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Sunday, December 26, 2010

everybody want how to shop for free?

I’ve gotten a bit lazy when it comes to couponing.  I wasn’t keeping up on clipping coupons or organizing them or even putting the coupon inserts in their files.

Sometimes I’d forget my coupon binder in the car  and not bother to retrieve it. It’s not that I didn’t care.  It was that I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the time to do it.  As I reflected on the No Eating Out Challenge, I realized that if I had been better about couponing during the month, I would have saved a lot more money than I did.

And if there’s one thing I do care about, it’s saving money.
The fact that I need to step up my coupon clipping was made even more evident to me when I read How to Shop for Free: Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love to Get Something for Nothing written by Kathy Spencer with Samantha Rose.
Kathy Spencer is a mom of four and author of the blog How to Shop for Free.  She’s a coupon fanatic and is one of those amazing women who can whittle a $267.22 grocery bill down to one penny.


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