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Monday, September 20, 2010

Alaska Earthquake Info Center

The Alaska Earthquake information Center  positioned an earthquake that occurred at about 1:25 this Monday afternoon which has a exploratory magnitude of 4.9. The quake was positioned at a depth of 26 miles and centered 13 miles southwest of Anchorage, 25 miles northwest of Hope and 43 miles south of Willow.

The event was widely found across southern Alaska, with strongest shaking felt in Anchorage. Numerous individuals there reported changing furniture and items dropping off shelves. No reviews of heavy harm have been received.
History of Alaska earthquake info center (AEIC)
The Alaska earthquake info center (AEIC) was found in 1986, the center is located at the place on earth where the most earthquakes occur. The state is considered to be the most active state seismically. The Alaska earthquake information center is a type of hub that receives data about the earthquakes throughout Alaska’s sites. The center also receives info about earthquakes from the Tsunami warning center and the west coast in Palmer. The AEIC has records of the past earthquakes and an estimated twenty two thousand earthquakes come in the areas under it. The earthquake info center is used to record all the seismic activities and earthquake and it also studies the activities under earth, the center makes public warnings about earthquakes.
Anchorage was struck with an earthquake as reported by Alaska earthquake info center. The earthquake was reported to about a magnitude of 5.0. This is the second earthquake; the last earthquake was reported on the 28th of July, 2010. The earthquake was focused about fifty miles northwest from Anchorage at the depth of about thirteen miles. There are no reports of any financial or human loss due to the earthquake, the earthquake was not of a very strong magnitude that is why no deaths are expected, but there might be some other damages caused by the earthquake. According to the Alaska earthquake information center the earthquake was caused due to seismic activities under earth and a number of after shocks might also occur. The earthquake was felt at about 7:15pm.


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