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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Angelina Jolie In the Land of Blood & Honey Conflict

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When Angelina Jolie picked the title for her directorial debut, which is a Serbian soldier and a Muslim women in Bosnia during the war between the love story, she admitted that she struggled to determine just the right name. "This is a heavy movie," she said. "You want to find the title, really helps the audience know how they went into." Thus, calls for "blood and honey in the land" certainly indicates that this romance will not be a walk in the park - especially in the rumors began to spread, Serbia character rape a woman.

Today, we see our film, Julie is not star. We see everything here, yes, it will be a very, very heavy the first movie trailer. But it looks like producers are hoping that in the center of an intense romance may make it a little more than cater to the audience.

Trailer dumping huge amounts of money to a woman (Zana Norwich) and her Serbian catcher (Golan Kostic) the complex relationship between. Between them there is an obvious attraction, but because they are the opposite of the conflict, they trust each other? Meanwhile, the Bosnian war raging around them, it appears, "the land of blood and honey" will likely have a greater range than expected, including the battle scenes. Tying it together is a piano score and word problems on the screen that says "love can change what we want" and "war can change who we are."

In other words, Julie and FilmDistrict (which is launched in late December of the film) know that their film is not for everyone. Are there any stars in front of the camera, and the Bosnian war is no conflict, and is known as either World War II (at least in the American audience). However, from the outset, Jolie insists that her film about the universal theme of "how human relationships and behavior by living in a profound impact on the war." Nail this trailer, the tone completely correct. Despite all the controversy the film had to endure before anyone saw any of it, "the land of blood and honey," these few minutes, lens, looks very much like Oscar voters love the prestige Sort pictures. Trailer what may be a difficult sell, including an award season in the audience can easily recognize it. Now, we will see how the finished product of this commitment. Angelina Jolie's new trailer, "the land in blood and honey," hit the web last Friday, and fans can finally see the noise.

At first clip reveals the two lovers, a Serbian man and Bosnian Muslim women, the former appear darker story. It seems to be forced separation of couples in 1992 during the Bosnian war, he took her captive. "I am a prisoner?" She asked. "If you want here, you are not prisoners," is his chilling answer.

Bosnian actress Zana Ivanovic and Goran Kostic star in English and Serbian - Croatian language film shot.

Julie of the play marks the debut, but as a film writer and director of the domestic is not easy. At the end of 2010, "Blood and Honey 'cause rumors of women in the Bosnian war, the film depicts a rapist and his victim a victim of the love story between an uproar.

Jolie's filming permit the withdrawal of Sarajevo city officials in dispute, but later reinstated after they reviewed the script. Finally, Julie sent a second unit director of the film only three or four in Bosnia, rather than 8 or 10 days, and select the film shot in Hungary, instead.

"Said, once the movie is released to address the sensitive nature of the relationship between the main characters and many plot twists and turns will be," Julie had told Reuters.

"Blood and Honey's land" to open December 23, just when the awards season, who would have thought, to play more than just a good woman Laura filled sleeveless jacket, deafening gunfire "wanted", " Mr and Mrs Smith "," salt "and" Tomb Raider "franchise, it is often difficult to remember, Angelina Jolie is Oscar-winning actress, but also serious.

We do not expect is that she may become a director estimated with.That "just what happened, if the new trailer," the land of blood and honey "is anything to go by.

Editing features clever internal organs picture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, if the war atrocities to get your motor running, then your treatment.

In the early nineties on a Bosnia and Herzegovina in the context of the conflict, Jolie's star Zana Ivanovic Ajla, a Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) woman in love with a Serbian soldier named Danijel Golan Kostic "two those who play. "

Julie previously only directed a documentary entitled "in place", where she and other celebrities to visit the various attractions around the world. U.S. Department of Commerce has not yet released drama, only for educational screenings.

Although it is difficult to measure what two minutes trailer, it's safe to say, catch a glimpse of where the screen and have the show on the radar as a potential Oscar contender "Blood and Honey." Perhaps Julie and Ben Affleck as a respected director-demand will soon follow the footsteps.

Yes, the last sentence is another matter, we never thought we would say. Actor always jumping behind the camera very mixed results, try their hand at directing. Sometimes, Ben Affleck Gone baby gone, the town's reputation Helmer career comeback, at other times of Dermot Mulroney to achieve marriage and love marriage Rotten Tomatoes, elusive 0%.

If Angelina Jolie in the blood and honey, the land of the new trailer is any indication, it seems that she was pleased to belong to the former category. Bosnian war drama follows two lovers of the opposite of the conflict - a Christian Serbs play Golan Kostic and Zana Ivanovic to play a Bosnian woman - who find their relationship doomed to civil war. Watch the trailer after the jump. Sadly, it is not the best looking film, video and choppy. However, in addition to technical difficulties, it looks very damn good. The plot seems to have a real emotional resonance, and doing so well, did not get it too old-fashioned romantic or preaching to a larger global conflict tying.

Now the bad news: the land of honey in the blood and also caused some controversy. This is not atypical terrible war movie, but the origin of the story is a debate. Writer JJ Braddock (aka Josip Knezevic) accused Julie from his 2007 novel to steal the soul crushing, which follows the international conflicts of a couple separated. For her, Julie's story, she wrote while in a few days holed up in a sense - of course not impossible, but even the most experienced writers tend to take more longer time to write the script. As I can tell you, she did not address his allegations. We do not know whether Braddock is correct, but the damage if Julie's future appeared so ugly thing, it would be a damn shame. Blood and honey in the land "is in the 1990s Bosnian war context, this bold new film shows a lack of political will to intervene in the conflict affected areas of social consequences.

"In the land of blood and honey," features a completely local cast, most of them children of the war. While shooting the film in English and their native language. In the war of the language is Serbian - Croatian, now called as the baggage handling system.


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