labour government.

This meant they were not convinced by Labour's education policy, it claims.

Labour's top-down approach to raise standards was "quite negative" and stemmed from an intention to woo the middle classes, it adds.

The book also reveals details of internal tensions within the government over policy issues.

Reinventing Schools, Reforming Teaching is published by Routledge.

UK Terrorist Attack MI5 Head Warns

UK Terrorist Attack  MI5 Head Warns

Jonathan Evans raised concerns over the number of soon-to-be-freed inmates who are "committed extremists and likely to return to terrorist activities". He also said Somalia and Yemen were important concerns for MI5, as a source of serious plots against the UK.

And, he said, the security service had not expected dissident republicanism to grow as it had in Northern Ireland. Mr Evans, who made the rare public remarks to the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals in London, said dealing with international terrorism remained the main focus of MI5's efforts. 'Diversifying threat'

"Counter-terrorist capabilities have improved in recent years but there remains a serious risk of a lethal attack taking place. I see no reason to believe that the position will significantly improve in the immediate future," he said.

The UK faces a continuing serious risk of a lethal terrorist attack taking place, the head of MI5 has warned.
He said hundreds of officers were involved in an "intense struggle", largely out of sight of the public.
Every month, hundreds of new leads come into MI5 headquarters at Thames House from various sources, with only sufficient resources to investigate those that appeared to be high priority, Mr Evans said.
"At any one time we have a handful of investigations that we believe involve the real possibility of a terrorist attack being planned against the UK," he said.
One concern is that a number of individuals, convicted of offences in the years after the 9/11 attacks, are now coming out of prison having served their terms.
"We know that some of these prisoners are still committed extremists who are likely to return to their terrorist activities," Mr Evans said, adding that they would be added to the cases that needed to be monitored.
He said another change in recent years was the source of the most serious plots.
In previous years, officials have said that 75% of priority plots had links to Pakistan. That figure has now dropped to 50%.
This was partly because of pressure on al-Qaeda leadership operating in Pakistan's tribal areas, but it was also a sign of a diversifying threat, he said.
Mr Evans said in Somalia there were a "significant number of UK residents training in Al Shabaab camps" to fight in the country.
"I am concerned that it is only a matter of time before we see terrorism on our streets inspired by those who are today fighting alongside Al Shabaab," he warned.
 He said Yemen was the other main country of concern.

He said the involvement of the radical preacher Anwar Al Awlaqi in a succession of plots - and the influence of his message in the UK - had raised concerns that his adherents, possibly lone individuals, would respond by mounting attacks. There had been a surge in Yemen-related casework this year, he said.

It is widely believed that the raising of the UK terror threat level to "severe" at the start of 2010 was largely related to intelligence surrounding Yemen.

Mr Evans admitted that when MI5 assumed the lead responsibility for intelligence in Northern Ireland in October 2007, its "working assumption" was that the residual threat from terrorism was low, and likely to go down. Instead the opposite has happened. Mr Evans described a "persistent rise in terrorist activity and ambition", with signs of increasing co-ordination and co-operation between disparate groups in recent months.

This year there had been more than 30 attacks or attempted attacks by dissident republicans on security targets, compared with just over 20 for the whole of last year, he said.

Mr Evans also warned that while the campaign by dissident republicans was currently focused on Northern Ireland, MI5 "cannot exclude the possibility" that it might spread to the mainland. Mr Evans also warned against a "zero tolerance" attitude to the terrorist risk, which he said was spreading.

"In recent years we appear increasingly to have imported from the American media the assumption that terrorism is 100% preventable and any incident that is not prevented is seen as a culpable government failure.

"This is a nonsensical way to consider terrorist risk and only plays into the hands of the terrorists themselves. Risk can be managed and reduced but it cannot realistically be abolished and if we delude ourselves that it can we are setting ourselves up for a nasty disappointment," he said.

Head of MI5 Jonathan Evans "In recent years we appear increasingly to have imported from the American media the assumption that terrorism is 100% preventable and any incident that is not prevented is seen as a culpable government failure”

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doctor Shot at Prominent Baltimore Hospital

 American Hospital
A doctor has been shot at a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, US police say.

Police denied that the gunman had been subdued and disarmed, despite earlier reports from Johns Hopkins hospital that he had been caught.

They are preparing a "tactical operation" to deal with the suspect, but said he had been "contained to a floor within the hospital".

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the doctor was "going to be OK".

The hospital remains open and police said people with business there were to attend as normal.

The suspect was reported to have barricaded himself inside a patient room. Mr Guglielmi refused to confirm or deny reports that the suspect's mother - a patient at the hospital - was with him.

Hospital spokesman Gary Stephenson said the shooting was on the eighth floor of the main hospital building, the Associated Press reported.

