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Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Saudi crown prince?

Nayef, the new Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah's heir, the prince said on Saturday oil-rich kingdom would remain stable, despite the troubled Middle East turmoil.

He said: "Let our reality, we live in such conditions in the region, where turbulence from all sides," because he spoke in his first national television to become the Saudi crown prince.

"(King Abdullah) leadership and trust of his people, he can continue the affairs of the Kingdom in all its stability and security."

Saudi Arabia has largely escaped the forced three heads of state's office, and threatened at least two people, thanks to generous spending plans for the Saudi "Arab Spring" unrest.

Prince Nayef has been running in recent years, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan of the late country, at the same time every day for a long time. Saudi crown prince in a new 36-year career, he defeated the "base" organization of the kingdom's ambitions terror earned the nickname "Prince" shadow, there may be radical Islamists, the survival of the assassination attempt.

Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz became known as the "prince of shadows," former U.S. ambassador Charles Freeman said, because he was in charge of Saudi Arabia's secret police, because he's a night owl schedule , long after midnight meetings.

The man who is now on the next line to become King of Saudi Arabia is widely acclaimed. After turning back to Saudi Arabia in 2003 and 2006 wave of terror between the relative security and stability. "He supervised a very successful counter-terrorism strategy," said a U.S. official familiar with Saudi Saudi Arabia, who credits the effective driving of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the terrorist group's local subsidiary, the "base" organization out of Prince Nayef security Kingdom.

Nayef, 78, has been since 1975 within the Kingdom Minister is responsible for internal security, and according to a 2009 U.S. State Department cable leaked by the WikiLeaks, his worldview is framed us / Saudi cooperation, the threat from Iran , to defeat terrorism inside Saudi Arabia. Cable described him as "a pragmatic conservative" who, "continued security cooperation and other forms of [the U.S.], but may also prove than the current leadership on human rights issues are more resistant."

A series of high profile, including Paul Johnson, a U.S. citizen in Riyadh, and a U.S. consulate in Jeddah attacked in 2004, the beheading of the terrorist attacks, the Kingdom's security forces under the leadership of Nayef, has been to prevent comparable operating Over the past five years. Kill or capture high-level AQAP operatives, including terrorist organizations, the first business leaders, they are able to foil in 2006, AQAP attack Abqaiq oil facility, the largest of the kingdom.

May also have been several attempts Nayef's life, but a U.S. official said the incident, which involved at his residence, and opened fire on his convoy, it is unclear whether it constitutes a comprehensive assassination attempt.

Nayef's son, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, however, has more than one assassination attempt of the target. Mohammed, Deputy Interior Minister, survival in the August 2009 bombing, a man with a hidden bomb apparently detonated his device near the body cavity.

Allegedly, the bomb was designed to AQAP bombmaker Ibrahim Asiri, the same Saudi expatriates designed underwear Abdulmutallab with a bomb in his attempt to bring down the flight more than 253 in northwest Detroit for Christmas 2009. Bombers, died in the explosion, AL - Asiri's brother Abdullah. Prince Mohammed survival was slightly injured.

Nayef made the appointment of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on whether the reform will continue, but in 2009 his son Mohammed said after trying of life, the U.S. diplomatic cable leaked, Nayef "clear and their reform to. "cables quoted him as saying," national security efforts and will not change reform strategy is the following. "

And although Nayef is a social conservative and progressive efforts to improve the king's rights and political participation of women in skepticism, it is his safety, to promote initiatives for women's ID card, and then allow them to be registered in the universities, establish an independent business bank account.

Brothers in Saudi Arabia, successor of his brother, not his brother's son, to minimize the founding of the Saudi King Abdul Aziz's 37 sons of the family feud. Crown Prince Nayef's mother in the family is a favorite of the late king set up one of the most powerful of the seven brothers. The King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, 87 years old, king since 2005. Nayef - nearly four decades, has served as Minister of the Interior, led by the "base" organization in the fight against the Kingdom - the Royal Decree on Thursday was named as the success in the United States who died last week after a long illness, was buried at Prince Sultan Riyadh.
   The new palace in Riyadh, Crown Prince received his subjects, according to state media.
   Ceremony is open to all citizens, who fell to meet the new crown prince, and the traditional monarchy.
   In the vast desert kingdom citizens in other regions will be able to pledge allegiance to the governor on Sunday, they are members of the Saudi royal family.
   Prince Nayef to Prince Edward, 78, on Thursday the appointment of Saudi Arabia is a source of satisfaction, "is" Al - Watan daily said, "praised his country's quality."
   Al Riyadh daily Nayef, who was promoted to First Deputy Second Deputy Prime Minister said, "that he" deserved to give his safety position and political experience. Nayef also served as Minister of the Interior for 36 years.
   "His work in people," because the internal and regional dynamics "need an experienced and committed people" power under the heading, "the editorial said, Al Jazeera, another Saudi paper," The difficult task of the people . "
   As an oil-rich country, a major U.S. ally in the Middle East, the successor to the throne, U.S. President Barack Obama welcomed Nayef choice.
   "Obama on Friday issued a statement saying:" We know and respect him in the United States for his strong commitment to combat terrorism and support for regional peace and security.
   "The United States look forward to our close cooperation with the Crown Prince Nayef partnership to continue in his new identity for us to strengthen the United States and Saudi Arabia in-depth and long-term friendship."
   Nayef is known as the iron fist of a man, has become a bastion of the Saudi dynasty, and supervision of the "base" organization of a very successful battle, but also against all forms of rapid and severe treatment.
   Ministry of the Interior, under his leadership, the face of the Kingdom of the "base" organization and between 2003 and 2006, the bloody wave of attacks increased.
   He hit on the network, forcing its leaders and its members fled to Yemen, they continue to threaten Saudi interests. He also removed the network to collect donations for charity.
   Nayef is also responsible for the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, which attracts from abroad about two million people, and the ceremony next week's security measures during the year.
   Nayef name seems to be a smooth move, although to a week after the death of Sudan.
   King Abdullah made his choice, and tell the "good guys will be," a senior member of the Saudi royal family of small plates was established in 2006 to ensure a peaceful succession.
   "Transition, with no complications," Al Riyadh daily said the king's decision "is consistent with the collective will of the" loyalty board.
   According to regulations, the current king is under no obligation to name his successor, in consultation with the Council ", but insisted that King Abdullah informed the Security Council," Saudi analyst Jam Khashogji AFP correspondent said.
   Meanwhile, the king has not been named a new Secretary of Defense to replace since 1962, the portfolio held by Sudan to raise awareness of the dispute between the king room.


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