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Sunday, August 7, 2011

WWE 2011: Sin Cara WWE best match

sin cara wwe
WWE announced this morning cleaning the house four people were fired from. They posted on four separate "future efforts" message before they take the Facebook and Twitter announced that all four were dismissed. The decision was yesterday (Wednesday) Kara Wong Tai Sin, after all, the WWE roster. Of course, he currently serves as what is considered the steroid 30-day drug suspension.
sin cara-wwe
sin-cara wwe
It should be noted that a very high-level officials do not want to see WWE's WrestleMania 28 in a meeting with John Cena rocks. Although people do not want to happen this match, most think it will still take obvious reasons. During last night's edition of Wong Tai Sin karaoke edition of SmackDown! Announced that it will return to his 30-day suspension in next week's tapings. Interestingly, however, is that attention, he was suspended and did not end until August 17. It, has the background, talk about the development of wrestlers Hunico in the upcoming WWE live events the man behind the mask, and two versions of the edition of SmackDown! - This coming Tuesday (August 9) and Tuesday after.....

Expelled from the company include: Melina, since April 2005 as part of the company, Vladimir Kozlov, who signed in January 2006 Prudius, formally proposed in December 2006, he was not the first processing speech, Chris Masters, who have signed and two launches from the WWE

his original limit, then continued from 2005 to 2007 which is from July 2009 - today. Finally, David Hart Smith was released, the other three, "DH Smith," the characters in mid-October debut documented life on the 2007.As at least, Wong Tai Sin karaoke apparently lied to WWE management of prescription drug explained WWE in June, not health policy, and give a document to provide medication, but ultimately did not. He was then suspended after he was found health policy failure, and lying to WWE week. At that time, he is not very popular background, there is not even in a company on his back. Obviously, now seems to have cooled.

sin cara+wwe

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Gail Kim to Twitter announced today that she will leave the WWE. 

Whether she was fired or not remains to be seen, but she noted that she is one, is "quitting" the company. We mentioned earlier, MIZ in Los Angeles this weekend for the Teen Choice Awards. John Cena will be there and present awards. Rock awards, so he will be there.


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