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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oasis of the Seas: Royal Caribbean

The Oasis of the Seas, was launched late in 2009, and along with her sister ship, the Allure of the Seas, she is the world's largest cruise ship. The size of the Oasis allowed Royal Caribbean to include numerous venues never before seen on a cruise ship, such as the 700-seat Oasis of the Seas Aqua Theater. 
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This water show theater is found on deck 6, at the aft end of the Oasis of the Sea's Boardwalk, one of seven neighborhoods on the ship.The Aqua Theater has both a daytime water show called "Splish Splash", and a nighttime show called "Oasis of Dreams. United States, "Royal Caribbean" including the largest cruise company, is the world's largest cruise ship "Ocean Oasis" (Oasis of the Seas) Cruise will be the world's largest super-cruise, which has 16 decks and 2000 cabin, can carry 6,000 passengers, the ship also has a large shopping mall, numerous bars restaurants, the size of a football field, and rock climbing wall, outdoor amphitheater and other sports facilities.
"Ocean Oasis" in November 2009 for her maiden voyage into the sea, when it is at sea, it is like a "travel the city." "Ocean Oasis" cost 700 million pounds, it is 360 meters wide and 47 meters, 72 meters high, a displacement of 22 million tons, than the "Titanic" 3 times bigger than the current world's largest cruise ship " Freedom of the Seas "also weighed 6 tons. It is understood that a cruise ship drifting at sea will be the Florida city as a port, the implementation of the Caribbean east and west routes, will launch the inaugural trip for 4 nights.
"Ocean Oasis" will no doubt be another cruise ship construction in the history of a miracle in the history to "the largest and most luxurious" cruise does not claim more than the famous "Titanic" is one of them.
According to information, when the "Titanic" total length of about 269 meters, 28 meters wide, 11 stories tall and weighs 46,000 tons, costing a total cost of 75 million pounds. Maiden voyage in April 1912, carrying 2224 passengers, people. In the last century, such a large cruise is also unprecedented, no wonder the builder called it "Titanic", will never be confident giant ship sinking at sea. But, today's "Ocean Oasis" compared to "Titanic" is simply dwarfed. Only from the tonnage of sense, "Oasis" is the "Titanic" 5 times, and its length and height are "Titanic" unmatched

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