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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Video Gamers Solve the Bioinformatics Problem

gamers solve puzzling science problem
For years, scientists have been dedicated to understanding and decoding a key to development in the HIV structural proteins, until recently, they have succeeded. Fortunately, just tons last week, he cracked the code under a new plan to use video games to help solve the problem. Online video game called FoldIt purpose is to help solve problems like this, and thank rapid solution to the problem of thousands of video game players spent hundreds of hours issue. The researchers said that this is absolutely amazing how fast the players can do this; from player to crack the code of less than three weeks, three years to complete the study of proteins is an absolute waste. This type of research is still very sophisticated, although previous beliefs, it will never be able to successfully prove that the work of the players, combined with the computer power of the human brain is an effective way to solve complex problems.

At this point, medical experts say, the information is simply amazing, and so many future projects is expected to be through games and other online project plan. What may be the future, but it looks like the future of medical and technological research does not seem the case may be based entirely on the power distribution through the brain and other online video game enthusiasts. Clearly, there is no computer on the Internet that everyone with brain power smart.


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