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Friday, October 21, 2011

Libyans delay burial of Gaddafi pending inquiries

gaddafi dead
Ali Moore, Moderator: Libya has been showing off their former leader, Moamar Gaddafi's bloody body.

These photos are irrefutable proof that a national 42-year dictatorship, and finally ended his long and often intimidated by the rule of tyranny.

Tonight, the celebration continued, Libya, Gaddafi was once envisioned future free from fear regime.

Bennett Middle East correspondent reported. And issue a warning, this story contains some graphic images.

Bennett, reporter: the bodies of their dictator, they celebrate.

These fighters, many people not even born when Moamar Gaddafi came to power. But they brought the end of his reign.

(Video capture Gaddafi)

Ben Knight: He was arrested moments after the shooting on the phone who surrounded him.

He looked shocked and bleeding, but apparently still alive.

Libya's interim government has promised, Gaddafi tried to take alive. But when the time comes to stop the insurgents from their vengeance is always impossible.

Over time, Moamar Gaddafi is seen down on the floor, apparently unconscious.

Put together the end will be difficult.

(Footage of people think that Gaddafi's security chief is to be interviewed)

A person that is responsible for the safety Gaddafi said they fled the city of Sirte, when their convoy was hit by NATO air strikes.

Blue face is Libya's former defense minister who was killed.
gadafi video
Gaddafi and several others tried to escape on foot.

Gaddafi was found hidden in underground pipes.

He marches his trademark golden gun captured evidence.

Gaddafi claimed the interim government was caught in the crossfire, shot in the head.

According to reports, he was taken away by ambulance, but before his death, he went to the hospital.

Libya's interim prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril, the coroner is not able to determine whether the bullets from the rebels or from the Gaddafi forces.

Ben Knight: Regardless of the circumstances of his death, it almost seems that no matter on the ground.

Public CELEBRATOR 1: we catch him, we have to shoot him, it was shooting his gun, nine cents.

Public CELEBRATOR 2: We have done what we do. If necessary, we will do so again.

(Street celebrations in Libya movie)

Ben Knight: In the street, began in February with relief and surprise, the revolution finally succeeded in their ultimate goal.

Male CELEBRATOR 3 (Translation): I can not describe how happy I am. We must get rid of a dictator. His era is over. Thank God Libya is free.

BEN Knight: NATO is already winding down the business, if not the revolution can not succeed.

Libya now a new beginning.

U.S. President Barack Obama: Our work in this operation, I am very proud of. Most importantly, I am very proud of the Libyan people have been made.

Prime Minister Gillard: This is a historic day, the Libyan state. This is a victory of the human spirit of the day, I want to commend Libya thousands of people, courageous, a fight in their own country free.

BEN Knight: Libya's Ambassador to Australia to sever ties with the Gaddafi regime early in the uprising.

Today Musbah Allafi asked how he felt he was the former head of the terrorist dead.

ALLAFI MUSBAH, the Libyan Ambassador to Australia: he put himself in this position. He's a, you know, what happened to him because he insisted to himself in this position is responsible for.

He started from the crisis all the corners of the world there are so many calls, but he never listened to anyone, he chose to move forward and continue to, until he found himself in the end.

Ben Knight: The world's worst atrocities, burning part of his commission, there is little sympathy.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond: So Gaddafi is a brutal dictator, he lived the sword, and now he has died by the sword. I think we must all hope that this will end the internal conflict in Libya.

Ben Knight: Colonel Gaddafi's son's body be more grizzly bear pictures.

Mutassim is his father's national security adviser. He was captured live in Sirte last week.

However, Gaddafi's son and heir favor, Saif Islam's fate is still surrounded by mystery. The latest report, he is still somewhere in the great Libyan desert.

Over the years, the oil industry management to deal with shahs and sheikhs, kings and colonels, dictators, and even democracy. Thus, even before the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi Gaddafi, international oil companies become more familiar with his successor, and find out how to restart the North African country's oil sector.

Met with the Libyan rebel government, the Transitional National Assembly in April, the Italian oil giant Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni. This is the era of Gaddafi in Libya in the largest operator, the company has re-initiated activities. Eni has been told that their contract is still valid, re-Greenstream pipeline last week, a lot of natural gas from Libya to Italy. Before the fighting, the Italian natural gas pipeline approximately 10 percent. Other companies, including American Oasis Group partners, want to return to the original offer.

Nevertheless, the Libyan leader's death marks the end of the world's oil era. Five months later, he seized power in 1969, Gaddafi called a price of crude oil, a quantity, Esso, Libya's head, then called 43 -% of a barrel increase in "out of the world," Daniel Eugene history, "prize."

