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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iran: Pakistan revise ties with U.S.

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In a statement issued on Wednesday the Iranian parliament called on Pakistan to revise its relations with the United States.

The statement, signed by 224 MPs, condemned the recent attack on the Pakistan army by U.S. forces and called on Pakistani lawmakers to revise Islamabad’s ties with Washington.

The statement came after NATO helicopters and fighter jets attacked two military border posts in northwest Pakistan on Saturday in which 24 Pakistani troops were killed. It was the worst incident of its kind since Islamabad allied itself with Washington in 2001 in the war on al-Qaeda and Taliban.

U.S. forces have shed bloods of Pakistan’s sons another time and made Muslims upset, the statement said, adding it neither was the first violent act nor will be the last one.

It's the time that Pakistani lawmakers respond to people’s request and take an effective strategy to prevent the U.S. from committing further crimes and violating Pakistan’s territorial integrity.

"We, as representative of the Iranian Muslim people, would like to extend our condolences to… the great nation of Pakistan," part of the statement said.

A senior Pakistani army official has said the NATO cross-border air attack was a deliberate, blatant act of aggression.


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