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Friday, September 24, 2010

Eddie Fisher Left the World at 82

This is a sad day in the music world. Because you believably have already heard Eddie Fisher has passed away. As I am typing these lyric I am having trouble describing how much his music means to me as a fan, and how much I know it means to countless other people out there who are devastated later hearing the tragic news.

The smooth sound of ‘Wish You Were Here’ is flowing over my room, and although I’ve listened to it a grand times, this time, the words mean something different, they mean so much more.

Instead on focusing on his death, I’ve decided to focus on his life for the rest of this article. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, you may be wondering, who is Eddie Fisher?
As a life, he was born on August 10, 1928 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His family gave him the nickname ‘Sonny Boy’. He discovered his talent for singing at a very young age and entered many amateur contests, and it is no surprise that more much than not he won. Before he even achieved the age of 18 he new exactly what he wanted to do with his life, at least professionally speaking. During the second semester of his senior year in high school he dropped out to follow his dream of becoming a famous musician. Cleary this worked out for him because not only did he sell millions of records, but he also had his own television program.


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