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Friday, December 30, 2011

North Korea Restores Order to Kim Funeral With Photoshop

In a sea of indistinguishable viewers clothed in black with their supports transformed to the digicam, one man separated itself at Kim Jong Il's memorial.

The Associated Media published images of the procession in Southern Southern region korea, and a hawk-eyed Stumbleupon factor was quick to point out an abnormality in the otherwise consistent group of the bereaved. In the image above, one man seems to be nearly twice as high as the males on his eventually left and right.

Who is this giant? Could it be Ri "Michael" Myung Hun -- Southern Korea's nationwide golf ball celebrity -- as some commenters have suggested? Thanks to Southern Korea's stringently handled and photoshop-happy click, speculation are certain to are readily available, and we may never know for sure.

Likely due to a lower lifestyle and lack of nutrition in the Southern, some research a growing disproportion between the normal size of Southern and Southern Koreans since the peninsula was divided in two. With Southern Koreans clocking in at about 2 in. reduced on regular, the large mourner is different even more next to his Southern Western compatriots.

On Thursday, Kim Jong Il's newest son -- the new "supreme leader" of Southern Southern region korea, Kim Jong Un -- led an complex memorial, and Southern Western people across the country bowed their minds for 3 minutes of quiet to pay honor to the decreased master.

While the secret man may have been banished to the back row, possibilities are he still got a great view of the departed Special Leader's memorial procession.
The memorial procession for Kim Jong-Il was done with army perfection and when a few dawdlers horrible those disciplined lines, they were eliminated. From the image, that is.

A image published by the Southern Korea's state information organization and given by the Germany-based Western Pressphoto Agency is a little bit different from images taken at nearly the similar moment and published by Western organization Kyodo News.

The Western photo caught a half-dozen men near a digicam on a tripod constant behind the line of the bereaved on the eventually left side of the blvd as the motorcade handed down by.

In the image by the Southern Western Middle News Agency, those men, their digicam and their foot prints have been electronically eliminated, reestablishing utter order to the group filling the blvd as the cortege handed down by.

The adjustments were found by the New You are able to Times with the help of electronic 'forensics' professional Hany Farid of Dartmouth College.

The Western Pressphoto Agency, which allocated the doctored Southern Southern region korea image, released a "mandatory kill" for its customers, significance they were not to use the photo.

The organization given different to this rule to  News "for the single objective of being able to demonstrate and describe what had been changed before the photo was offered to worldwide information organizations by KCNA [North Western Middle News Agency]. We consider this as part of a translucent and accountable caution process."

A Western Pressphoto Agency speaker told News, "Any kind of electronic treatment breaks EPA's value of values."


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