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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Arrival -Tekken Movie 2010

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Pakistan Cricketers Finish England Tour

Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Kamran Akmal have all been questioned by police, although Akmal is no longer part of that investigation.

The Pakistan Cricket Board will continue its own enquiry on Wednesday. And the International Cricket Council (ICC) is also preparing a report, with the results expected within days.

The ICC has already said the tour will continue but it is understood that Pakistan officials will agree that the three players who remain under investigation by the police should not play in the forthcoming games, although they will not be suspended while the investigation is ongoing.

Pakistan coach Waqar Younis, speaking from Somerset, where they are due to play on Thursday, said: "I am trying to get the team up again and make sure we deliver the best we can in the next few games and try and do the best we can - that's all I can do. "It is no doubt a big challenge and I'll try to make the most of it and I'll try and make sure everybody is nicely focused for the games."

Test captain Butt, fast bowlers Amir and Asif and wicketkeeper Akmal were questioned by police at the team's hotel in London on Sunday following a report that some Pakistan players had been bribed to fix incidents during the fourth Test against England at Lord's.

The allegations centred on three no-balls from Amir and Asif which the News of the World newspaper said had been bowled on purpose at pre-determined times to facilitate betting coups after a "middle man" accepted £150,000 in cash from an undercover reporter.

Dancing with the Stars New Cast

With anticipation of tonight's big announcement of Dancing with the Stars new cast, regulars Cheryl Burke, Derek Hough, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and new host Brooke Burke, walked the Entertainment Tonight Emmy after-party red carpet last night to promote Season 12 of their hit reality show.
Burke, a former winner, admitted "all the rumors seem to be true" regarding the new cast. Most notably, there has been a huge buzz surrounding DWTS' most controversial rumored cast member, Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. When asked why the show's producers are interested in Sorrentino, Burke pondered, "I think last season kind of proved reality shows and tabloids play a big part of it. Casting is a big part of the success of the show. Everybody seems to be talking more about The Situation than anybody else. I guess it makes sense."
In addition to "The Situation" rumors, Kirstie Alley's name has also been popping up in discussion. Recognizing Alley's constant weight struggles, Burke encouraged Alley to sign up because "it would be the best opportunity to get into shape, and it's the best diet ever." Chmerkovskiy told TV Guide Magazine he does not care who his new partner is as long as it's "somebody young, fit, athletic, and really nice."

WWE - Katie Vick

Recently on the WWE some of the clips of the previous moments of the WWE were shown to the WWE universe. A lot of short video clips were shown to the crowd and the people sitting at home watching wrestling. There was a lot of entertainment for the people to enjoy. All of the clips were worth watching but one of the most entertaining clips of them all was the clip of Katie Vick.

The clip was about a publicity stunt that was the plan of the McMahon family. The publicity stunt shown in the video was the incident of about eight years ago and most of the people had forgotten about or they never knew about it. The people who watched the video clip on the big screen of the arena got very concerned about it because they didn’t know about it before.

According to the story showed in the clip Katie Vick is a girl who was in a relation with the big red monster Kane. In the month of October, 2002 when Kane won a tag team match with Hurricane and they were celebrating their victory just then triple H came. He came in and accused Kane of Killing a girl named Katie Vick.


Rapper Kyle Massey on Dancing With The Stars
The new season of “Dancing With the Stars,” starts at 8 p.m. Sept. 20 on ABC.
Many Dancing With the Stars fans have already been taking to message boards around the internet to express their discontent with the new selection of cast members.
At the top of that list seems to be Bristol Palin, who is really only famous because of her mom and the fact that she became a teen mother. Hopefully the high amount of money she makes off being on the show ends up going mostly to her son. Link here to see the full cast as announced by ABC, so that fans can begin to pick out their favorites and decide who to root for in the fall 2010 season.  Read full story and more here
Kyle Massey is in the mix
Kyle Massey (born August 28, 1991) is an American actor and rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Perhaps best known for starring in Disney Channel sitcom That’s So Raven, where he starred as Cory Baxter, and in the Disney show Cory in the House, a spin-off of That’s So Raven. Massey is also well known for starring in the Disney Channel Original Movie Life Is Ruff. Massey is the brother of Zoey 101 star Christopher Massey. As a rapper, Massey has released several songs for Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records including “Underdog Raps”.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Seven US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Seven US soldiers have been killed in two bomb attacks in southern Afghanistan, the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) says.

Five troops were killed by a roadside bomb in one incident while two others died in a separate bomb attack, Isaf said in a statement. Witnesses in Kandahar said a US Army vehicle hit a bomb in the early afternoon, the Associated Press said.

Fourteen US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in the last three days.

Meanwhile, the governor of the Lalpor District in Nangarhar Province was killed by a car bomb in the city of Jalalabad on Monday, according to police spokesman Ghafor Khan.
 The bomb, which had been planted on the vehicle, exploded while it was driving into a government compound, said Mr Khan.

Governor Syad Mohammad Palawan was reportedly travelling to a meeting of provincial security and political leaders when he was killed.
The US has sent an extra 30,000 troops to Afghanistan since December 2009 in an effort to defeat the Taliban. US troops now comprise roughly 100,000 of the 120,000 foreign military soldiers in Afghanistan, most in the south and east where the Taliban is most deeply entrenched.

Foreign troops fighting the Taliban operate under US and Nato command and are supporting Kabul's Western-backed government against a Taliban-led insurgency that has gained strength in recent years.News of the most recent attacks comes a week after a senior US general in Afghanistan said President Barack Obama's July 2011 deadline to begin pulling troops out of the country was encouraging the Taliban.

The White House is expected to review the Afghan war in December.

More than 1,200 US soldiers have died in Afghanistan since the conflict began in 2001.

Now Big Brother 12 - bbt

I hate to say it, but there is one thing, Enzo has made significant strides in this game: move forward brigade.

Now, it seems, the teams making the final four, and they basically have the Enzo to thank for it. He concentrated on getting rid of their union side, and it seemed that he was one to admit that Matt was not as loyal as the other members. Nevertheless, it still annoys me that in all other respects, he played a bad game.

But enough about Enzo, let’s go back to the game.

Lane opens a Pandora’s box with a ridiculous result of the season. He has a chance to win $ 10000, but won only $ 91.17. As a result, the entire house receives three penalties, starting with silver cups or during the week. After that, the bump in the road, Lane makes a decision, he feared, and appoints Ragan and Enzo. Go to my “nothing to lose and everything to gain” mantra this season, it would seem, must win Ragan POV. But Enzo super upset was nominated for Britney. If he wins POV, Lane, probably nominate Britney, and they are likely to send her home.

