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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The new Cyber Monday Deals of 2010

Black Friday is upon us, but despite the mayhem occurring in stores across our nation right now, more shopper than ever are waiting for Cyber Monday deals. Find the best strategies to get the biggest bang for your buck, and links to sites offering tremendous deals after the jump.The Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday statistics from last year, which show ‘CM’ beating out ‘BF’ as the highest grossing shopping day of the year, are surprising to many old school shoppers, but for us tech savvy folks, well, it’s just basic common sense.
 cyber monday

It’s never a surprise when you arrive at the mall, or even your favorite local shopping center around the holidays and the building is packed with voracious shoppers who are all trying to get their hands on the best deal available. But, who wants to deal with this crazed mayhem? Certainly not me! How about you? Okay, I didn’t thinks so.
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