Shrewd negotiations and threatened a wide range of U.S. companies at least at the time, Western oil companies, Gaddafi got the upper hand. He also earned higher royalties and taxes. Soon other major oil companies agreed to the same terms, and secondly, the other members of OPEC set an example. Gaddafi by a lucky timing and a combination of strong demand, the company and help to change the balance of power between the exporting country.

Insiders said that in the past decade, even in the end of U.S. sanctions and return to their previous fields, Gaddafi welcomed the U.S. company, it is still difficult to deal with him.

This year, after eight months of conflict and civil war, the relevance of world oil Gaddafi has receded.

"Death on the ground Gaddafi underlying dynamics of the oil picture is very small, said:" (Thursday), the investment banking division of Barclays Bank Barclays Capital published a report.

As the fighting eased, oil companies have begun to edge back. The country produces about 40 million barrels, while domestic use is the most important thing is, Barclays analyst Helima L. Croft and Ailidasen wrote. About 13 million barrels per day refining capacity back online, and by the end of this year may be expanded to 300,000 barrels per day.

How long it will take to obtain production rose to about 1.5 million barrels per day, the level before the Civil War is still uncertain.

"Some of the mature oil fields in Libya, such as the Sirte Basin, we need water or gas injection to maintain reservoir pressure, not more than six months, and the risk of failure in this area remains high," Barclays Bank report said.

The report also said that to keep damage and theft, robbery by the machinery, such as generators, water pumps and trucks, the oil from the oil terminal.

However, Eni said its oil facilities are not damaged. The main damage is in the company's quarters, "all movable was stolen, do have that." Fearing security issues remain a problem, Eni said the company will first activate the offshore oil field.

Centralized security, as well as up and down near the pier area is bad.

Barclays Bank report said: "Gaddafi's loss does not necessarily change on the ground, in addressing the country's poverty and general unrest situation."

Once the new government set up a safety production should restart the "relatively quickly," Eni said. Most industry analysts expect at least 500,000 barrels per day output end of the year, and more soon after.

Libya's oil production from the early recovery. In the past few months, stocks have fallen to below the five-year average, while the winter heating season is approaching.

Oil field in Libya, a new international actor may Qatar. Persian Gulf countries to provide military assistance in the past few months, and oil-exporting assistance, many analysts believe it will be rewarded. Muammar Gaddafi's most likely the last day, because it ends: in the extrusion. He almost certainly yard area of ​​700 square meters in the Sirte iron is still loyal to his troops before the rebels in Libya write.

Speculated that the transitional government, Gaddafi is wandering the desert, the recruitment of counter-insurgency warrior for some time. Therefore, at around 8 am, the former rebels may not know that their ultimate goal is to master in their own reality, because they started to beat a small field of the last. It is built around a fleet escaped this time, Gaddafi, according to most accounts.

Held somewhere in the region outside the loyalist, NATO aircraft attacked Gaddafi's motorcade, but did not kill him. According to NATO officials said they did not know Gaddafi inside. However, air strikes, accelerated his demise.

Telegraph "The farmers visited Gaddafi's convoy was hit the scene, and the former dictator's last moments played out, he wrote:" Gaddafi finally the western city of Sirte in an open rural roads following drain cornered the rebels say, a car tried to stop the dawn of the encirclement at them 3 - 4 km or so. West Town, which is a NATO air strikes hit Gaddafi and several bodyguards, and forced to take refuge They were then arrested and taken to the revolutionary forces, and drain. "A man named Mohammed, former rebel fighters," in his 20-year-old young soldier wearing a blue T-shirt and New York Yankees baseball cap, "the BBC said that he found Gaddafi hiding in a tiny drain pipe. colonel allegedly raised his head and said simply: "Do not shoot."

They do not listen.

With distorted vision, crazy Gaddafi Libya, the West
Libya jubilant after the demise of Gaddafi
Full coverage: the anger in the Arab world

How in whose hands, it is Gaddafi death conflicting reports. The first shot, he was still alive, it seems quite certain. Al-Jazeera broadcast a video (below) is almost certainly the last moments of Gaddafi. Once all-powerful dictator to see soaked in blood, apparently disoriented, or to be led around, or the former rebels, brandish guns, because they call him, and yanked his hair, and he shouted back . There are other video after the restraint of his body covered in blood shows that he is being dragged around everywhere, seems to be bleeding from the head and elsewhere. Reuters reported that Gaddafi's death around noon before the rebellion of the officials said Gaddafi, after he caught in the crossfire and his supporters among the captives died.

According to the Associated Press reports: "one fighter said the team was hit, turn around and re-enter the compound, which was then attacked hundreds of soldiers, he said, they found that Gaddafi has, someone shot him with a pistol, However, by the local military committee spokesman said soldiers surrounded the team, and exchanged fire, only to find a car were injured in the neck, Gaddafi. The spokesman said Gaddafi bleeding from his wounds, one and a half hours after death soldier said he died of Misrata way the ambulance. "

However, other reports a different outcome.

