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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Music: Tyga ‘Black Thoughts 2’

Tyga teams up with DJ ill Will and DJ Rockstar for the second installment in his Black Thoughts  mixtape series. The Young Money rapper calls in favors from guests including Game, Lloyd, Mario, Gudda Gudda, and Pharrell, who appears on The Neptunes-helmed “First Time,” and nabs production from Lex Luger, Jess Jackson, and more. Get inside Tyga’s mind.
black thoughts
Some people say, think death means the beginning of maturity. Well, my maturity is 10 years old from the beginning.

Time is a hill behind the school, there is unrest in years left a huge spider web of air-raid shelter. We often go to hide and seek Fangliao Xue urchin - because the children a strong spirit of adventure, but there is the greatest temptations and challenges. I am also one of them.

One afternoon, the practice of the game began. We made soon shouting, rushed from the hole to go. I kept urging the people behind the soon to keep up, their buried depths of dark directed ran. When I suddenly realized that some things wrong, I have been alone in the darkness - I have lost them!

My courage goes a little bit over time. I seem to have been blindfolded groping for a century, hit his head I do not know how many bags, the body roll I do not know how much mud, his voice yelling, and fear because of dumb dumb.

Heavy pressure from all directions over the dark, packed my breath, I suddenly thought of death!

Death, is not feeling the same way: hard to face up, but it does not see; desperately yelling, not even pay any attention to you all a Grasshopper; no singing, no one in the play, not even people to fight with you!

Perhaps because of fear of forgetting to cry. Unable to sit on the damp ground, relying on the cold cement wall, I began to think if I really die, who sad? Mom and Dad and brother younger sister are, of course needless to say, the class teacher will certainly sad, because no one questions the handle class held it aloft, neighbors chubby also, because I promised the 10 cards have not to him. Should be most happy that the poor little at the same table, right? Because no one would in her elbow out of bounds to give her a heavy blow, no one will put some of her pencil box, "cute" little animals. . . . . .

When I re-took courage, and finally touched a hole and saw the stars outside, I tried to cheer up and staggered towards the long absence, the world sprang. . . . . .

A 10-year-old boy who died from so close.

(Postscript: extremely awkward to escape home, under the carrot and stick I Met Your Mother, and people have to conclude that a fight. Had been in the dark as I am as concerned about their loved ones as hated as the witch actually thought I was partners the end of the game already slipping into the house?!

There are still a little guy put your hand to answer questions too high, chubby still eagerly waiting for him every day, playing cards, poor little at the same table rubbing elbows still complain to the teacher, will be issued at some point suddenly scream. . . . . .

World remains the same. )


Often innocently believe that death is the essence of what? Is there a way to change? Is like a fairy tale of the beautiful bubbles disappear in the sun? Or the end of a section of track and began the next paragraph Road?

Reincarnation really exist? Eye in the sky really can see the past life of the emotions it? Forget to drink a bowl of really cure my mundane reincarnations it?

Who can answer me?

And has left me, and I have respect for the loved ones they have questions?

That afternoon, the weather is always overcast, until now, you can also feel the time Fengyuyulai of depression. A group of little children who started to say goodbye to them a respectable teacher. She is a returned overseas Chinese in Indonesia, taught us a full six years of primary school mathematics, usually so kind and so happy, but when a sudden unexpected death.

Mortuary bed, she lay peacefully, I suddenly felt strongly that as usual she just take a nap in her soft palm fat can still lift the same as before touching my head, you can also pick up the pointer to play I Ziyaliezui hand was red. . . . . . She could not just leave her children out of love, she has not seen these kids grow up!

So truly the face of death, it comes out of every pore in the atmosphere makes me hate. Death, turned out to be so blind so barbaric aggression against our lives.

Junior school, because the train was late to school, already a two o'clock midnight. Sultry summer quarters not closed, Mo Zhaohei the tired and fell on the bed, called the cicada noise in Gua drift off to sleep in frogs. I did not think it turned out to be a heartbreaking summer.

Opened his eyes awakened from a dreamless, the day has been turned on. Roommate of a fellow student sitting on my bed, woke up to see me and told me to swim to the park yesterday, Lee died of drowning. I laughed, said, you're that guy, do not open such a joke!

Really, this is true.

Looked at his serious eyes behind the lens, I fretting out. Bite your tongue! Good yesterday, having nightmares, right? Hey, you listen, it was yesterday nightmares!

No one answered me.

His bed is empty! He was once lively!

My head suddenly became a blank.

, I have been forced those memories are blank, can not remember who we have 423 dorm close brothers, who sing with us, screaming with fists and used to sleep with martial arts star in the whole game with snoring every night to catch a Chao Zuoye absently with a beautiful girl to dinner, where the eyes are floating. . . . .

San Huofan until graduating seniors, in order to not attend, he is the seven of us drunk and cry. . . . . .

Life is like a delicate porcelain, could be so fragile and vulnerable!

Why death can take away a life so easily, like a naughty child inadvertently picked the flowers branches? After that huge black curtain, what what what what, what exactly is a mystery?

The pain of living, the dead we know it?


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