Michael Jackson's Mother promoting Suing

Michael Jackson's mother and children are suing concert promoter AEG Live over the singer's death, TMZ reports.

Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, claims AEG breached its agreement to provide physical care and life-saving equipment for her son. She also alleges the company was negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray as Jackson's physician. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The lawsuit alleges Jackson was shivering and disoriented at his last rehearsal, PEOPLE reports. "AEG had legal duties to Michael Jackson to treat him safely and to not put him in harm's way. But AEG, despite its knowledge of Michael Jackson's physical condition, breached those duties by putting its desire for massive profits from the tour over the health and safety of Michael Jackson," says the lawsuit.

The suit also points the finger at AEG for hiring Dr. Murray without a full background check, claiming, "AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment." Mr. Murray has since been charged with involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.

In addition, the lawsuit includes a section about AEG causing emotional stress to Jackson's son, Prince, who saw his father suffering and dying: "he was put in a position as bystander to these tragic events".

CBS News reports an AEG spokesperson said the company hasn't seen the suit and had no comment. The company has previously said Jackson died before signing an overall agreement with AEG--thus making the terms non-binding.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mexican Independence Day Arrival

Mexican Independence Day is Sept. 16. On Mexican Independence Day 2010, Mexico celebrates 200 years of independence. A common misconception in the U.S. is that Mexican Independence Day is May 5: Cinco de Mayo. On May 5, stories in the media abound, ranging from tequila recipes to the Battle of Puebla -  the real reason Cinco de Mayo is celebrated. Sept. 16 is Mexican Independence Day because Mexico’s 10-year war for independence from Spain began on Sept. 16, 1810. Mexico has come a long way in 200 years. 

Yet in 2010, the country has little to celebrate as it battles corruption, human rights issues and drug violence.
President Felipe Calderon is celebrating Mexican Independence Day Sept. 16 with a $40 million extravaganza in Mexico City. USA Today  reports that the two-day bicentennial bash features laser shows, fireworks and music. 

The Mexican government hopes the party will lift the people’s spirits despite a recession and bloody war against narcoterrorists. Security is tight amid fears that drug cartels will attack the festivities. Two years ago, narcoterrorists threw grenades into the crowd during a Mexican Independence Day festival in the city of Morelia. Seven people were killed and 132 were wounded. Since a military campaign on Mexican drug cartels began in December 2006, more than 22,000 people have died in drug violence, according to the Reforma  newspaper.

Mexican culture and cuisine were on full display over the weekend on Cherokee Street. The Cherokee Street Latino Business Owners Association on Saturday and Sunday sponsored a two-day street celebration to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mexican independence. The event featured dozens of vendors offering traditional Mexican food and drink, along with live music and other entertainment. 

Winona Ryder Come Back

Winona Ryder is inching back into the spotlight after a self-imposed Hollywood hiatus of sorts.                                                                  
The 38-year-old actor surfaced on the red carpet Monday night for the Toronto Film Festival premiere of the much-anticipated ballet psychodrama "Black Swan," in which she makes a brief cameo. She posed for photos alongside co-star -- and younger doppelganger -- Natalie Portman, and flaunted her curves in a black dress with a demure below-the-knee skirt and bustier-style neckline. Ryder also displayed a mysterious tattoo on her left forearm, which, according to her avid followers, is a combination of the Indonesian symbol for "compassion" and the Tibetan symbol for "enlightenment."
The '90s icon of classic films such as "Edward Scissorhands," "Reality Bites," and the 1994 remake of "Little Women" -- not to mention past serial dater of various musicians and Johnny Depp all but fell off the face of the earth following the 2001 shoplifting scandal that threatened to sideline her acting career. That incident was a low point, personally and professionally: Ryder was caught on camera stealing some $5,500 worth of designer duds from Saks Fifth Avenue; she was arrested and later put on three years' probation after a headline-making trial.


2012 Olympics Volunteer Roles for London People

Volunteers can now apply for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Olympics organisers will recruit up to 70,000 general volunteers in what they say is the UK's biggest post-war volunteer recruitment campaign. Roles available to volunteers will range from ticket inspectors to uniform distributors.

Volunteers can apply for the positions from 0800 BST on Wednesday until 27 October. The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Locog) said the volunteers would be known as Games Makers, because they will "make the games happen".
"We want the best team players in the UK to apply, people who show the same qualities as our athletes including dedication, focus and grace under pressure," said Locog chairman, Sebastian Coe.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said the Games Makers had "a vital role to play in ensuring every visitor has the time of their lives".

Sarah Salem, from Hackney in east London, who was planning to apply for the scheme, said: "I have one mission in my life and that's getting involved in the Olympics." 

The 60-year-old former nurse said she wanted to volunteer for the Olympics because "it would bring the young, the old, the disabled, and people from different ethnicities together."
"You need to be enthusiastic, passionate, and inspiring to those who will travel from abroad," she added.