If the Smart Lane and he will make Hayden a pawn in this situation so that he could stay on good terms with Britney Spears. Which, apparently, he must, because Britney did not think to vote for Lane to win Big Brother 12! She admits that Hayden Lane does not need the prize money. Is Britney trying to get a good relationship with Hayden or her seriously? Hard to say, but alliances in this game, sure, become more interesting.

Pakistan Cricket tour will continue-ICC

International Cricket Council president Sharad Pawar says Pakistan's tour of England will continue despite spot-fixing claims against some players.

"Police have not yet completed their investigation," said Pawar.

"It is the desire of the ICC and the cricket boards of England and Pakistan that the game should continue." There is no indication the four players questioned about spot-fixing - Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Kamran Akmal - are facing suspension.

Test captain Butt, fast bowlers Amir and Asif and wicketkeeper Akmal were questioned by police at the team's hotel in London on Sunday following a report that some Pakistan players had been bribed to fix incidents during the fourth Test against England at Lord's. The allegations centred on three no-balls from Amir and Asif which the News of the World newspaper said had been bowled on purpose at pre-determined times to facilitate betting coups after a "middle man" accepted £150,000 in cash from an undercover reporter.
The man identified as the alleged go-between, cricket agent Mazhar Majeed, 35, has been released on police bail after being arrested on Saturday on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

On Monday, the Pakistan team coach left London for Taunton ahead of a match against Somerset on Thursday.

Pakistan are then due to continue their tour with two Twenty20 internationals and five one-day internationals against England in September.

Test captain Butt - the one-day side is led by Shahid Afridi - boarded the coach with Amir, Asif and Akmal, plus the rest of his team-mates, despite calls from a number of quarters for the quartet to be suspended from the final part of the tour pending investigations. There were audible, but isolated, shouts of abuse from at least one member of the public after a crowd gathered to watch the players leave London.

Somerset chief executive Richard Gould said he expected the team to receive a "warm welcome" on Thursday. He added: "They have a net session booked in for Wednesday and if they want anything else we will be happy to provide it. This game has been looked forward to by many of our supporters and members and we think they will give the Pakistan team a warm welcome."

Now Blackberry is Banned in India

A ban had been threatened from Tuesday, as India said its security services needed greater access to encrypted services.
It wants the ability to monitor secure e-mail and instant messaging services provided by the firm. RIM has said it will support the country's need for "lawful access". But it maintains that it does not do "specific deals" with countries. The firm said earlier that it had offered to "lead an industry forum focused on supporting the lawful access needs of law enforcement agencies". It said that the forum - which would include other telecoms firms - would work with the Indian government to develop "policies and processes aimed at preventing the misuse of strong encryption technologies".
India, along with many other countries, believes the device and the Blackberry infrastructure used by business customers are a threat to national security.

The country fears the device could be used by militants and insurgents in a repeat of the 2008 attack on Mumbai that left 166 people dead. Blackberry handsets automatically scramble messages and send them to servers in Canada and other countries. Authorities have said they want access to these messages and the keys to decrypt them in order to counter terrorism and criminal activity. But RIM has said that it "does not possess a 'master key', nor does any 'back door' exist in the system that would allow RIM or any third party, under any circumstances, to gain access to encrypted corporate information". It said that "singling out and banning" Blackberry would be "ineffective and counter-productive" as many other networks used similar encryption techniques.

The firm said finding a solution to meet the needs of governments and prevent the misuse of encryption was an industry-wide problem.

Harmful Medicine errors for Children

                      Children under five are at the highest risk of accidental overdose.

The study, presented in Lisbon, tested 97 adults and found 61% measured the wrong dose - 17% measured an overdose and 44% did not give enough.

Dr Rebekah Moles, from the University of Sydney, recruited 97 people visiting day-care centres catering for under-fives from the city. Of these, 53 were mothers, seven were fathers and the rest were day care staff.
The researchers quizzed the adults on a number of scenarios, asking them what they would do next.

For example they told the parent that their youngest child felt hot and irritable, but was still drinking, eating and playing.

Common over-the-counter medicines were made available, together with a selection of spoons and other dosing devices, and the volunteers chose at what point they would use a medicine, and measured out the dose themselves.

Dr Moles said: "Taking all the scenarios together, 61% of the participants would have given an incorrect dose, and only 75% were able to measure accurately what dose they intended to give."

In total, 17% measured out an overdose of the drug, and 44% did not give enough.

"We found that 7% would give a medicine without taking their child's temperature, and 46% would give medicine when the temperature was less than 38 degrees."

In total, only 14% managed the scenario correctly.

Secret shoppers

Dr Moles said that almost half of the 119,000 calls received by the New South Wales Poisons Information Centre, which handles emergency calls from across Australia, concerned accidental overdose in children, with 15% needing hospitalisation.

The vast majority of the calls about children involved under-fives, she said.

Presenting her findings at the annual conference of the International Pharmaceutical Federation in Lisbon, she said: "We were surprised and concerned to find that some people thought that medicines must be safe because you can buy them without prescription.

"For example, one parent said to us that if Panadol (a paracetamol-based painkiller) is available over-the-counter, administering a double dose couldn't do any harm."

She said: "There is an urgent need to review the use of children's over-the-counter medicines by parents.

"We are following up this research by using mystery shoppers to visit pharmacies and see what advice they are given when presenting similar scenarios."

Neal Patel from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, said that it was important for parents to give their child the correct dose.

He said: "If parents are unsure about dosing for children they should always consult the packaging information or seek advice from their local pharmacist."

"Medicines are always supplied in child-proof containers and parents can also help prevent accidental overdose by always keeping medicines out of the sight and reach of children"

Margaret Peycke, from the National Pharmacy Association, said: "Whether you are in Australia or the UK, medicines that are available to buy are safe if used correctly but there are some risks if they are not.

"The medicine should be administered carefully using the spoon or measuring device supplied, to ensure the child does not receive more or less than the recommended dose.

"Household spoons should not be used as a substitute as they do not measure amounts accurately unlike ones that come with the medicine."

Research at John Moores University in Liverpool, also to be presented at a conference this week, concluded that it was feasible to produce "mini-tablets", small enough for a younger child to swallow.

Girl mauled by two Rottweiler dogs

A 10-year-old girl is in hospital in Dundee after being attacked by two Rottweiler dogs in the street.
The incident happened at about 1100 BST on Sunday as Rhianna Kidd was riding her bike in Dryburgh Street.Rhianna's grandmother, who lives in the area, ran from her house to help. A passing motorist also sounded his horn to try to distract the dogs.
Rhianna was taken to Ninewells Hospital in the city. Her injuries are not thought to be life threatening.However, it is understood she has a fractured jaw and is undergoing reconstructive surgery in hospital.

