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Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekers Secretary visits South America

Weekers Minister of Finance from Sunday 25 March to Sunday, April 1 on mission in South America. He successively to Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Purpose of travel is the good relations between the Netherlands and South American countries to further enhance and concluding tax treaties.

Frans Weekers: "Our extensive network of tax makes the Netherlands a popular country for foreign companies and investors. And Dutch entrepreneurs doing business abroad know thanks to the conventions exactly where they stand. Therefore we also conclude treaties with Chile and Colombia. "

In Brazil, where the Secretary of State on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 March, he visited the Brazilian banks and companies. He will also in talks with the top of the Dutch industry and Dutch banks. Are also meetings with the Ministry of Finance, the tax authorities and the central bank of Brazil on the program.

On Wednesday 28 March, Weekers in Chile where he met with the Chilean Minister of Finance and a meeting with the Association of Chilean entrepreneurs attending, where he delivered a speech will keep on the euro crisis and the importance of a growing industry for the economy.

On Thursday 29 March the Secretary of State continues his visit to Colombia where he talks with the Minister of Finance. He also visits a Dutch flower grower in Bogota.

Netherlands currently has no tax treaty with Chile and Colombia. Use of this visit is, therefore, with both Chile and Colombia to conclude a treaty to avoid double tax is paid and double exemptions.


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