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Saturday, June 11, 2011

What should we do at Child Labour Day 12 june

child labour 2011World Anti Child Labour Day, began in Accra yesterday, the theme is: "Warning! Children in hazardous work: the end of child labor"
Retired CHRAJ Commissioner, Mr. Emile Short, the President is defined as the work of this program, deprived them of their childhood, the potential and dignity, which is harmful to physical, spiritual and intellectual development of children in child labor.
In order to effectively combat the worst forms of child labor scouge and the shortest period of time to eliminate, said Mr. Short, Ghana to participate on the Child Labour (ILO / IPEC) program to eliminate the ILO signed a memorandum of understanding and the International Labour Organization 2000 (MOU).

This, he said, followed by ratification of ILO Convention No. of child labor (WFCL), thereby eliminating the worst forms of 182, committed to the establishment of effective and time-bound measures to solve this problem.

He pointed out that the World Day against Child Labour provides an opportunity to gain further support for individual government and the ILO's social partners (employers and workers organizations), civil society and other people, including schools, youth and women's groups and the media in the campaign against child labor .

The Deputy Minister of Information, Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa noted that in 2003 Ghana Child Labour Survey (GCLS 2003) of Ghana, the 636 million children aged 5 to 17 years old, 2.47 billion dollars (nearly 40, with an estimated population of the age of statistical services per group) were engaged in economic activities classified some 127 million one of the activities of child labor and child labor million of these under 13 years of age.

He said it was time to fight child labor, and take in the view of our national policy.
childlabour pakistan
In his keynote speech, Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Welfare. Mr. Antwi Boasiako - Sekyere that the estimated number of children involved in child labor and their contacts, such as physical, psychological or s*xual abuse. Today, the country will wish to comply with the 10th World Day Against Child Labour, in the next five years to eliminate the most harmful forms of child labor.

This year's theme is "Children in hazardous work WARNING:! End child labor", the day will be observed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment-led organizations.

Relevant ministries, the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNICEF, Save the Children, Manusher Jonno Foundation, Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum, Together with working children and will abide by the day.

Organizations, on the eve of Labour Day, held in the city yesterday at the National Press Club social news conference.

"The Government is determined to solve the 2016 Worst Forms of hope and danger, this time to achieve goals, said:" Abdur Razzaque, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Labour introduced the keynote paper.

He said: "The government has hired a plan of action developed and implemented national attempt to eradicate child labor policy to eliminate harmful forms of child labor, especially its consultants."
child labour india
ILO Director-General Juan Somavia, in a message on the occasion, called for renewed efforts to ensure that less than the minimum age for employment in the education of all children, not exposed to harmful work, and to strengthen workplace safety and health of workers system. Jamaica will join the World Anti Child Labour Day observed tomorrow, Sunday, June 12th in the world.

As the International Labour Organization (ILO) continued to drive to eradicate the worst forms of child labor, this day will be observed under the theme of 'children in hazardous work'.

Child labor, child abuse in the form of child to do any work, mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to them, interfere with their studies.

To attend the Ministry of Labour and Social Security June 10 press conference, Minister Pearnel Charles said that in the past decade has been focused on child labor has increased dramatically.
child labour pakistan
He said the government has the full support of child units, and added: "We are committed to protecting children and law enforcement law according to the law."

"We do recognize that many of our children face the harsh environment, so through the promotion through health and education (path) program, the government extended the last financial year, 38 billion dollars, 4.2 billion. In addition, we have been supported by A number of special education programs for young people, "he said.

Mr. Charles pointed out that children are the future, so try to participate in the work of children, which would interfere with their education and development should be resisted. Child poverty and family working in mines, said the most common cause of the disintegration of two children in Bolivia, UNICEF Protection Officer Sandra Reilly Ya Nuolei. Government of Bolivia and UNICEF's support, recently announced new measures to prevent the exploitation of child labor.
child labour punishment

"Money is for children who regularly attend school. This is a contribution to family income to pay for educational materials, indirect costs of preventing child labor," she explained.

Even so, Augustine can not imagine not my future - its source of income, he knows best. "In some years, there have been a lot of tourists, so we can do a lot of money. For example, one day we can run two or three travel."
child labour
He added: "If you're a doctor, you can get sick, they do not how much money in Bolivia. And teachers - there are various rules holding them back. But I, if I put some of my trip, I can do a lot of money. "

For Augustine and San Diego, in my life is still the opportunity before now. As the afternoon wore on, Santiago heard the call and pushed into the mine, the metal car back again. Children over the age of 15 may not work at night or work of any industrial or hazardous employment. It is also a child for the crime of indecent assault or immoral purposes.

The children's registry, and child shares in the joint statement the Ministry of Labour, recently said it was to remind the public, people who knew or suspected child abuse cases, including child labor, who do not make a report the registry, you can receive $ 500,000, or six months, or both imprisonment.

unicef childlabour factsJamaica, together with forces of other countries in the world to mark today's World Day Against Child Labour Child Labour on June 12 ... more than 20 crore children are still engaged in child labor. More than half of them facing the worst forms of child labor. Although India already has the largest number of suspected child the difference, which is a global disaster. Asia-Pacific accounted for 41 of all child accounts, followed by Africa and Latin America 33 percent and eight percent. Child labor exists in the United States and parts of Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Push factors include extreme poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness, parents, credulity and the United Nations child-friendly attitude in the community and some social and cultural discrimination, gender bias, denial of legal protection and development of thin epitaxial interests. Absence or lack of educational facilities, the country's inadequate capacity to deal effectively with such floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, drought and famine, there are other reasons. Such as deforestation, mining and displacement disasters are primarily responsible for the development of children falling prey to child labor.


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