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Friday, June 17, 2011

Pentagon Arrest: Man Taken Into Custody Probably a Bomb Plotter

pentagon arrest
(Pakistan time ).... Pentagon Pentagon - one source told CBS News, suspicious vehicles, the Pentagon on Friday morning discovered the man had been detained as the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Lance Corporal OK.
Lance Corporal. Yonathan Melaku told Friday morning when questioned, he was carrying explosives department, informed sources told CBS News survey of eight producers in Milton. Earlier, FBI agent Brenda Gee, who is responsible for the Board at its Washington headquarters offices of the anti-terrorism department, told reporters, non-explosive material in a backpack the suspect was arrested when he found reporters carry.

Law enforcement officers on condition of anonymity, said the officials, found what seemed to be an unknown quantity of ammonium nitrate. The official, who was not authorized to release information, said there is no other that will have enabled an explosion. The official said, is doing tests to determine the exact concentration of the substance. Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound, is widely used in fertilizer, can be used with the correct concentrations of explosives.

A law enforcement source told Milton, the suspect has been identified as Melaku carrying a laptop in the phrase "Al Qaeda", "Taliban rule" and "Mujahid beat Croatian forces", when he was detained. Although terrorist organizations, organized the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks references, the group fighting U.S. forces in Afghanistan and the Arab word for "holy warriors" of the law enforcement source told Milton that is not considered a suspect has been involved in terrorist act or plot.

"This seems to be washing machine at this point, but it is still drilling down" the law enforcement source told Milton. Authorities say one person was detained in the vicinity of the Pentagon and into a suspicious vehicle investigation. Pentagon spokesman Chris simple police said, was detained on Friday and one or two people may be involved. Layman said, the car in the Pentagon North parking lot near the grass. The investigation of any other details immediately available. Investigation has caused a road closure near the Pentagon.
    FBI agent Brenda Ah described as "about his twenties," the man said he was "not in place" when he was arrested. France, after a suspicious vehicle near the Pentagon, law enforcement forced road closures for several days (Friday). U.S. Park Police then searched the man's vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the car - from a red 2011 Nissan Ah description - located near the Pentagon.

The car is a bomb expert search, heck, who found no "significant material relating to the explosion." Agents also found a backpack near the vehicle containing "suspicious objects" in the heck is a "non-explosive unknown material."


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