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Monday, August 30, 2010

Now Big Brother 12 - bbt

I hate to say it, but there is one thing, Enzo has made significant strides in this game: move forward brigade.

Now, it seems, the teams making the final four, and they basically have the Enzo to thank for it. He concentrated on getting rid of their union side, and it seemed that he was one to admit that Matt was not as loyal as the other members. Nevertheless, it still annoys me that in all other respects, he played a bad game.

But enough about Enzo, let’s go back to the game.

Lane opens a Pandora’s box with a ridiculous result of the season. He has a chance to win $ 10000, but won only $ 91.17. As a result, the entire house receives three penalties, starting with silver cups or during the week. After that, the bump in the road, Lane makes a decision, he feared, and appoints Ragan and Enzo. Go to my “nothing to lose and everything to gain” mantra this season, it would seem, must win Ragan POV. But Enzo super upset was nominated for Britney. If he wins POV, Lane, probably nominate Britney, and they are likely to send her home.

If the Smart Lane and he will make Hayden a pawn in this situation so that he could stay on good terms with Britney Spears. Which, apparently, he must, because Britney did not think to vote for Lane to win Big Brother 12! She admits that Hayden Lane does not need the prize money. Is Britney trying to get a good relationship with Hayden or her seriously? Hard to say, but alliances in this game, sure, become more interesting.


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