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Friday, December 23, 2011

Air Jordan fans destroy property, trample shoppers in search of new shoes

air jordan clash

air jordans fight

air jordan fans destroy property
Erina The nike jordan followers and a whole lot of complete and utter idiots originated upon departmental shops across The united states early Exclusive early morning to force each other over and eliminate property in order to buy some golf ball sneakers.

The re-release of the Air The nike jordan 11 can hardly be called a "re-release," because Nike and The nike jordan Company used (and succeeded) to food up some useless boasting and interest by only publishing 100 sets of the sneakers to certain shops. Twenty-five years into this game, both companies realized that the restricted supply would result in long collections and potential madness as customers attempt to get a couple, but Nike and The nike jordan Company haven't always been on the leading side when it comes to thoughtful about anything more than the the main thing, have they?


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