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Saturday, October 29, 2011

CL&P Emergency Operations Center and Storm Tips

Since October nor'easter makes its way through the Connecticut State Power (CL & P) in Berlin's emergency operations center.

CL & P more than 200 line and tree crews to restore power supply is interrupted and the company's extra help in the process of the affected customers. CL & P's emergency management manager Roy, "Al said:" As was predicted, heavy, wet snow is a drag on the trees and the country's problems. "Our crew and support staff continue to respond to storm moved through the city and state officials and our communication and coordination efforts."

CL & P will do so soon, because it is the safety assessment of storm damage. Once the assessment is completed, will be expected to restore power as. We are very grateful to our customers patience.
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In the meantime, CL & P to remind customers:

- From far away from all downed wires. Assume any downed, hanging or burning power lines and dangerous life, and immediately call 9-1-1. If the power cord is your vehicle, and your inside, stay there. Do not touch any car, waiting for rescuers.

- Call 800-286-2000 CL & P report power outages. Our automated phone system to quickly process your report and help us to speed up recovery. It also provides estimates of recovery, as long as they provide.

- Operating a generator, make sure it is properly installed a licensed electrician. Improper installation of the generator can feed power back to the power line, and our front-line workers in a fatal situation. Operate the generator outdoors to avoid carbon monoxide hazards.

- If you lose power, turn off your circuit breaker. This will help reduce damage to sensitive electronic equipment, the possibility, once power is restored.

Useful tips and news updates, we have CL - site, we follow on Twitter @ CTLightandPower, we want to / CTLightandPower. You can also interrupt your city "blackout" and your zip code SMS to 24612 (SMS charges may apply) updates. As the first - hold hands, told me that now - take a winter storm in the area, power, Conn., provides the following safety tips. (You know, if you forget them two months ago from Hurricane Irene.)

Before the storm, the preparation of a "lights-out" kit, including:

    Flashlight and extra batteries
    A battery-powered radio or television and clock
    First aid kit
    Water or bottled water containers
    Canned food and non-electric can opener
    Sternum or similar fuels - but never burn charcoal indoors
    A list of important phone numbers and a number of ATM cash, may not work properly.
    Plan ahead for the worst case.

Take steps to protect your important and sensitive or electronic appliances. Now is the time to make sure your car's fuel tank is full. Electricity and water never mix. If you know your home in an area prone to flooding, turn off the furnace, water heater and electrical systems and other equipment, before the water can be achieved.

Protect your food and water. The coldest settings to set your refrigerator and freezer. Food will stay frozen for up to 24 hours, or even longer, if the refrigerator is full. Open the refrigerator or freezer door only when necessary. If you have a well and pump, spare containers filled with water, and rinse water of your washing machine, just in case.

Portable generators should be installed only by a licensed electrician. The permit and inspection, check your city. Generator must be a special switch to prevent power into the cable connector. Feedback may endanger line workers nearby. Generator must be ventilated outside. Never refuel them, and they are running.

Wary of downed power lines. Winds and branches, and sometimes can be combined, leading to pedestrian approaching or touching wires fall.Never downed power lines. And maintain distance from others. If you are driving, encountered a fallen line, never get out of your vehicle. In all cases, always assume that a fallen line is "live." If you see a downed line, immediately call 9-1-1.

Please note, fallen branches. Do not close or remove trees have come down, down until a thorough examination of the region's branch of the power cord. There may have been shot down the line to hide in these branches, it may also be charged.

Branches can be conductive, causing personal injury or death. If you see a downed line, immediately call 9-1-1. Only call 9-1-1 report a dangerous situation.
Eligible examples include downed lines or poles. CL & P customers can report power outages or call 800-286-2000 "power" of the estimate.

Always let you know when you do not have the utility power. Do not think your neighbors will call the question. Colonial Properties (CLP) Thursday announced that its quarterly results. The company reported quarterly earnings per share of 0.28, in line with the general Thomson Reuters expected $ 0.28. The company's quarterly revenue growth over the same period the previous year 10.9%.

On a related note, Barclays Capital (NYSE: BCS) of the analyst in a research report from $ 21.00 to $ 19.00 a colonial nature of the shares to reduce its target price on Wednesday, October 19 to investors. They now have an "underweight" rating on the stock. FBR Capital (NASDAQ: FBCM) to investors to analysts in a research report them $ 23.00 to $ 24.50 from the colonial nature of the stock price target, on August 5 日 (Friday). They now have an "outperform" rating on the stock. In addition, Wunderlich analysts raised their target price from $ 21.00 to $ 23.00 in a research report, on July 29  (cl p ct) colonial nature of the shares of investors. They now have the stock rating to "hold." cl & p

Colonial nature of the shares ("CLP") in the mid-day trading day (Thursday) rose 2.41%, to $ 20.01. Colonial Properties (CLP) of the 52-week low of $ 16.24 and 52-week high of $ 20.04. 50-day moving average stock is 18.50 yuan and 200-day moving average is $ 18.50. The company has $ 174.5 million in market value. cl and p

Colonial Properties Trust is a multifamily-focused self-managed equity real estate investment trust, owns, operates and development in the U.S. Sunbelt areas are mainly located in multi-family communities. The company is a fully integrated real estate company engaged in multi-family communities and other commercial real estate acquisition, development, ownership, management and leasing. Its activities include the December 31, 2009, on all or part of the ownership and operation of 156 properties located in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee , Texas and Virginia, the development of new properties, acquisition of existing properties, create and provide for the development of commercial real estate management, leasing and brokerage services. November 2009, sold its 15% ownership interest in DRA / CRT joint office, the joint acquisition of 100% ownership ventureâ € ™ property, three Ravinia.
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