Tayside Police are carrying out inquiries and have traced the two dogs, and a puppy of a different breed that was also present, and confined them to kennels.

Eric Stonestreet's Emmy

Eric Stonestreet: "I'll take it to my parents' house in Kansas City in a couple of weeks."
More awards coverage    

Bryan Cranston: "You'd think I would be jaded by now but this such a gift. I am so grateful for this job. I will keep this Emmy with the others on a shelf in my home office."


George Clooney: "The show is really good tonight. Jimmy Fallon is just killing it tonight. He's really funny."

Tina Fey: "I think he was great! I knew he would be. He did just the right amount of singing and dancing. We have all come a long way since"

Piers Morgan: "The line of the night was [about] Mel Gibson. Only Ricky Gervais can get away with jokes like that. I thought Jimmy Fallon was fantastic. There was a lot of warmth for him in the room. People just like him and that came across. The opening number was hilarious."

U.S.A Senator warns of instability if Pakistan unaided

In an commentary published in Monday's International Herald Tribune, U.S. Senator John Kerry wrote that the international community is not meeting its responsibilities towards the south Asian nation, where floods have killed more than 1,600 people and left at least six million homeless.

"The danger of the floods extends beyond a very real humanitarian crisis," Kerry wrote.

"A stable and secure Pakistan, based on democracy and the rule of law, is in all of our interests. Pakistan has made enormous strides in combating extremism and terrorism - at great sacrifice. But its ability to keep up the fight requires an effective response to this crisis."

Pakistan has struggled with its response to the massive flooding, which has left one-fifth of the country underwater, an area the size of Italy. Pakistanis have grown increasingly angry with the sluggish government response, and are turning to Islamist charities sometimes tied to militant groups.

Pakistan is battling Islamist militants linked to al Qaeda and the Taliban, and the speed and efficiency with which Islamist charities have helped flood victims worries government officials and the United States, which wants a stable Pakistan because of its role as a frontline state in the war on militancy.

"We don't want politicians. We want the Islamic groups in power. The government just steals," said Haidar Ali, a college student in the devastated Swat Valley whose life has been reduced to laying bricks all day in stifling heat.

Read More U.S. Senator warns of instability if Pakistan unaided 

Most Dangerous Jobs of America

The American workplace is safer than ever despite some recent job-related disasters, such as the West Virginia coal mining explosion and the Gulf oil-rig catastrophe.Only 4,340 people died on the job last year, down 16.8% from 2008, according to new data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's a rate of 3.3 deaths per 100,000 workers -- the lowest ever reported by the BLS. Here's a look at some of the most dangerous jobs and how workers keep themselves safe.

The most perilous job in the U.S. is held by those who fish the waters in cold-weather states. Freezing water and icy boat decks can lead to horrific accidents, and storms can swamp small fishing vessels, sometimes claiming entire crews.

Compounding the danger is catch rules: By limiting fishing seasons, fisheries management creates a race to fish, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. That forces fishermen out in dangerous weather and keeps exhausted crews on the water. In Alaska, the season for halibut and crab has been, at times, reduced to just three days. Even warm-water fishers face hazards. Wayne Magwood has shrimped the waters off South Carolina for 40 years and says the biggest danger is heavy machinery, such as the power winches and cables that haul nets and other equipment.

"My dad taught me to keep my shirt tucked in," says Magwood. "Your clothes can get tangled up and you can get pulled overboard. One guy broke his neck recently."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bloom box Battery

Researchers from MIT and University of Maryland have created the cathode and anode for a lithium ion battery from two different viruses. Researchers at Maryland used a virus that grows on tobacco plants, to create a lithium ion battery. 

Researchers from MIT created some wearable lithium ion batteries that could just be sprayed onto clothing, thereby you have power with you, anywhere and everywhere you go… from cell phones to vehicles, for just about anything [don't worry, a small box (the prototype shown was a Bloom box battery, the wearable batteries haven't been showcased yet) of the size of a big loaf of bread could generate enough electricity for a 5000 sq ft hall]. Even better is it’s the most eco-friendly solution around. 
Read More

Sarah Hyland shines in Pamella Roland

 Who are you excited to see on tonight's red carpet?  As always we'll see the good, the bad and downright crazy; fashion, we mean.

Starting the red carpet arrivals roundout is teen starlet, Sarah Hyland, who looks stunning in her Pamella Roland gown. 
Hyland accessorized her fab gown with Chopard jewels and a small clutch.  (view additional photos of Hyland's gown in the photoslide below).

The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards air tonight, August 29 on NBC. Tune in for the red carpet fashion and fabulous host, Jimmy Fallon.

Floodwater has submerged a town in Pakistan

Floodwater has submerged a town in the southern province of Sindh, and threatens another being used as a key staging post for flood relief workers. Sujawal, a town of some 250,000 people, has been submerged while people battle to save the nearby city of Thatta, reports say. Authorities are still trying to rebuild levees around Thatta against the raging Indus river. But water is still advancing on the all-but-abandoned city, reports say.
"We fled so hastily that we could not even pick up our belongings," Amena Bibi, a mother of four.

"We are sitting in this graveyard under the blazing sun, looking for shade here and there. We have nothing to eat. The floodwater swept away our cows and buffalo."

Man arrested over cricket 'betting scam' bailed

The man at the centre of cricket betting scam allegations concerning the Pakistan team has been bailed without charge, Scotland Yard said.
The News of the World claims it paid a middleman for details of three no-balls later bowled by Pakistan as predicted. Mazhar Majeed, 35, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

Their team manager, Yawar Saeed, said cricket was not "institutionally corrupt" in Pakistan and the claims were unproven.The allegations relate to three no-balls delivered by Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif on Thursday and Friday. A no-ball occurs when a bowler oversteps the line behind which balls should be delivered.
Scotland Yard said Mr Majeed, 35, was bailed to appear before police at a future date. Despite the allegations, the fourth and final Test went ahead at Lord's, with England winning the series 3-1. However, England captain Andrew Strauss said the allegations had "removed the gloss" from his side's victory.
Jonathan Agnew  The game cannot afford for this to be swept under the carpet

Pakistan cricket players questioned over 'betting scam'

Three Pakistan cricket players have been questioned by police over claims they were involved in a betting scam, the team manager has said.
Yawar Saeed said cricket was not "institutionally corrupt" in Pakistan, and the claims were unproven.The News of the World claims it paid a middleman for details of three no-balls later bowled by Pakistan as predicted. Despite the claims about the ongoing Test, the match went ahead at Lord's, with England winning the series.
Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani said the allegations made his country "bow its head in shame". He has asked his government's Ministry of Sport to conduct an inquiry. Pakistan's Sports Minister Ijaz Jakhrani said any players found guilty would face life bans.
"We will take strict action, but first we will have to look at the inquiry report [from the British police] and once it is out and implicates someone then we will give exemplary punishment," he said.
If any wrongdoing was proven, he said "all the players involved must forget to play for Pakistan in the future".
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Justin Bieber Concert Postponed

The New York State Fair opened Thursday in Syracuse sending girls across the East Coast into “Bieber Fever,” since 16-year-old heart throb Justin Bieber is the headliner. Well, Bieber was the headliner anyway.

