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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Daylight Savings 2011 Prepare yourself

The end of daylight savings time, when the time changes in 2011, Rutgers University football schedule, Martina McBride, clocks and watches back Fortunately, we have a smart phone for us. If you like this blog, you use your smart phone, in this case, the Apple iPhone as your watch. (This is a more complex physical processes, reach and twist and the wrist of the iPhone, but it worked.)

But even so, they confuse a lot of respect for what is to do what, when they wake up. This one-hour time difference, but the general feeling is different for a used each week.

So, with all the trouble, the problem is that we have to do it? Many people say that it helps to save energy, which is the world begin to reduce the need to use Warri artificial light, in order to save fuel.

But others say it is unnecessary to have to do all summer.

My take is that we work in the Internet age, I do not know the summer is a big energy before the information age.

In addition, this section provides another reason not to do so, at least in the way we are accustomed:

    The Uniform Time Act of 1966 "provides the basic framework for Daylight Saving Time and Standard Time, we alternate between the United States observed, but Congress can not seem to resist playing with it, for example, in 1973 daylight saving time is observed for all, and not only in the spring and summer. DST the first Sunday in April at 2 am beginning the last Sunday in October at 2 am end the current system is not standardized until 1986.

So, all this is government guidance. This means that we can choose to stop doing it all. But until we do, remember, November 6, clocks go forward one hour. Clock will return this weekend, signaling the end of British Summer Time.

But it may be the last, committed to maintaining the moving clock wound made an hour from next year.

The final decision and Scotland - a move that will allow them to the northern border of the extra hour in the morning darkness.

British Government is prepared to back the clock one hour forward in the plan are set throughout the year to support the proposal, means that the European Central time for three-year probationary period, the Minister.

The change means lighter winter night, supporters said it would reduce road traffic deaths, boost tourism and reduce energy use.

But there are some obstacles, before the adoption of the plan become a reality - including the agreement on the blanket from Scotland proposed changes.

Coalition government, said today that the reform will continue, throughout the UK if they win the support of political leaders - any "clear opposition" means the program will be canceled.

Scotland has always been opposed to this country will be plunged into darkness as the time in the morning of the move.

If you notice the gradual dimming of the sky every morning, you may also want to know when the heck we recovered, we sacrifice hours of daylight saving time in the spring. Well, you're going to hang tight another for nearly two weeks, because we do not put our clocks and watches, until November 6 an hour.

Conversion clock, in order to make better use of the concept of using the sun can be traced back to Benjamin Franklin, but it does not become the government has been modified here and there, until the First World War the federal law (although not all countries must abide by) we clock forward or back an hour, most recently in 2007, when we enter the program as part of DST to save energy.

So, hang tight for several days, until we regain precious hours. Your body clock resets itself good, but the iPhone's clock is not the case (place), you may want to hire a backup on November 6. No, this is not your imagination. You really have to wait to get an extra hour of sleep this year.

In fact, daylight saving time (DST), 11 月 6 日 (Sunday) at the end, when you move the clock one hour. Or, you forgot to move the clock one hour, found himself at work an hour early, before even opening the office lights.
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The extended DST early in 2007, the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 takes effect, the clock is set back one hour the first Sunday in November rather than the last Sunday in October, reports the International Business Times. "They also change the DST start second Sunday in March, from the first Sunday in April. #daylight savings

How much energy is saved from the summer time some conflicting reports. As early as 1970, studies have shown that we save 1% of the country's energy, which is a daylight saving time is a major motivation. On the one hand, like California, that the energy savings is negligible. But in 2008, published by the U.S. Department of Energy, another report concluded that daylight saving time every four weeks an additional savings of 1.3 trillion watt hours, enough for 100,000 homes a year, "Scientific American" report. explained that although Benjamin Franklin first came to this idea in 1784, daylight saving time is not used until World War I, to save energy. The United States during World War II and the implementation of the DST year observation period, the 1970s energy crisis, that the U.S. science.

Not everyone across the United States to comply with daylight saving time, including Hawaii, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

A - Chris Kline discuss why, after most of Arizona do not comply with the time change: "According to the Arizona Republic editorial from 1969, due to the extreme high temperature state, Arizona, daylight saving time if the sun will stay in the summer, until 9 pm (not 8 as it is now). "


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