A day's volunteering will last eight hours and applicants must agree to work a minimum of 10 days at the Olympics or Paralympics, or a minimum of 20 days to work at both. Sports, medical, press operations and anti-doping volunteers have been applying for specialist roles since 27 July.

Locog said 8,000 applications have been received to date, close to half of the number of specialists required.

Obama- Teenager gets US Ban

A teenager from Bedfordshire has been banned from entering the United States for life for sending a "threatening" e-mail to the White House. Luke Angel, 17, of Silsoe, was investigated after he expressed his dislike of President Barack Obama and the US Government.

Bedfordshire police, who then visited Luke, said the e-mail was full of abusive and threatening language.

"He was told that he wouldn't be able to go to America," they added.

A spokeswoman said it was a case of a boy "being silly" and no criminal action was being taken. "We were informed by the Metropolitan Police and so we went round to see him," she said.

"He said 'oh dear, it was me'."

He told police he could not remember what he had written in the e-mail.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger has visited East Asia

California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has visited East Asia to try to drum up trade with the region and attract inward investment.
California's economy is facing problems. It is the eighth largest economy in the world but it faces a budget deficit of $19bn (£12bn).

In Japan, Mr Schwarzenegger was looking for help with infrastructure and markets for Californian goods.

According to the governor, trade is critical to California's economy.

Speaking ahead of the mission he said: "California is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the exploding Asian markets. China, Japan and Korea... represent 1.5 billion population. This is 1.5 billion potential consumers for our products."
'Salesman in chief'

"You will see me selling here in Japan for these next 24 hours," he told 500 people at a breakfast arranged by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

The perilous state of California's finances have seen Schwarzenegger's popularity at home fall to an all-time low but he told journalists that he would serve as "salesman-in-chief" during the trip. Before he left, he came in for criticism that he would be away during a difficult time for the state, which two months into the financial year has still not agreed a budget.

He stressed that the trip was not being funded by California's taxpayers.

During the trade mission, on which he was accompanied by 100 business leaders, he has been talking up California's surfing, skiing and golf offerings, as well as its technology centres and wineries.
But it is a two-way street.

California is also looking to invest in its transport infrastructure and the governor has been sampling Japan's high-speed bullet train.

"I'm very impressed with the technology and also with the infrastructure," Mr Schwarzenegger told reporters after his hour long round-trip on the train.

Japan is hoping it will be considered for a contract to build a new high speed train network in California. Because of California's cash-strapped position Japanese officials have said they are prepared to offer a loan to help win the project.

However, Japan is not alone in bidding for the work. In Shanghai earlier in the week, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Chinese Ministry of Railways and the Bay Area Council for investing in California's future rail network.The last stop on the trade mission was South Korea.

While there Mr Schwarzenegger signed another agreement to strengthen trade ties with the Kyunggi Province.

New York Jets Analysis is Heartless However It is Just a Game

 Life and death aspect is especially true of any team that plays in New York and any team called the Jets. 
The Jets’ ballyhooed season opener against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday was like an opening night on Broadway that failed to live up to the hype. The opener was a bust: actors bungled their lines and one of the leading men, defensive tackle Kris Jenkins, was carted off the stage with an injury shortly after the curtain opened. Throughout the evening the Jets were off their rhythm and playing behind the beat. Not unexpectedly, the next day’s reviews have been unkind. Overhyped. Overrated. Jets Fizzle.
“Obviously, a disappointing loss, that goes without saying,” a glum looking Rex Ryan said after the Jets loss.

One of the more significant changes in the new stadium is the location of the postgame news conference. In most cities, the coaches speak from bunkers in the bowels of the stadium.
The coaches’ news conferences are held in a well-appointed, glass-enclosed amphitheater in the middle of a pavilion. Fans can look and listen along with the news media to the coach’s alibis, explanations and excuses.

As Ryan spoke Monday, a Baltimore fan cut through the crowd and roared, “Let’s go, Ravens.”

What could anyone say? When you live in a glass house, you don’t throw stones. 

                     Ines Sainz, a reporter for Mexico's TV Azteca, sat down on the Early Show on CBS to discuss the alleged harassment  that took place in the New York Jets locker room on Saturday. She emphasized that she did not make the harassment charge and it was the rest of the media reported the incident.

Sainz said she started to hear people make jokes about her the minute she walked into the locker room. She decided not to pay attention to what people were saying and move on with her interview with quarterback Mark Sanchez.

She explained that there have been similar reactions when she has entered a lock room before, but "the vocabulary was never so rude." Sainz went onto say she "thinks the media in the locker room was upset about the vocabulary they used to refer to me."

Sainz doesn't intend to pursue any further action and trusts the NFL in what the league decides to do. Scroll down to watch the interview. 


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