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Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Zealand: 5.2 Earthquake Damage Christchurch

(Pakistan Times) A ​​powerful earthquake disrupted a series of earthquake-prone city of Christchurch, New Zealand on Monday, destroying buildings and sent boulders tumbling down the slope. Six people were slightly injured. New Zealand Institute for the strongest geomagnetic quake 6.0 in 14:20 (pm 10:20 ET) scale. United States Geological Survey, it is also linked to 6.0 - and four miles east of the epicenter southeast of the city at a depth of 5.6 miles.
new zealand earthquake

The four 4.3 earthquake, recorded in 0029 seconds.

Shopping malls and office buildings were evacuated throughout the city, it is still trying to recover after a magnitude 6.3 earthquake killed 181 people and causing extensive damage almost four months.

Building collapse in the city center, minor damage, but because of the earthquake before the impact of the building, Christchurch police spokesman 史蒂芬希尔 told Reuters.

"Construction has been checked, and get all clear," Hill said, which means that no one trapped inside. St John Ambulance Service said six people had been taken to hospital moderately serious injuries, all caused by falling building materials.

As the initial earthquake, aftershocks Monday, the city's port sent boulders tumbling mountains of housing. Part of the eastern city, in February suffered the most damaging earthquakes, floods and liquefaction from - a solid into a liquid into the ground by the earthquake force. Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city on Monday, suffered several strong aftershocks, the earthquake caused further damage has been serious damage to the city.

Geonet earthquake scientific cooperation between the Commission and GNS, reported a 5.5 magnitude earthquake about 10 km east in 0100 and the second city, 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit about nine minutes after the second hit. Followed by a further 6.0 aftershock at 0220 seconds.

Christchurch has two large earthquakes hit recently, the first time in September 4 and February 22 the second. In the second earthquake killed more than 180 people, destroyed the city and thousands homeless. Earthquake fault line in the following is considered to be of any aftershock.

Canterbury Police District communications manager Stephen Hill said the police so far have any major reports of casualties. "Police are now involved in a number of events around the city," he said. He said many roads and bridges were closed, there have been reports rock waterfall. Team New Zealand spokesman said the fire, to participate in telephone and aftershocks have killed over a new "liquefaction, floods, power lines, and fallen debris, sewage and water pipes burst." She said, at least two people were taken from a collapsed buildings rescued.

New Zealand a press fell against the U.S. dollar fell to U.S. $ 0.8141 $ 0.8215 before the aftershocks, as investors in New Zealand's tentative economic recovery, concerns about the negative impact. The Government estimates that the earthquake reconstruction efforts from the first two will cost about NZ $ 15,000,000,000. New Zealand dollar against the U.S. $ 0.8135 at 0244 GMT trading time. The mayor said the more severely damaged masonry fell to Christchurch Cathedral, hold up a large cloud of dust.

Fire Department spokesman Dan Coward said they were overwhelmed about the Tube phone. He added that many people are "crazy", by the latest jolt.

People will participate in a hearing in February, the inquiry reported that the earthquake victims from Catton Park bolted function center, Monday's earthquake. Others fled the Canterbury University and Riccarton Westfield Shopping Centre, also suffered serious damage to buildings in February. Canterbury law student Jennifer Jones was in the library on the second floor, when the earthquake struck.

"This is not a bad start, but all the books, and then took off. You have 11 floors above you, so we quickly got off the shelf," she told the news site of things. Collapsed buildings after the earthquake on Monday in Central Christchurch, New Zealand, a strong shock the second largest city, but no one was trapped inside, police said. There was a fall in central Christchurch, still from a deadly 6.3 magnitude earthquake leveled the city in February, more and more people are trapped in recovery, I believe in the structure of the report.

"We have checked the collapsed building, all this clearly," a police spokesman told AFP. The size of the building is not known. 5.2 earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand, playing in the Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey report, causing some damage and minor injuries.
The earthquake was concentrated in a further five miles to 6.8 miles east of Christchurch, South East, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
"This is a very exciting ride," Acting Police Inspector Christchurch Manchester United Saleh told CNN, adding that there was no earthquake and a few life-threatening injuries causing some damage. "Than the other nerves, the impact seems to be secondary," he said.
Monday's earthquake, nearly four months of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the same area, killing more than 150 people.


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