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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pakistan cricket players questioned over 'betting scam'

Three Pakistan cricket players have been questioned by police over claims they were involved in a betting scam, the team manager has said.
Yawar Saeed said cricket was not "institutionally corrupt" in Pakistan, and the claims were unproven.The News of the World claims it paid a middleman for details of three no-balls later bowled by Pakistan as predicted. Despite the claims about the ongoing Test, the match went ahead at Lord's, with England winning the series.
Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani said the allegations made his country "bow its head in shame". He has asked his government's Ministry of Sport to conduct an inquiry. Pakistan's Sports Minister Ijaz Jakhrani said any players found guilty would face life bans.
"We will take strict action, but first we will have to look at the inquiry report [from the British police] and once it is out and implicates someone then we will give exemplary punishment," he said.
If any wrongdoing was proven, he said "all the players involved must forget to play for Pakistan in the future".
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