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Monday, June 13, 2011

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neil patrick harris
Lost Ones
Mayor Gerard Rabelink showed last autumn sprint races of the club shut down, because safety could not be guaranteed and there were complaints about noise. After consultation with the club now Rabelink gets license to party, stay in the air and keeping an agility wedsrijd engines. The Delta Street will be closed Saturday Sept. 10.
Clarence Clemons
Lady Gaga the next song, the hair, the function E Street Band saxophonist Lady Gaga just released the Clarence Clemons been born to the edge of the glory of the coming track. She made a debut next week .. "This is really interesting, because it is a great dance record of the saxophone," quack told Radio ž about -100 "hair." But the difference is enthusiastic about the United Nations preaching "the edge of glory," "Fat" has been spent as Gagz news songs.

When Rolling Stone got an early listen to the song, they describe as "another inspirational song" fat "Die Born this Way ', but it is a bit weird, a mixture of longing, Dr. Pat Benatar's' We are' romantic Scenarios hard time breaking the metal side of industrial Nine Inch Nails. "(Dr. Pat Benatar's" We Belong? "We can only hope, in the hope of the orbital characteristics of both a saxophone solo and A creepy Children's Choir.)

Gaga share of the "hair" a few lines earlier this year with Ryan Seacrest radio interview, read the lyrics: "This is my prayer, I will die my hair as free life." (This The wig is usually hidden under a complex, right?)
The U.S. House approved a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open through next week, although President Barack Obama said he would veto the measure and a shutdown still looms. The measure, passed 247-181, would cut another $12 billion in spending this year and fund the Pentagon at current levels through Sept. 30. Bloomberg's Peter Cook reports.
Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris will return to host the Tony Award for the second time on June 12, CBS announced Tuesday.

Actor, the network sitcom "I Met Your Mother, " hosted the 2009 show's star.

In addition to formal confirmation of the role of water - his name has been rumored for several days - several programming network confirmed the date of the summer. Among the highlights:


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