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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lisa Pavin's Magazine Cover

Lisa Pavin's Magazine Cover
Lisa Pavin has risen to fame as the most high profile captain’s wife in the history of golf Ryder Cup, and she can not figure out why?

The famous wife has been recognized for getting into public claps with the media. And now she can bring the title “cover girl” to her list. This month, Lisa Pavin graces the cover of Avid Golfer wearing simply a red, white and blue sheet. The patriotic theme is followed by a super crucifix necklace.

Lisa Pavin was her husband’s assistant before they became romantically  involved. Corey Pavin has stood over for his wife: “A lot’s been said about that photograph, but to me, I thought it was done in great taste. I thought it was a beautiful picture and she’s a beautiful woman.
Lisa Pavin's Magazine Cover
While acknowledging that golfer’s wife received much attention Pavin did not think it will turn into a game at Celtic Manor future week, even if he knows Fleet Street tabloids will try everything viable to make it one.
As far as Lisa Pavin is concerned, her newfound popularity is surprising. It is called for  a life of its own but I really do not deserve this much attention, the attractive 36 year  old told Fox News. “I laugh because I think, ‘Wow, I haven’t done anything to have so many people talking about me.’”


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