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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Highlights of New Scheme of Studies and Curriculm

Highlights of New Scheme of Studies
1- Islamiat will be taught as an integrated subject in Classes I-II and a separate full fledged subject from III to XII.
2- Ethics/Morality will be taught to non Muslim students in lieu of Islamiat.
3- Advanced Islamic Studies will be offered in Classes IX-X and XI-XII as an elective subject in Humanities Group.
4- General Science will be compulsory from Classes IV-VIII.
5- Pakistan Studies will be compulsory up to Class-X and Advance Pakistan Studies will be offered as Elective subject for Class-XI & XII.
6- History and Geography will be taught as compulsory subjects in Classes VI-VIII. The Curriculum will include History of the Sub Continent up to the creation of Pakistan in 1947.
7- Teaching of Computer Literacy (applied/ hands on) will be compulsory for Classes VI- VIII after years.
8- Computer Science will be an elective subject in Classes IX-X and will be offered as a Group in XI-XII.
9- Elective Subjects for Humanities Group will be offered in combinations of three related subjects for Classes IX-X and XI-Xii.
10- Foreign Students may opt History and Geography of Pakistan in Lieu of Urdu Compulsory.
11- Medical Technology Group (Six technologies) at Classes XI and XII introduced.
12- After 5 years Science and Mathematics will be taught in English in all schools.


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