CBS reporters Da Weima and Ding Baodao, some people claimed that Gaddafi's bodyguards shot him to his own, he was arrested Rao insult.

Salem Bakeer former rebel named, told Reuters correspondent said he and his comrades chase Gaddafi and his small entourage of bodyguards, after they fled the air strikes after their convoy.

"Initially, we used anti-aircraft guns at them, but it is of no use, says:" Bakeer. "Then we go on foot. One of Gaddafi, waving his rifle in the air and shouted to surrender, but as soon as he saw my face, he started shooting me and then I think there must be told Gaddafi they stop. "Here is my master, my master is here," he said, "Muammar Gaddafi is here and he was injured. "We went, and brought Gaddafi, he said:" This is how is it? Is how is it? How is this going? "Then we put him, put him in the car."

In the capture, Gaddafi has been with his legs, his back injury gunfire, Bakeer said.

"They capture his life, and he was taken away, they beat him, then they killed him," a former rebel of the Reuters reporter said. "He may have been resisted."

Former rebels Adel Samir told the "Daily Telegraph", Gaddafi was shot in the stomach, a 9mm pistol shot. Imad Moustaf, another former rebel fighter, postal Gaddafi has taken the global head and heart. There are some reports that he was shot in the legs.

The Guardian "reported that the Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril said the interim government, Gaddafi's bullet killed in fighting between the government and his loyalists fighting head.

Gaddafi may be bound by the "secret burial"

After some time, Gaddafi was shot, free photographer Holly Pickett tweeted, she saw his body. Pickett said her former rebels embedded ambulance, and found the body of the rebels away from the speed with Gaddafi in Sirte packing Another ambulance.

"From the side door, I can see the bare chest wound and bloody hand, he was wearing gold pants," Pickett tweeted. "In every # # Misrata between Sirte and checkpoints, the crowd has gathered and wanted to know if we are # Gaddafi's body in its ambulances. Hear the truth, # Gaddafi is really dead, the next checkpoint revolutionaries themselves, happy to shout. "

However, the last time he actually started his body image had many rounds in cell phones, computers and television screens around the world, leaving no doubt that Libya's Gaddafi's 42 regular, brutal " Jamahiriya, "reign is over.

Thursday also arrested and killed Gaddafi's fifth son, gorgeous - and his national security adviser - Mutassim Gaddafi, Libya claimed it had arrested a week ago. Former rebel spokesman said, Mutassim killed "resisting his captors," Reuters reports. In addition, the BBC reported that former rebels captured his famous former security chief, Mansouri Erang, it has been reported, fled to Niger. Experts say the new leader of Libya on Friday will have to dig deep find that Gaddafi and his family hiding in the world, then will face a huge legal obstacles to recover all their billions of dollars in cash and assets.

About $ 19 billion in assets, I believe that Gaddafi or under the control of associated companies have found, frozen by the United Nations and Member States, U.S. officials said, because the rebels began fighting his deportation from the power supply.

However, other estimates suggest that Gaddafi control, the United States alone up to 30 billion in assets, plus in Europe and South Africa, a large holding that the United Nations and the United States, money laundering, a former State Department expert Victor Comras.

"Gaddafi is not fake," Comras told Reuters correspondent said. "Obvious and easy money, banks and financial institutions in the West held, has largely been found and stop."

Such as Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Mobutu Sese Seko, Congo, Democratic Republic of the tyrant Gaddafi, like the other "may also squirreled away in the assumed name or secret numbered accounts large sums of money, or currency, precious metals and marketable art and collectibles password box / deposit box stashes "Comras said.

Other assets include indirect holdings of shares held under a pseudonym and a trusted associate or controlled companies and property shares.

Financial Forensics

"Finding the money will need to be very advanced financial forensics and positioning, it is still very difficult," Comras said.

John Christensen, former economic adviser of the tax havens of Jersey and now head of the tax justice network that can be hidden in the Trust and the former company's assets.

"The actual death, the trustees often help their trust," he said. "I've seen this happen in New Jersey, a small-scale and large-scale and place."

Hu Ansar Rath, the former White House and Treasury officials to lead the hunt for Saddam's assets, said: "Hunting is not only itself, but by identifying and unlock the ownership interest of the difficult and complex asset recovery."

Tamraz, have extensive dealings with Libya, a headquarters in Dubai, financier Roger that, ironically, the fact that Gaddafi and his family as their wealth and assets of the Libyan state funding, the recovery may be.

He said Libya to see their national wealth, they kept most of their sovereignty at the overseas entities, such as Libya's investment fund, which will be Gaddafi's successor, than converted to personal use, and then recover hidden assets funds or assets.

"When they run the show, (Gaddafis) do not think they have what is the government (wealth), the distinction between what is private, Tamraz said."

