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Friday, April 22, 2011

Suspected US missile strike kills 25 people, including 5 children and 4 women, in northwest Pakistan

us missile attack
 (epakistantimes....) The Pakistani intelligence officials said a U.S. drone fired a radical Pakistani-controlled areas near the Afghan border, and interceptor missiles on Friday, killing 25 people. The day before the strike, the army chief condemns this attack and can deteriorate strengthen strained relations between Washington and Islamabad.

Ten rockets hit the North Waziristan Spinwam, Taliban fighters in the region of the United States to get to the house in Afghanistan across the border from the village of houses and NATO forces, and international al-Qaeda terrorists, three intelligence officials said.

They said they believed three children and two wives to be dead. There is no way to immediately independently verified.

The United States regularly fire rockets at the border area 21 / 2 years old, but no official recognition from the Central Intelligence Agency to run the program. U.S. officials rarely comment, but in the concrete strike, said general mandate to strike at militants.

Silence means that the United States the source of information, and usually strike Pakistani intelligence officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Has not been confirmed their accounts, because it prohibits access to the border areas.

These attacks and an already tense situation between the two allies, and the source, at least on the surface.

GM is the only way the United States can reach directly by hiding in Afghanistan, the Taliban movement in Pakistan, some allegedly critical to the success in Afghanistan. This dilemma becomes more serious in view of the United States hopes to begin withdrawing troops this summer.

Pakistani leadership has condemned the military and political publicly missile attack, but considers that the penalties. This policy so that their hostile feelings for the United States is running a number of isolation in a strong state.

But he said it cut ties to a new low after the United States of America, and Central Intelligence Agency in January this year shot and killed two Pakistani contractors, and said that he tried to rob. Procession rocket attack, killing dozens of reports of innocent tribes also angered Palestinian leaders.

Pakistani officials say they now want to limit the use of U.S. air strikes, to give them more information. But some U.S. officials in Washington and Islamabad and said they would continue despite objections from Pakistan, some analysts believe that in the domestic political consumption or to extract more concessions to Washington.

He said CIA officials to honor an agreement to target geographically, "the Fund" already agreed upon the region and Pakistan, but Pakistan will not notice any strike, who declined to be named a strategic decision made to discuss the sensitive issue a statement.

Taliban factions in Afghanistan-Pakistan relations are still tense and there have been reported for the broadcast.

During his visit here, Admiral Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States, accused of keeping with the Haqqani network, an important Taliban factions in North Waziristan, a link to the service of Pakistani military intelligence operation.

Islamabad has denied that the support group, but many analysts and U.S. officials suspect that Pakistan may be trying to maintain the peg qanis right, so that can be used to retain influence in Afghanistan with the means to them - to keep the barrier on his main rival in India - United States to leave.

And officials from both countries to raise the level of discourse, and say they want to continue their partnership for the same. Washington needs Pakistan's support to achieve success in Afghanistan, and Pakistan is largely dependent on U.S. aid civilian and military.

Also on Friday, a security official said hundreds of insurgents attacked a checkpoint in the north-west Pakistan, killing security forces 14 - the continuing strength of the rebels, despite a military attack on its performance.


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