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Friday, June 10, 2011

And warned in a bleak future 'faced by NATO, the U.S. Defence Secretary

 Issued U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, a fierce attack on the complacency European Defence, claiming that NATO has become a "two levels" that the EU was ready to go to war, and those who only "speak" and peace-keeping involved.
nato bleak future

In statements issued to him and the Ministry of Defence in the past five years, and the first two nights of warning the U.S. president, Gates said that the retreat of Washington's commitment to European security may indicate the presence of alliance 60 years) died. Three weeks ago in Brussels as a retirement farewell speech, the Minister of Defense, Gates and full of anger and European defense spending cuts, inefficiency and poor planning for contempt, and read the Riot Act and the majority of European elite.

Facing NATO, "a bleak, that were not the worst," In the future, commissioned by the "collective military is irrelevant," said Gates, the first warning that NATO in stoppage time, a new life, and the leaders of the United States is likely to give young an important pillar of transatlantic security was established in 1949.

"If the decline in European defense capabilities to reduce, and not the opposite of current trends, the future political leadership of America - those who have not been the formation of the experience of the Cold War, which for me is - may not be considered by NATO and the United States the cost of the return on investment" . He criticized the bombing in Europe against Gaddafi in Libya, to tell the Europeans forget to troops from Afghanistan in a piecemeal manner, any idea, and said that the new factors that raise the big question for the survival of NATO is a "political and economic development in the American environment."

"In the history of the most powerful military alliance is one of only 11 weeks to run the system a weak armed, a country with low population density," said Gates, the Libyan campaign, led by Britain and France. "Request that many of its allies started in the short term of ammunition, and the United States, once again, to compensate for this difference."

The share of U.S. military spending of NATO to 75%, much higher than it was at the height of the Cold War, when Washington was to keep thousands of U.S. troops in Europe, and hundreds of people. The U.S. taxpayer does not bear much longer - the U.S. Congress and "a large group of the American political system" to resist consumer ", and it seems that the State is ready and eager to American taxpayers to shoulder the burden of increased security on behalf of the funds left behind more and more valuable cut the defense budget in Europe ".

Has become a NATO was "ready and able to pay between prices and the burden of obligations, and those who like to join the interests of NATO, but do not want to participate in the risks and costs," the fall of the wrath of Gates.

Referring to the 20 years of age his growth in the United States President Barack Obama, Gates said that Washington was to ensure security, embodied in Europe, NATO, and owing to the changing generations disappear.

"I'm the last of the U.S. government, which is the product of the Cold War, said senior leaders," former president of the Central Intelligence Agency. Colleagues in the "historical and emotional attachment" to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is "old."

"You have in the new Congress, which is probably old enough for my children or grandchildren a lot." Generational change, economic hardship and Europe refuse to feed the private security responsibilities to the lower North Atlantic Treaty Organization, you may end.

He said: "Over the past 20 years can not continue to drift," Gates said. "In the past, and I'm concerned about NATO to the two-tier public: One of the members of the 'soft' development, humanitarian, and maintenance and professional duty to speak, those who were" difficult combat missions "... this is no longer a source of concern hypothetical. We have today, This is unacceptable. "He said in March, had voted in all Member States of NATO in the 28 countries for the benefit of the Libyan delegation. "Less than half of the participants were willing to participate in the strike of the task of third less," he said. "Frankly, those who sit on the sidelines of many allies do not do it because they do not want to participate, but because they can not.'s Military capability does not exist."
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