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Monday, December 27, 2010

MTA-Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Mta, For the third time in as many millions of years of straphangers, the commuter rail riders and drivers of metropolitan New York will once again pay more for transportation starting December 30.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Jay Walder said the agency had no choice given its financial situation, which has already introduced closings of subway lines and any reduction in bus service. The biggest hike is about a third of all users of the subway and buses that use 30-day unlimited MetroCard. It will rise from $ 89 to $ 104. The base fare for personal travel on buses, subways and stays Access-A-Ride $ 2.25 for seniors and pay 1.10.
Single tickets available in vending machines are and 2.50.

The seven days will MetroCard to $ 29. The express bus fares and 5.50 establishments with off-peak rates of $ 2.75. Most Long Island Rail Road fares will increase by 7.6 percent to 9.4 percent depending on the type of ticket and how far the passenger travels. Tolls on MTA bridges and tunnels will rise to $ 6.50 to most parts for cash customers and increase by 23 cents to 4.80 and at most parts for E-ZPass users. More detailed information can be obtained online at Although the fate of ATM is precarious, the Long Island Bus riders face an uncertain future since their travel is concerned. The MTA at its meeting on 15 December approved a 2011 budget without money for Long Island Bus. The problem is that the MTA has been subsidizing the commuter bus line by tens of millions of years and is reluctant to continue the largesse.


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