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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pakistan's Flood Victims, Two Billion Dollars

UN aid for Pakistan's flood victims more than two billion dollar aid appeal has been issued.
United Nations before any natural disaster in history to support such a large scale was not appealed.
Pakistan's Flood Victims

This support, of which fifty million dollars has already been assembled, fourteen million during the next year to help flood victims and to the economic structure will be used have been affected by this disaster.
The amount demanded has been supporting the United Nations closer than fifteen different departments and so many other relief agencies will be spent on projects.
The worst disaster in the history of Pakistan, about two million people are affected and this resulted in a land area of England has gone under water and UN officials say that the new appeal now that the flood destroyed can be estimated, which Pakistan is facing at this time.
Half months in Pakistan for more than tens of million people in the ongoing flood khucky everything. Roads, bridges, road, transportation, agriculture, economy, basic economic structure, everything has been badly affected, or of broken Breaks victim was struck. which resulted in the development process of Pakistan next few years is expected to be affected.
UN humanitarian affairs office 'auca' that tens of thousands of people own businesses, shops and financial resources have been lost and that next year's crops that growers planning to sow were added, to rely on them now will help .

Millions of homeless girls who are involved

Health officials are tnybh that adverse health pandemic diseases arising from water erupted for fear of falling is that flood victims are now living in circumstances in which they are very mkdus.
Pakistan officials say they get this problem in the world has had to toil for. The weak government of Pakistan and delicate challenge for the economy is great.

U.S. special envoy, Richard Holbrooke for Pakistan and Afghanistan that officials would try myself, but to help rebuild the country will not be possible.


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