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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Pakistani Acheive Oscar Award

sharmeen reporting
 Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy became the first Pakistani filmmaker to earn an Oscar nomination with her film ìSaving Faceî, nominated in the “Documentary, Short Film” category as the Oscar nominations were released on Tuesday.

Obaid, who has directed several documentary films, won an Emmy award in 2010 for her documentary ìPakistan: Children of the Talibanî. ìSaving faceî, which the Karachi-based filmmaker has co-directed with Daniel Junge, depicts the life of a British Pakistani plastic surgeon who donates his time to heal acid victims in Pakistan. The film is set to be released in March this year, while the Oscars will be held on February 26. Journalist and filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy today became the first Pakistani to earn an Oscar nomination with her documentary 'Saving Face', which focuses on a plastic surgeon who helps women attacked with acid.

The film co-directed by Chinoy and Daniel Junge was nominated in the 'documentary, short film' category of the Oscar awards.

Chinoy has directed several documentary films and won an Emmy award in 2010 for her documentary 'Pakistan: Children of the Taliban'.

In a message posted on Twitter, Chinoy said, “It hasn't sunk in yet but I'm going 2 the Oscars with Saving Face 4 best doc short - proud moment 4 me & my team & I hope 4 Pakistan.”

In another message, she recalled her father had died the day she received an Emmy award.
chinoy award pic
'Saving Face' chronicles the life of a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon who donates time to heal acid victims in Pakistan. It also documents the journey of these women as they come to terms with the violence in their lives and how they fight against all odds to learn to live again, said a statement on Chinoy's website.

The film highlights the story of two women from southern Punjab who are victims of acid attacks. “It's a positive story about Pakistan on two accounts: firstly, it portrays how a Pakistani-British doctor comes to treat them and it also discusses, in great depth, the parliament's decision to pass a bill on acid violence”, Chinoy had said when the film was shortlisted for the Oscar nominations in October last year.


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