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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss America: Miss USA 2011

miss usaThe "Miss America" ​​beauty pageant was held in Las Vegas on Sunday. This is definitely a flashy, Glam and the general beauty bikini hearty service. Who can resist this sweet treat? I know I will tune to see who will represent my hometown in Michigan, of course, when the catty watercooler chat addicted "Can you believe she wore that?" Wet your game on NBC this Sunday's appetite, healthy Hollywood's Fab Food Friday is a departure from their diet / nutrition on normal fares and service secrets contestants brave the food. After all, who knows about beauty, these girls are more intimate than the tips - some of whom have the championship to the United States their lives.

A Miss America competitors spend less time out of their crazy plans this week in Las Vegas to share their favorite Hollywood health tips.

2011 Miss America contestant, "beauty and health secrets:

Miss Connecticut USA has been using home-made body scrub, from the use of coffee grounds, sugar, olive oil to make her skin soft. Miss Delaware, has been in place behind the gymnasts to use her "butt glue" of her swimsuit. Miss Georgia, Visine eye used to minimize acne redness.

Miss Mississippi on her stomach on the preparation of H and packaging it to take down the swelling before going to bed plastic wrap. She needs it off in the morning and prepare the stomach with a thin event. Miss Illinois frozen in her eyes on the green tea bags to reduce the swelling.

Miss Colorado, on every night on the re-adjustment of toe separators to wear high heels from her feet all day.
 Miss Xia Weiyi chew each bite of her 10 - 30 times, the release of nutrients to maintain her health.

Miss Nebraska PAM sprayed her body with the extra gloss to her photographs. Miss New York to stop brushing her teeth right after dinner dessert of her desire. Clean, sweet mint flavor so she did not want it!

Miss Virginia, drink it every morning with hot water lemon. It is more healthy than coffee, is a natural diuretic. Miss Kentucky USA and Miss West Virginia United States of hair extensions to the false eyelashes, so that they last the longest possible use of glue.

U.S.  Miss Su Dazhou swear by the liquid bandage, to protect the pump wear and tear to her feet and high heels. Miss Montana walking in high heels to her feet and legs to prepare grand in her treadmill. Miss North Dakota to use window tape to their clothes in place. She said that this is ten times stronger, half of the double-sided fashion tape price.

Miss Louisiana to eat five small meals rather than hold three blocks for three meals a day!

Miss California, has a quick fix for those unwanted acne. Before going to sleep with her best and made clear it a ACTIV - FLEX Band-Aid. In the morning the pimple disappears.

American Miss Luo Dedao pillar and down the stairs between the gym, she was wearing high heels, her daily exercise. Miss Maine night put ice packs to reduce swelling on her face.

Miss Alaska to eat every two hours, and build muscle protein with every meal. Miss South Carolina United States drink 4 ounces of water every 30 minutes burns calories to maintain moisture.
miss-usa 2011
Miss Vermont must make in her diet to include adequate protein to build muscle meat 5 - 6 eggs a day.
Odds were released within California  pull of 9 / 2 favorite to win Sunday's game. Los Angeles model was originally born in New Jersey and on behalf of Miss Teen USA in 2007, Garden State, lose the battle of the first runner-up Colorado Hilary Cruz.

Campanella moved to the West Coast in November last year, won the Miss California pageant, winning the Sunday thing her way. California has no victory because Shannon Marketic Miss America title in 1992, when the country's fifth crown was arrested.
Peepshow Holly Madison famous canopy walk is one of the 60th anniversary Sunday with Miss America 2011, 35 owners of the red carpet Miss America pageant. Holly joined the defending Jimena Navarrette Miss Universe 2010 and 2010 Miss America Mary Fakih, who turned competitive in the new Planet Hollywood championship crown.

Also the appearance will be the British platinum recording rap Tinie Tempah, who performed in the NBC broadcast, and 98 degrees founder and singer, currently in Rio Chippendales and this year's Miss America official to meet jointly Headline Planet Hollywood on June 6, and Mary.

Miss America officials confirmed this morning there are seven judges will vote to decide who is the new Miss America. As we exclusively reported in the Las Vegas luxury here yesterday, they include Tyson Chandler NBA championship in 2011 and Rio de Janeiro, Dallas Mavericks Penn Jillette Penn & Teller roof.

Other judge is my good friend chef Rocco DiSpirito; friend actress, writer and model Mariel Hemingway; rapper and record producer LIL Jon, who was recently in a beauty pageant boss Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice , is Steve Wynn's Encore and Wynn Resorts regularly DJ; Caroline Bravo Manzo from the real housewives of New Jersey and Suxiweisi - Fischmann, OPI nail polish products to wear one of the founders of the players .

Host, we previously reported, is katoha news anchor Giuliana Rancic, star of Bravo and programs on the screen first and Kelly Osborne, host of E! fashion police, the background of the players and the new MTV VJ Susie Castillo added, who also is the 2003 Miss America and a model for Neutrogena.

We will report via Twitter from the red carpet of the event itself, and through on-site blog Sunday, through the crowning moment, the new Miss America of the late first photo - and then returned with her first video interview Monday. Healthy Hollywood, NBC, Las Vegas, Miss America, Miss California, fitness, television, Miss Alabama USA 2011, Madeleine Mitchell, constitute the Planet Hollywood Resort, in Las Vegas, Nevada Casino headshot arrived. She will appear in the next two weeks to prepare the 2011 Miss America pageant ® ET 6 19 afternoon 9:00 at the NBC live broadcast from Las Vegas theater performing arts activities and games. South Carolina's Courtney Turner (6 / 1) and Indiana Geely Ande Qi (10 / 1) is the oddsmakers choice to participate in the next two Sunday's title. Turner is currently majoring in communications and commerce in the University of South Carolina, hoping to become her state since 1994, the first Miss America title. Wunderlich won Miss Congeniality and Miss lens while shooting the Miss Indiana, and look forward to the end of Indiana's Miss America no title drought.
miss usa
Brittany Brannon, Arizona, Hawaii and Michigan Angela Channing Bird - Pierce have opened 12 / 1 odds. Brannon, the runner-up won the race last year, Miss Arizona. Bird is a decent mix of South Korea and the United Kingdom, measuring players as one of the highest beauty in 5'10 "up Pierce hopes to win the Wolverine State, which did not happen to any player, because the occurrence of Texas Gretchen Polhemus consecutive crown in 1989.

Texas has won nine most Miss America title, this year's competitors hope to bring Anna Rodriguez, 25 / 1 odds of another long-term. In Laredo native won her fifth attempt in September, Miss Texas, honor, following in the past three years, completed the top three. Rodriguez works as a preschool teacher, although a few magazines have modeled.

Sarah Chapman, Nevada and Maine's Ashley Marble into its two oldest players for Sunday's game, whether it is Planet Hollywood into the United States for 27 years. Chapman is a 25 / 1, the price of a large family dog, but as a marble from 60 / 1 dark horse Northeast intrusion.

Wu Texas: Anna RodriguezSunday the four longest lens is New Hampshire's LacyJane Foster (75 / 1), Pennsylvania Amber Watkins (75 / 1), Montana Brittany Smart (100 / 1), North Dakota Brandi Schoenberg (100 /


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