NYS Fair officials have announced the Justin Bieber concert will be rescheduled for Wednesday night instead of 7 p.m. tonight because Bieber is sick and will not be able to perform for a few days.

Fans who can not make the Wednesday show can get a full refund for their tickets prior to Wednesday’s concert and the Fair will honor all of Sunday’s tickets for the concert on Wednesday. So, the news isn’t all bad.

Facebook alternative Diaspora eyes launch date

An open alternative to Facebook will be launched on 15 September, the developers of the project have said.Diaspora describes itself as a "privacy-aware, personally-controlled" social network.The open-source project made headlines earlier this year when Facebook was forced to simplify its privacy settings, after they were criticised for being overly complex and confusing.
The project, developed by four US students, raised $200,000 (£140,000).
"We have Diaspora working, we like it, and it will be open-sourced on September 15th," the team wrote on their blog.The team said they had spent the summer "building clear, contextual sharing".
"That means an intuitive way for users to decide, and not notice deciding, what content goes to their co-workers and what goes to their drinking buddies. We know that's a hard [user interface] problem and we take it seriously."
The project was started by three computer scientists and one mathematician from New York.
Their idea of building it gained momentum earlier this year during an intense period of criticism of Facebook, the world's largest social network
"We want to put users back in control of what they share," Max Salzberg, one of the founders, told BBC News at the time.
The team turned to the fundraising site Kickstarter to raise the $10,000 they thought they would need to build the network. 
 Maggie Shiels  Technology reporter I think there will be a lot of people watching to see just what the team come up with”

Pakistan-England Test cricket Betting scam

 A man has been arrested in connection with an alleged cricket betting scam centred on the current Test between Pakistan and England at Lord's.

The News of the World claims it gave £150,000 to a middleman who provided details about three "no balls" which later took place when he predicted.

Scotland Yard said a 35-year-old man was being held on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

Pakistan and England said the game would resume on Sunday as planned.
While there are no allegations that the result of the Test will be affected - or that England players had any knowledge of the alleged scam - BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew said the integrity of the sport would be damaged.

"What it does do is make you wonder what is going on in front of you, that is the danger for any sport," he said.

A joint statement issued by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) read: "No players nor team officials have been arrested in relation to this incident and the fourth npower Test match will continue as scheduled on Sunday.

"As this is now subject to a police investigation neither ICC, ECB, PCB nor the ground authority, the MCC, will make any further comment."

The statement said the ICC, ECB, PCB, along with the ICC Anti-Corruption and Security Unit, were assisting the police with their inquiries.

Earlier, Pakistan manager Yawar Saeed told the Associated Press team members had spoken to police at their hotel and were "helping them with their inquiries".
Phil Tufnell  Former England cricketer
I don't see how they can really come out this morning and play a game in which you don't know what is unfolding in front of your eyes”
  Jonathan Agnew's Analysis "This is not necessarily match fixing.Although what it does do if these allegations are true - or even if they're not frankly - you do wonder what you are watching in front of you.This is the danger to any sport, in which there is any question of match fixing, or betting within it -you do wonder if what you have been watching here over the last few days is real or not.And that is the damage to the integrity of the game that these allegations have."

Improved Salmonella And Campylobacter Detection Using Hyperspectral Imaging

A type of high-tech imaging can be used to distinguish the foodborne pathogen Campylobacter from other microorganisms as quickly as 24 hours after a sample is placed on solid media in a Petri dish, according to a study published by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists.

The researchers, with USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS), used technology called hyperspectral imaging, which combines digital imaging with spectroscopy, to provide hundreds of individual wavelength measurements for each image pixel. ARS is USDA's principal intramural scientific research agency.

According to the study, microorganisms grown on solid media carry unique spectral fingerprints in the specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. A hyperspectral imager identifies these fingerprints by measuring light waves that bounce off or through these objects.

Unlike the human eye, which sees only visible light, hyperspectral imaging can detect visible light as well as light from the ultraviolet to near-infrared ranges. Hyperspectral imaging may also be applicable to other pathogen detection studies.

Campylobacter infections in humans are a major cause of bacterial foodborne illness both in the United States and other countries throughout the world. Growing Campylobacter directly on solid media has been an effective method to isolate this organism, but distinguishing Campylobacter from non-Campylobacter microorganisms is difficult because different bacteria can often look very similar.

New Health Canada And FDA Studies Support BPA Safety

As part of its research commitment on bisphenol A (BPA), Health Canada released today the results of a new survey of BPA exposure levels in a variety of soft drink and beer products. The results from this latest government survey provide confirmation that foods and beverages packaged in BPA epoxy resin coated metal cans do not pose a health risk.
The survey results clearly indicate that exposure to BPA from the tested beverage products would be extremely low. In the report, Health Canada officials confirmed their previous conclusion "that current dietary exposure to BPA through food packaging uses is not expected to pose a health risk to the general population." This same finding has been reaffirmed by other international food regulatory agencies in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia-New Zealand.
As part of its ongoing research program, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists recently published results from two pharmacokinetic studies. The data from those studies show that BPA is effectively and efficiently metabolized and excreted out of the body. The study authors stated that no age-related effects were seen in the ability to metabolize BPA and that previous studies on postnatal rats would likely over predict any possible effects.
"Health Canada has again confirmed that BPA-based liners in use with food and beverages are safe for use and migrate exceedingly low levels of BPA into their products. Coupled with FDA's new studies that show that primates, like humans, can quickly metabolize these trace levels and remove them from the body is compelling evidence of BPA's safety," stated Dr. John Rost, Chairman of NAMPA.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

First pictures Cameron's new daughter

Florence was born in the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro on Tuesday after Mrs Cameron gave birth earlier than expected.
The prime minister and his family are in Cornwall on a two-week summer holiday.
Mrs Cameron and Florence left hospital on Friday and Mr Cameron has said he will take paternity leave.
 Florence's full name is Florence Rose Endellion Cameron.

