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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The New York Bulls Lose Sloppy Christmas Game

Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer never eased the pressure, but even they fell flat too often to carry the Bulls on their back against the Knicks. The 103-95 loss in New York is only their second over the last 11 games this December.
If I told you the Bulls would take 12 more shots from the field and nine more at the FT line than the Knicks, while forcing 24 turnovers, you'd assume the Bulls blew them out. Not so.

The Knicks (18-12) beat the brick-tastic Bulls (18-10) at the Madison Square Garden 103-95 in a very sloppy matchup. A hilariously bad first quarter by both teams gave the Knicks a slight 21-20 edge, but when the energy picked up, the Bulls dominated the paint while the Knicks knocked down shots. The Bulls' 54-52 halftime lead was vulnerable unless a team effort could be displayed. That team effort came out, but it was the Knicks who escalated the aggressiveness in the passing lanes and blocking shots while moving the ball effectively around the perimeter. The Bulls were more physical, but could never get the inside-out game going and were limited to 12 points in the final quarter where they controlled the pace, but couldn't capitalize.


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