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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now Watch it "just go with it"

A Jennifer Aniston movie that’s actually funny? Let’s call it a Christmas miracle, because the trailer for “Just Go With It” looks pretty good. Considering Aniston’s last few movies (“The Switch,” “Bounty Hunter,” “He’s Just Not That Into You”) have been both colossal flops and not funny, this is exciting news. “Just Go With It” co-stars Adam Sandler as a single guy who wears a wedding ring to pick up girls at bars. Click on to see the “Just Go With It” trailer.
Sandler finds a woman who could be his soulmate in Brooklyn Decker (in a bikini), but when she finds the wedding ring in his pocket, it leads to an elaborate ruse in which Aniston pretends to be his ex-wife, and he has to pretend to be her kids’ dad, too.
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