The Camerons' fourth child, she was born weighing 6lbs 1oz following a caesarean delivery.Her parents revealed on Wednesday that they had chosen Endellion - after the Cornish village of St Endellion - as one of their daughter's middle names, to reflect the county of her birth.

The Camerons' first child, Ivan, who was born profoundly disabled and needed round the clock care, died in February 2009.
Florence Cameron Florence is the Camerons' fourth childThey have two other children, Nancy and Arthur, who are six and four years old respectively.It is the second time since 2000 that the wife of a sitting prime minister has given birth.When Cherie Blair gave birth in May 2000 it was the first time a serving prime minister's wife had given birth for more than 150 years.Mr Cameron will become the first British prime minister to take statutory paternity leave since it was introduced in 2003.
He had been due to return to work next week, but it is not yet known how much paternity leave he will take.

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Secret of Lawrence of Arabia revealed

The diary of one of the British officers's colleages records the existence of the so-called ''X Flights'' led by Lt Col TE Lawrence across the former Ottoman empire.
James Hynes, 80, discovered the documents after his cousin told him that her father served alongside Lt Col Lawrence during World War One.

She revealed that she had kept typed up copies of his journal.

The diaries describe everyday life in the Turkish desert during World War One, including how one of Lawrence's aristocratic men managed to burn breakfast for the squadron after being ordered to cook an English fry up.

Lt Col Lawrence had led the '''X flight'' sorties in 1918 against the Turks accompanied by a handpicked team of colleagues which included the sixth Earl of Winterton who was then a sitting MP.

The secret missions helped Lt Col Lawrence capture Damascus in 1918 where he became instrumental in setting up an Arab government.

But the flights were so sensitive the RAF were said to have known nothing of them and they remained a secret - eluding depiction in the 1962 Hollywood movie Lawrence of Arabia starring actor Peter O'Toole.

Now details of the flights have emerged in diaries complied by an aircraft mechanic George Hynes who was one of Lawrence's closest aides during the Arab revolts.

In one entry Hynes flight sergeant air mechanic wrote: ''All who took part in the Desert Operations had a great respect for Lawrence the Amateur soldier.''

Mr Hynes's nephew James, 80, of Mold, North Wales, who has now written a book based on his uncle's diaries said: ''"As the years went by, I wondered what had happened to Uncle George's stuff.

"When I got in touch with my cousin Ellen, she said she had a 220 pages of typed script pages. He had typed them from his original notes and they were very faint because he had typed them up on a typewriter in the 1930s.

''It is obvious George wanted to rush to Lawrence's defence because there were times when people dismissed him as a bit of a romancer.

''But it was amazing to see details of the X Flights. A lot people obviously know about Lawrence himself but nobody really knows about the X flight - not even the RAF.

''The only people that really knew about the X flights were the people conducting the war in the desert. As soon as they got orders to move after Lawrence had taken Damascus they were simply whisked away.
''It was so secret in fact that after George had been demobbed in 1919 he tried unsuccessfully for two years like the other flight members to get back pay for taking part in them but they didn't get it as the RAF knew nothing about it.''

'X Flight' was a small group of planes used by Lt Col Lawrence and his company to carry out secret missions after taking the town of Aqaba in 1917 during the Arab revolts against the Turks, who had sided with Germany.

Missions included bombing Turkish railway lines, cutting off supply routes and telegraph wires. George Hynes was responsible for keeping the aircraft airworthy. The crew worked in difficult desert conditions, living and working in temperatures that varied between freezing and 100 degrees.

But the diaries detailed the camaraderie between the troop made up of people from different walks of life.

One of his entries said: ''Lord Winterton said to one of Rigger mechanics: ''Wheeler what about breakfast this morning?'' in that English long drawn pronunciation as he would state the perfect English in that peerage manner.

''Lawrence said in his short but polite low voice: 'yes what about you Winterton making breakfast this morning? These men have a rough time getting here.''

Lord Winterton replied: ''Good idea give me the bacon etcetrah!'' and Wheeler settled down to light the fire built of scrubs in desert method and commenced operations.

''Winterton fried the bacon strips that they must have scrounged, for our parties never had such a luxury in advance operations.

''He was doing his best but it caused much humour that us British soldiers relish because Winterton had damned near burnt it all to a cinder as they say in Lancashire.

''That was an incident that Lord Winterton, Lawrence and our ranks fitted into the picture with a true spirit of comradeship on the desert for Lord Winterton was a recruit to desert warfare in Arabia.''

James Hynes a retired English and education lecturer, added: ''Their task on a daily basis was to take reconnaissance photographs to bomb, to machine-gun, and very often to convey Lawrence about to secret airbases.

''The only time the aircraft could fly was 4-6am when the air was cool. The Turks would be at their busiest in the latest time of day when they knew they weren't going to get attacked. The afternoon temperatures might be 100 degrees so it was too dangerous for them to fly.

"Very often these young men would be sleeping in the desert with not only their grey coats but also blankets as it was so cold.

"The x-flight aircraft would take pictures, they would bomb, they would machine-gun and they would attack.

"'Very often Lawrence, would stay on the secret airfield with the fliers and their airmen. But it was made sure he was getting certain messages would dropped for him in bags.

"At one time George had to go out to an aircraft that had gone down in the desert with Lawrence onboard.
''He got a message to go down, George went as a mechanic in charge they saw where the aircraft had come down with Lawrence as passenger. George then fixed the mechanical fault and helped to get the aircraft going again with Lawrence onboard. If he hadn't have fixed it Lawrence would never have survived.
George Hynes maintained contact with Lawrence before the army officer died in a motorcycle accident in 1935 aged 46. George himself died in 1973 aged 78.
When the Lawrence of Arabia film was shown in Liverpool in 1962, George thought it was a pity nothing was ever shown about X flights. He died without knowing that people are reading about it now.

Lawrence Of Arabia On TMC August 28 2010

Lawrence of Arabia is a British film directed by David Lean, released in 1962. It was inspired by the life of Thomas Edward Lawrence, whose role is played by Peter O’Toole.

Here is a brief synopsis of the movie. 
During the First World War, Thomas Edward Lawrence officer of the United Kingdom, stationed at the Suez Canal surveillance in Egypt, advised Arabs and Sharif Faisal ibn Hussein in Syria to revolt against the Turks of the Ottoman Empire and establish a modern independent Arab nation. 
It is considered by many as one of the greatest movie in Cinema history. It is our belief also that Maurice Jarre’s dramatic music greatly contributed to the commercial and critical success of the project. 
Lawrence of Arabia was nominated for ten Oscars, but only won seven of them at the 35th Academy Awards. It also received five Golden Globe Awards.
              Lawrence of Arabia 

Paris Hilton busted for cocaine

Paris Hilton was released from a Las Vegas, Nevada, jail Saturday morning after being arrested late the night before on suspicion of cocaine possession, police said Saturday.
The hotel heiress was riding in a black Cadillac Escalade that was pulled over in front of the Wynn Hotel on the Vegas strip about 11:30 p.m. after police detected the smell of marijuana coming from the SUV, Lt. Wayne Holman told CNN.

