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Increase Clicksor Income by tips

Make Money with Clicksor and Adsense Alternative
PPV Traffic Ad Network Clicksor provides targeted full page pay per view traffic to maximize lead generation.

Do you face the same problem? You spend few hundred dollars in pay per click advertising  without any conversion. If you are the one like this, you need to try one of the largest Pay Per View Traffic Ad Network: Clicksor.

Clicksor utilizes artificially contextual and URL targeting technology to define and understand content rich websites and match the Pay Per View advertisement with targeted keywords and URL.
Why the super affiliates and clickbank millionaires choose Clicksor PPV Traffic in the first priority?

Clicksor recognizes the need of generating the maximum returns for your marketing efforts by reaching the specific groups of audiences for super affiliate and clickbank millionaires. Here are some of the most beneficial features of  the PPV campaign:

All publishers’ websites that qualify to join our Clicksor publisher program would generate a JavaScript ad code to place onto their websites. Clicksor’s ad code has the ability to scan through all the content of the publishers’ websites to understand the topics of the content. Then Clicksor’s system would select appropriate keywords from the content for matching.

When advertisers create PPV campaigns with Clicksor’s advertiser account, they would target keywords, channels and URLs that relate to the products/services that they are advertising for. For example, a travel agency would target keywords of traveling to Paris, sightseeing, cruises deal,, etc in the campaign.

Clicksor’s Pay Per View system automatically matches advertisers’ targeted keywords to the relevant publishers’ websites. Therefore, their ads are only displayed on related publishers’ websites when their targeted keywords are found within the content. Those targeted visitors are most likely to react on ads, which turns into leads or sales.
The schedule of payment at Clicksor is better suited to small-time publishers and site owners. Pay periods where earnings exceed 20 dollars an instant payout happens through PayPal. If the amount exceeds 50 dollars a check is sent to the owner. If the revenues fall under 50 dollars or 20 dollars (in case of PayPal) the amount gets rolled into the next pay schedule. The payout schedule lasts for 15 days and hence ensures more frequent payments, which is a huge blessing for small-time site owners needy of cash. There is also no need to furnish ITIN or SSN when registering. Hence, even non-US citizens can leverage these services seamlessly.
In recent times, Clicksor has been a little finicky about the users they reject and accept into the program. This is most applicable for those websites, which are not based from the UK, Canada or USA. It is also applicable for websites, which are not mainly in English. In other instances, there have been reports of improper functioning of referrals and issues with the earnings. However, with multiple ad formats, easy payouts and contextual ads, Clicksor is certainly worth checking out.


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