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Monday, September 20, 2010

Tyler Colvin's Video of Broken Bat

Tyler Colvin was taken to a Miami-area hospital Sunday later he was struck and impaled by the broken bat head of teammate Welington Castillo.
 Tyler Colvin's Video of Broken Bat video is here

Tyler Colvin, outfielder for the Chicago Cubs suffered a strange accident during a game against the Florida Marlins.  Colvin was getting his run to home from third base when total of a jerky the bat of Welington Castillo split sending a part of the bat towards Colvin.
Colvin, 25, has been hospitalise in Jackson Memorial Hospital and is currently in stable condition. It seems the bat hit very hot to his heart but fortunately it missed by a few inches, producing only minimal external bleeding. According to some news reports, Colvin will continue hospitalized for a few days for observation.


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