The driver, whom police did not identify, was arrested for driving under the influence, he said.
Hilton was taken to the Clark County jail. She was released after authorities determined she was not a flight risk, Holman said.
Last month, Hilton was briefly detained in South Africa for allegedly smoking marijuana at the World Cup. Her publicist called the July 2 incident "a complete misunderstanding," and the case was dropped.
Read More  CNN

Wozniacki reaches third straight Pilot final

U.S. Open top seed Caroline Wozniacki  rallied from a break down in the third set to beat Elena Dementieva 1-6, 6-3, 7-6 (5) on Friday night, earning her third consecutive trip to the finals of the Pilot Pen tennis tournament.
The tournament's two-time defending champion is 12-0 in her three trips to New Haven.
Dementieva has been to these semifinals four times and lost all four.

The Russian appeared to be cruising early, breaking Wozniacki in her first two service games of the match and again in the final game of the first set.

But the Danish star responded with a service break of her own in the opening game of the second set, and won the set when neither player could hold serve during the final four games.

Dementieva got an early lead in the final set and was serving for the match at 5-4.

"I just told myself, `Keep fighting,'" Wozniacki said. "She still has to win four more points to win the match so you're still in there."

Wozniacki took that game, then went up 6-5. But she couldn't finish off Dementieva, who fought off three match points, and went up 3-0 in the tiebreaker before Wozniacki rallied for the win.

After winning last week in Montreal and making another run here, Wozniacki said she's not feeling the pressure of being the top seed when the Open gets under way next week.

"Pressure is when you're put in a spot and you don't really feel like you belong there," she said. "When you really believe that you belong there, that you can do the things you have to do, there's no pressure. You just go out there and play."
She will face Russian Nadia Petrova in Saturday's final. The No. 19 player in the world, who was a last-minute wild-card entry to the tournament, beat Maria Kirilenko 2-6, 6-2, 6-2.
Kirilenko broke Petrova twice in the first set, but said she felt a pain in her back after lunging for a ball. She took a medical timeout in the second set and had a hard time moving.
"I made a very fast movement and then I start to feel it even more," she said. "Then I couldn't even bend at all. Then it went a little bit better when the (trainer) came out. But still I decided to continue because no reason, you know, just even if you have a pain, you have to try."

Gathering in Washington DC for Restoring Honor rally

Thousands of people converged on the National Mall as a rally organized by talk show host Glenn Beck began with the national anthem.The Tea Party faithful were among the participants.
Organizers are expecting 100-thousand or more people to show up for the "Restoring Honor" rally.
It's controversial partly because of its timing and location.
The rally takes place on the same day and spot where 47 years ago Martin Luther King Junior delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech.
Some of those who marched with King said Beck had taken over the day for his own political gain.  But Beck calls the gathering non-political and says he wants to honor American soldiers.

Paisley to host CMA Awards Nov. 10

Tenn. – Carrie Underwood's  wedding was one of the most special days of her life, but it will likely become fodder for jokes when she and Brad Paisley host the Country Music Association Awards for the third year in a row.

The two will anchor the Nov. 10 ceremony in Nashville, and Paisley said of Underwood's July union with NHL player Mike Fisher: "We have to bring it up."
"It was big news in country music, so if it is that, it is fair game, as well as Nashville or current events," he said in an interview with Underwood on Thursday. "It's worth talking about anything like that that people will relate to."
The two joked about Paisley's wedding gift to Underwood, a bowl, which Paisley said his wife picked out.
"Is it something you wanted or it's in the pile of re-gift items?" asked Paisley.
"You're going to get it back three Christmases from now," said Underwood.
"I can't wait to get that back," said Paisley.

Pesonal Computer industry's woes mean bargains this fall

If you're looking for bargains on personal computers, bad news from the industry could be good for your pocketbook. 
Computer makers are scrambling for ways to goose faltering consumer demand after a weak start to the back-to-school shopping season. That could mean deeper price cuts and other promotions beyond the incentives that the industry dangled in front of shoppers to lure them into stores during the worst of the recession.
AAPL   241.62  +1.34
AMD    6.08      +0.21
CSCO   20.81   +0.11
DELL    11.89   +0.14
HPQ     38.00    -0.22

The latest sign of trouble came Friday when Intel Corp. lowered its forecast for the third quarter, saying demand for consumer PCs has been weaker than expected.

Because Intel's microprocessors are used in 80 percent of the world's PCs, its forecast essentially speaks for the health of the entire PC industry. Plus, its orders are based on how many computers the world's biggest PC makers expect to make in the coming months, so weak chip sales now could foreshadow weak results to come from those manufacturers.

Even before Intel announced the latest trouble, two leading PC makers — Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. — raised red flags last week about what is normally a robust season for sales.

Dell's chief financial officer, Brian Gladden, called the back-to-school shopping season "a little weaker than we would have expected." Todd Bradley, head of HP's PC division, complained of "softness" in consumer laptops and said back-to-school shopping was off to a late start.

Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes said another factor could cause PC makers to cut prices: In the past few months, the prices for parts such as hard disk drives and memory have fallen 
— to their lowest levels of the year in August. That gives PC makers the freedom to lower prices while maintaining profit margins. 
"This component environment could potentially now allow companies to invest in more aggressive pricing to stimulate demand into next year," he wrote in a research note Friday. 
Intel said it now expects revenue of $10.8 billion to $11.2 billion for the fiscal third quarter, which ends in September. That compares with a previous forecast of $11.2 billion to $12 billion. On average, analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected $11.5 billion. 
Three-quarters of Intel's revenue comes from its chips and other technologies for PCs. The forecast cut means that PC makers suddenly scaled back or canceled their orders with Intel during the quarter, reflecting the lower demand they're bracing for in the coming months.