Fragile banking sector

However, NTC is trying to restore the banking system as the vulnerability of Libyan assets abroad cautious, European and U.S. officials said.

Before they can be any long-distance assets, experts and officials said the new authorities in Tripoli must be established to deal effectively and responsibly recycle a lot of the wealth of government procedures and mechanisms.

The United Nations last month, the U.S. government to give approval to release the freezing of Libyan assets will reach $ 1.5 billion Libya National Transitional Council (NTC), but a U.S. official said Thursday, NTC requirements that have been released so far only about $ 700 million of this amount.

European officials and private experts say there is no global legal framework or set of procedures for tracking, recovery and repatriation of the deposed regime, misappropriation or misuse of assets of the treaty.

"There is no single international legal system", the asset will be recovered, by country, Jonathan Winer, former U.S. State Department official said.

Asset recovery efforts may be further complicated by the victims of such violence, such as the explosion allegedly by the IRA in Northern Ireland to provide explosives Gaddafi legal claim, said Wenner.

Deal with such claims, and to recover assets of more than 42 years Caza Philippines will be a rule to obtain all the "evil sort out the confusion in the law," he said.

Management of Gaddafi and his family's assets may bankers' assets now, if you belong to them, "especially those into individual holdings, says Comras.

Comras said: "Some of these criminals could eventually be brought to justice. Others are likely to remain undetected,."

Shares in Juventus

Libya's Gaddafi or family members as sovereign assets under the control of the country including the United States, Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Malta and some African countries.

State Department cable to obtain a decrypted by the Wikipedia community that, as of 2006, in Italy, holding a Libyan government funds, including Fiat's 2%, 15% Tamoil energy companies, and 7.5% of which football club Juventus Gaddafi time in Saturday's son Saadi board. Cable said the fund, as LFICO, but also in the UK more than $ 5 million yuan investment.

Pearson, with the London "Financial Times" in the UK publishing giant, announced in March, according to legal advice, frozen in the Libyan Investment Authority holds its shares 3.27% of the shares.

"We are closely monitoring the situation," Pearson spokesman said on Friday. "Once the lifting of sanctions, Pearson will take the necessary steps to ensure that the shares, and enter the payment of any dividend freeze thaw account as soon as possible."

Pearson, he said, "has long been clear that it wants these assets can be used to benefit the people of Libya as soon as possible." On Friday, the Libyan authorities prepare to bury the slain former leader Muammar Gaddafi Gaddafi appealed to his death, which came later, he begged his life and his revolutionary soldier accused of holding anger in the case investigation, according to the new video.

Dramatic challenge of the new film, Gaddafi is the fair treatment of his captives, he was seized (Thursday) the official account, but he was in the "crossfire" loyalty to the revolutionary soldiers and armed police killed. After-action report released on Friday, NATO says air strikes on Gaddafi's heavily armed convoy "could lead to his arrest." NATO's governing body meeting to discuss arrangements for the end of the operation of the alliance in Libya.

At the same time, human rights, UN officials said the investigation of abuse in Libya might set up a group to see Gaddafi's death, his capture, while trying to hide in a large drain, because he fled his Sirte last stronghold.

Libya's revolutionary government, the Transitional National Assembly, the spokesman said on Friday it will go to bury the body as in Gaddafi's plans ahead of schedule in line with Islamic tradition. But how he died, and his account of differences in cell phone video captured the issues raised, prompting calls for investigation. Gaddafi's body is still on (Friday) Misurata, Sirte, 153 miles west of the city, where it brings revolutionary fighters.

Local officials said that Gaddafi's body was held in an industrial zone of Misurata meat locker Friday. Long line of men waiting outside to see it go, Sydney Kwiram said a city researcher at Human Rights Watch. She said many men appeared shouting, "God is great!"

She said that in the bodies of those who watch the Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril.

鲁珀特科尔 Virginia, the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, a spokesman said: "We believe it necessary to conduct the investigation." "Need more detail to determine whether he died of some form of battle, or executed after his arrest," he told reporters. "Mobile video has emerged - he was alive, he was dead - the total is very disturbing." But, Colville said it was too early to say whether Libya's national team will recommend a formal investigation or international level, according to the Associated Press reported.

Jerky video display of the phone, Gaddafi, his blood soaked face and shoulders, pushed revolutionary fierce.

Shouted: "get his pipe!" One, obviously referring to Thursday, where he found a drainage culvert. "God is great!" Shouted several revolutionaries, shooting rifles.

Another video showing a loss Gaddafi took roughly on the hood of a truck and being beaten, slapped. The third shows him begging revolutionaries, "there is mercy, do not hit me!" The Arabic television channel Al-Arabiya video shows.

At one point, soldiers briefly on the hood of a truck driving around like Gaddafi in his victory parade. "We want him alive," to hear a man shouting in front of the former strongman drag cover.


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