Attack on Bases in east Afghanistan

Insurgents launched pre-dawn attacks Saturday on a major NATO base in eastern Afghanistan and a nearby camp where seven CIA employees were killed last year in a suicide bombing. NATO said there were no coalition casualties and the attacks were repelled.
It said 13 insurgents were killed — four of whom were wearing suicide vests — and five captured.
The assaults on the sprawling Forward Operating Base Salerno in Khost province and nearby Camp Chapman came around 3 a.m., just as area residents were rising for early morning prayers.
The area, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) southeast of Kabul near the border with Pakistan, is a hotbed of activity by the Taliban and other insurgent groups, including the December attack on Chapman that killed four CIA officers and three contracted security guards.
Afghan police said about 50 insurgents attacked using rifles, heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons, but had been repelled.
Khost provincial police Chief Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai said they found the bodies of 14 militants outside Salerno and five others had been captured alive. He said police believed the bodies of more insurgents would be found.
After being driven away from the bases, the insurgents approached the nearby offices of the governor and provincial police headquarters but were driven off, Ishaqzai said."Given the size of the enemy's force, this could have been a major catastrophe for Khost. Luckily we prevented it," he said.
Small arms fire could still be heard in the area at midmorning, while NATO helicopters patrolled overhead.
Police captured a pickup truck laden with ammunition along with a light truck packed with explosives that had become stuck in deep mud, according to Maj. Wazir Pacha of the provincial police headquarters. Bomb specialists were preparing to defuse explosives aboard the truck, which had been booby-trapped, he said.
NATO said the dead insurgents were members of the Haqqani Network, a group with deep ties to al-Qaida accused of launching frequent raids across the border from neighboring Pakistan.
Three of the insurgents were killed in an airstrike on a truck in which they were fleeing the attack on Salerno, including Mudasir, a senior Haqqani explosives expert suspected of arranging suicide bomb attacks, NATO said.

Football Scores of Texas High School

Floydada Whirl winds played the opening game against Sunray Bobcats  in Amarillo and the game went on pretty nicely. The spectators were very excited about the match and the match was a very much anticipated event in high school football.
At the moment people are going crazy trying to find the Texas High School Football Scores because the match between Bobcats and Whirlwinds was the first one in the series of the High School Football matches that are set to get fired up in this season. The next match is between whirlwinds and Longhorns. Longhorns have been long time rivals of Whirlwinds and the next match is also going to be every bit as interesting and exciting as the first match.
In the first match between Whirlwinds and Bobcats the match went on with great enthusiasm and both teams played with great force and spirit. the players of both teams seemed rally fired up about the match and all players seemed to be in top shape. There was a lot of speed and agility in the young High School Football players but the proficiency level in the Bobcats was a little higher than that of the Whirlwinds.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Marriage of Drake and Nicki Minaj

Did label-mates Drake and Nicki Minaj get married ?
Although the news is not deep-rooted, they both tweeted each other on Friday suggesting that they have coupled the knot.
 Drake, chart-topping rapper and the former star of Canada's "DeGrassi: The Next Generation" tweeted: "Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long. She's finally mine. :)" Nicki tweeted, "Yes, its true. Drake and I tied the knot."
Whether or not the music stars are just joking about the news, "Drake Got Married" soon became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Bank of America four hours banking down

Bank of America Corporation says its online banking  was down for about four hours but service has been restored.
A  representative for the America's largest bank, Tara Burke,  declined to specify a reason for yesterday's outage except to say that it was a " temporary system " issue.
She could not say whether the site has experienced a similar across-the-board outage before.
The bank, based in  Charlotte,  N.C. , said service was restored at around 5:15 p.m.The outage began at around 1:25 p.m. Some  customers may still have trouble signing on because of the volume of people trying to access the site.
Customers can also get account information from ATMs or banking centers. Burke said none of Bank of America's 18,000 ATMs were affected by the outage.

Third boy of Josh Turner

Josh Turner and his wife Jennifer are expecting their third boy, the couple announced August 27 on NBC's 'Today' show.
Josh sat next to co-host Hoda Kotb and Jennifer -- who is five months pregnant and apparently had to be persuaded to appear -- sat at the news desk when the couple happily announced their "breaking news." The couple have two other sons, Hampton, 3 1/2, and Colby, 1.
Josh was was filling in for the show's co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford. He follows Blake Shelton, Martina McBride, John Rich, and Trisha Yearwood as hosts during the week. Although the previous hosts chose alcoholic beverages to sip during the show, Josh chose sweet tea.
"For New York City, it's not bad," laughed Josh in answer to Hoda's query about the taste.

Stephen Strasburg's career

Stephen Strasburg's career is on hold after the announcement. He will require Tommy John surgery on his pitching elbow.This is a huge blow to a promising career, but the news is not all bad for the fire balling phenom. Several pitchers have gone on to have excellent careers after having the surgery, including the ten gentlemen below who ended up being the best of the surgically-repaired best. Can you name the ten winningest pitchers who underwent Tommy John surgery?

Stephen Strasburg Might Need Tommy John Surgery

According to the Nationals, Stephen Strasburg has a significant tear in his ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow, and will likely require Tommy John Surgery.If that’s the case, Strasburg would likely need one full year to recover.First off, that’s terrible news. He is quite a talent.That said, I wonder if this news will have any bearing on how the Mets handle Jon Niese and his innings down the stretch. On the one hand, if he isn’t showing signs of fatigue, I say let him pitch, but if the Mets fall further and further behind and the Mets decided to shut Niese down, I could see that happening.I for one am not someone who likes these teams babying their pitchers – I think a pitcher needs to know his role, and just go out and pitch without worrying about an innings limitation or pitch counts or anything like that, and a pitcher should be taken out of a game only when he’s tired.
Read More News: Stephen Strasburg Might Need Tommy John Surgery

Sri Lankan maid tortured

Doctors have removed 13 nails and five needles from a Sri Lankan housemaid who said her employer in Saudi Arabia hammered them into her body.
LP Ariyawathie, 49, told staff at Kamburupitiya Hospital her employer inflicted the injuries as a punishment.
X-rays showed that there were 24 nails and needles in her body. Doctors said those remaining inside her body posed no immediate threat to her life.The nails were up to 2in (5cm) long, a hospital official said.
"The surgery is successful and she is recovering now," Dr Satharasinghe said, according to news agency Associated Press.Ms Ariyawathie, a mother of three, underwent a three-hour procedure.
Doctors said they would carry out further surgery later to remove the remaining nails.

Congo killings may be genocide

A draft UN report says crimes by the Rwandan army and allied rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo could be classified as genocide.
The report, seen by the BBC, details the investigation into the conflict in DR Congo from 1993 to 2003.
It says tens of thousands of ethnic Hutus, including women, children and the elderly, were killed by the Tutsi-dominated Rwandan army.
Rwanda's justice minister has dismissed the claims as "rubbish".
The report also lists human rights violations committed by security forces from all the countries involved in what has been called "Africa's world war".
The final UN High Commission for Human Rights report should be made public in the next few days.
Although the conflict is officially over, eastern DR Congo, near the Rwandan border, remains volatile.
On Thursday, the UN Security Council held an emergency session to discuss allegations that Rwandan Hutu rebels were among armed men who raped at least 150 women and baby boys in the town of Luvungi and surrounding villages earlier this year.
The 545-page report, prepared by about 20 human right officers, documents what they call widespread and systematic attacks by the Rwandan army and the Congolese AFDL rebel movement.
The AFDL rebels were led by Laurent Kabila, father of current Congolese President Joseph Kabila.
Those targeted were Rwandan Hutus who had fled into what is now DR Congo, then called Zaire, after the 1994 genocide.
Rwandan Hutu extremists slaughtered some 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus during the genocide.
Many of those responsible fled Rwanda as Tutsi rebels took power in Kigali in June 1994, taking hundreds of thousands of Hutu civilians with them. 

More on DR Congo killings 'may be genocide' - UN draft report

Playing piano with toes

Pianist Liu Wei sits quietly to compose himself before plunging into the music. Then he takes off a sock.
The 23-year-old, whose arms were amputated after a childhood accident, plays the piano with his toes.
Liu was thrust into the limelight earlier this month when he performed on "China's Got Talent," the Chinese version of the TV show that helped make Britain's Susan Boyle a singing star.

"Whatever other people do with their hands, I do with my feet. It's just that," says Liu, a tall, slender man who peers shyly from behind dark-rimmed glasses.
"China's Got Talent," which has also featured disabled modern dancers and break-dancing migrant workers, has been a hit since its launch in July, despite skepticism among some viewers about whether all the participants' stories are genuine. The Dragon TV program is drawing attention to the hopes and challenges of the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged in China.

In his first appearance, Liu received a standing ovation from the audience, many of whom were moved to tears, for a performance of "Mariage D'amour" by Richard Clayderman.

During an interview with The Associated Press in Shanghai, where the show is filmed, he played a still unnamed, poignant piece he composed himself.

Sitting on a tallish red stool, he removed his shoes and right sock, carefully using his toes to place the sock in his right shoe. (He plays with his left sock on.) He wiped some of the keys with a tissue, and then rested his heels on a velvet-covered, narrow platform before the piano.
Time after time, he played the piece gently and flawlessly.
Liu, who was 10 when he lost his arms after getting electrocuted playing hide-and-seek, uses his feet to navigate online, eat, dress and brush his teeth.
"I wish I could go out driving to have fun. Apart from that, there is really nothing more I want to do," said Liu, who lives in Beijing. "Music has become a habit for me. It is just like breathing air."
He only began playing the piano in his late teens.
"Nobody ever decreed that to play the piano you must use your hands," he said.
Prosthetic limbs don't interest Liu. He has no need for special support, he said, though he conceded he has often met with discrimination. Disabled people in China, despite efforts to improve conditions, are often forced to beg on the sidewalks. Liu is able to support himself, though he wouldn't say how.

"I have food to eat and clothes to wear and many people caring about me. What is there to be dissatisfied about?" he said. "There are many people without enough to eat. I'm much more fortunate than them."
Sun Ganlu, a writer and arts critic in Shanghai, said that, whatever the commercial motives behind "China's Got Talent," the show is raising awareness in a positive way.
"The fact is that people are touched by these great performers, regardless of whether they are disabled or poor," he said. "They are struggling in life compared with others, but they also have hobbies and talents to get them through their tough lives."

"It helps people be more aware of whether we are doing too little to help these people," he added.

Liu's biggest beef is with people who insist on helping him without asking first.

Scientists cracked wheat's genetic code

British scientists say '' We've cracked wheat's genetic code''
They've decoded the genetic sequence of wheat and are posting the data online.
The plant is among the world's most important crops and the researchers say the information could help farmers create disease-resistant strains of the global food staple.
University of Liverpool Scientist Neil Hall says the wheat genome was far longer than the human genome first unraveled 10 years ago. But he says the techniques used to decode genetic information have improved considerably, meaning the process took only about a year.
Hall and others worked on a strain of wheat known as Chinese Spring. Hall said Friday that his team would soon work to decode other varieties.

Superbug gene cases in Austria

 Austria's health ministry is reporting two cases of a new gene that allows bacteria to become a superbug. 
The ministry says experts at the medical university in the southern city of Graz detected the gene, known as NDM-1, in two people, both of whom are believed to have been infected in hospitals abroad.
A statement Friday said a person from Pakistan was released in good health from Graz's university clinic last year after successful treatment. It said another person from Kosovo is still under medical supervision there.
Researchers say the gene — which appears to be circulating widely in India — alters bacteria, making them resistant to nearly all known antibiotics.

2 Moons 2010

It is reported that two moons 2010 is a rumor and it spread via emails. The story behind the rumor is that in August two thousand and three Mars came so close to our earth that it appeared on the sky like another moon. Since then these emails are spread by the people in every year’s August. The event that took place seven years ago shall not take place this year so there would not be two moons 2010.

The two moons 2010 email states that there would be two moons on the twenty seventh of this month. It also states that Mars shall be within a particular distance from the earth which is quite close while considering planets. A quite similar even took place in the year two thousand and five and the year two thousand and seven, but in both the cases Mars was not as close to the earth as it came in 2003. In the coming years mars won’t be as close to the earth as it was in 2003 until 2018.
Mars shall be coming closer to the earth in 2287 and of course no one reading this article would be alive at that time. People spread such emails to misguide others and have fun doing it. A number of people do it in order to get a lot of email contacts. Many innocent people were pretty excited to see two moons on the twenty seventh of this month but they shall have to wait for some time.
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Doctors' Religious Faith Influences End Of Life Care

A new study from the UK suggests that doctors' religious faith strongly influences end of life care, with agnostic and atheist doctors nearly twice as willing to take decisions that speed up end of life for very sick patients compared to their deeply religious peers.

Dr Clive Seale, a professor in the Centre for Health Sciences at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, wrote about the findings in a paper published online 23 August in the Journal of Medical Ethics.
Data for the study came from a postal survey of UK doctors working in a range of specialisms where end of life decisions are most likely to occur, such as care of the elderly, palliative care, intensive care, certain hospital specialties, and general practice.
The survey asked participants questions about their own faith and religious beliefs, ethnicity, and views on assisted dying and euthanasia. It also asked them a series of questions about the care of their last patient who died (if relevant), including whether they had given them continuous deep sedation until death, and if they had talked to the patient about decisions judged likely to shorten life.
3,733 doctors responded to the survey (42 % of the total invited). Of these, 2,933 answered questions on the care of a patient who died.


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